DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 4/2024 (January 22, 2024)

Koreans fight for dominance in transparent TV production.

The race between LG and Samsung in the field of transparent displays heralds a new phase in the development of this technology, to the benefit of consumers who value innovative entertainment and interior design solutions.
LG has for years been a leader in the production of transparent OLED displays, used, for example, in underground cars, advertising billboards and wherever a transparent medium is desired for the presentation of graphics, photos or information. At CES 2024, the company unveiled the 77-inch Signature OLED T model, which will hit the market later this year. The transparent screen makes the TV practically invisible when switched off, which benefits the flexibility of interior design and also optically enlarges the space. The novelty of this solution makes it possible to place the device in the centre of a room or next to a window, without obstructing the view to the outside. The LG OLED T has a retractable contrast filter, which transforms the screen into a traditional TV when hidden. The manufacturer stresses that the device blends in perfectly with its surroundings, presenting vivid images.
An additional Always-On-Display (AOD) function makes the displayed content appear to float, creating an attractive and atmospheric visual effect. The T-Bar function includes a practical information bar running along the bottom of the device. This bar can display a variety of information, such as news, the weather forecast or the titles of songs being played. At the same time, the rest of the screen remains unobstructed, allowing an unobstructed view of the room environment. Unlike conventional TVs, where all the input ports for connecting external devices are located at the back of the product or on the sides, here the wireless transmission of video and audio signals is employed.
However, what is a significant problem with transparent OLED technology, regardless of its use in TVs, phones or computers, is the risk of burn-in and the tendency to degrade over time. Samsung, watching LG's success, is bringing its Micro LED technology to the transparent display market. Unlike OLED technology, Micro LED eliminates the problems of burn-in risk and image degradation. Samsung's MICRO LED screen presents itself as a sheet of transparent glass containing microscopic LEDs, eliminating visible connections and light refraction during the manufacturing process. In comparison to transparent OLED and transparent LCD, micro LED offers greater brightness and color intensity, while exposing objects behind the screen better than both competing technologies. Samsung explains that the key to such clarity and brightness of transparent micro LED is the independent control of the brightness of each micro LED and the ability to stack multiple pixels close together while maintaining transparency and light transmission.
Samsung's Micro LED prototype delighted viewers by presenting an extremely clear image.
Micro LED TVs have the ability to adapt their shape freely, since the micro LED screen is modular. This makes it possible to build it in any size and aspect ratio; the modularity also enables a frameless design, and the viewing angles are exceptionally wide, especially compared to transparent LCDs.
However, notwithstanding the announcement, Micro LED technology from Samsung is not yet in mass production. Note that Samsung also boasts a Glare Free feature in OLED panels, which preserves colour fidelity and reduces reflections while maintaining image sharpness. The low-reflective coatings applied are customised for OLED screens, eliminating the need to choose between gloss and reflection.
A notable highlight is the largest folding TV, unveiled by C Seed. The TV, named N1, has an impressive diagonal of 137 inches and is able to fold into a compact rectangular shape when not in use. With this innovative solution, it does not disrupt the interior design when not activated. The N1 screen provides a bright and high-quality image, and its ability to rotate 180 degrees adds flexibility in adjusting the direction of the display. The imperceptible divisions between the different sections of the fold-out screen are made possible by the company's use of a proprietary system known as 'Adaptive Gap Calibration'. This system automatically measures the distance between edges, uses sensors to detect offsets and calibrates the brightness of adjacent LEDs. With this unique approach, no 'seams' are visible on the screen, contributing to a uniform and seamless image.

Intelligent motion detection in Sunell devices.

The most important task of a motion detection system is to detect the entry of a person or a vehicle to the monitored area. Each motion detection can generate an alarm event (e.g. notification to the user, guard or operator) and start video recording.
Traditional motion detection was based on changes in the light intensity reaching a pixel sensor(or larger clusters of pixels). Each change of light triggered detection so the system also caught the movement of objects that are not important from the point of view of security. Ordinary motion detection was sensitive to, for example, the movement of leaves in the wind, passing insects, birds, shadows or precipitation.
The intelligent motion detection function of Sunell devices works with data from traditional detection, but analyzes events to detect the presence of people or vehicles. Alarm notifications from intelligent motion detection are configured independently of traditional detection, so only correct notifications are sent. This increases the performance of the entire system and reduces the number of false alarms reaching the user. In addition, recordings stored on a compatible DVR can be easily searched for the presence of people or vehicles.

Color pigtails with single-mode fiber.

Dipol offers sets of colored fiber optic pigtails, which allow terminating a fiber optic path in an aesthetically pleasing way and allowing easy identification of individual fibers in a switch, splice tray, etc.
There are 12 color variants of pigtails included in the offer, which are divided into 3 groups (4 colors per set):
  • red, green, blue, yellow,
  • white, gray, brown, purple,
  • aqua, black, orange, pink.
There are 3 versions of the connector for each color set: SC/UPC ( L35511A, L35511B, L35511C ), SC/APC ( L35522A, L35522B, L35522C ), LC/UPC ( L35551A, L35551B, L35551C ).
Single-mode Pigtail ULTIMODE PG-51S (1 x SC, 9/125)
SIGNAL PS-m DIN 2xSC duplex distribution frame
Set with SC/UPC connectors L35511A (colors: red, green, blue, yellow) and an example of use in a mini switch L5312 (it is necessary to purchase two sets). The use of colors makes it possible to identify the fibers responsible for individual transmissions.

A comprehensive solution for hotels – TERRA DVB-S/S2 headend.

When deciding to purchase a TV system, the owner of one of the hotels faced the choice of a suitable headend. Models of headends from many manufacturers differing in price and functionality are available on the market. Given the competitive price and reliable and high functionality, the choice finally fell on a TERRA headend consisting of tdx-420C r81619 and tdx-480 R81621 transmodulators.
A conventional headend distributes TV signals via coaxial cable. Headends converting satellite programs from DVB-S/S2 to DVB-T/ signal are the most popular solutions used in many hotels. Satellite channels can be an addition to the terrestrial television programs or be the only part of the package offered. No need to use more receivers (e.g. satellite receivers) for TVs, which makes this solution particularly attractive for hotels, guesthouses, apartments and hospitals.
Example of TERRA headend with dedicated TDX-420C transmodulators and CAM CI slot R81619 and tdx-481 FTA R81621 installed in CD001 housing with DIN rail BD001 R90001. Additionally, on the mounting plate ID001 R90003, there are the SRM-522 R80522 multiswitch and Ethernet switch mounted. The whole system has the fan panel with a thermostat FD001 R90002 added. One cable from the SRM-522 R80522 multiswitch has been fed to the TDX-420C R81619 and tdx-481 FTA R81621 transmodulator, allowing to receive signals from any satellite transponder of the chosen satellite.

Use of relay outputs in the DS-KH6320-WTE1 Hikvision IP video intercom monitor.

When installing a video-intercom system, it is sometimes necessary to install additional functions to notify the user that someone has pressed the call button on the door station. An example can be installation of the system in a noisy production hall, using it by a person with impaired hearing or a need to install signalling outside the house, so that being in the garden you would notice that someone has come.
The DS-KH6320-WTE1 video-intercom monitor has two built-in relays that can be activated when the monitor starts ringing after the call button is pressed. These relays can operate in monostable (1-180 s) or bistable mode. The operating time and mode of each relay can be configured individually. For example, one relay can be connected to an buzzer with an operating time of 5 s and another to a visual indicator with an operating time of 60 s. Pairing the relays with a call button can be done using the iVMS-4200 application, after entering the remote settings of the monitor in the tab: Intercom -> Calling Linkage. Select the Enable option and choose the relay output that will be activated at the moment of calling. The relay mode and time setting can be configured directly from the monitor.
In the configuration shown above, relay 1 is linked to the call button.
When the monitor starts ringing, the selected relay is activated.

Pass-through RJ-45 connectors.

DIPOL offers EZ RJ-45 category 5e J2012_100 and category 6 J2013_100 connectors. Their hallmark is a loopthrough on individual wires that allows for a faster and more efficient termination. The plug should be crimped and the excess conductor cut off with the dedicated E7911 crimping tool.

EZ Modular Plug 8p8c RJ-45 (Cat.5e, solid wire, EZ type) [100pcs.]
8P8C EZ modular plug (Rj-45), cat. 5e wire,
type EZ J2012_100
EZ Modular Plug 8p8c RJ-45 (Cat.6, for solid wires) [100pcs.]
8P8C EZ modular plug (Rj-45), cat. 6 wire,
type EZ J2013_100
The plug ready for crimping
Hanlong HT-580ER RJ-45 crimping tool (NC connectors – pass-through).
Hanlong HT-580ER RJ-45 crimping tool (EZ connectors – pass-through) E7912
The plug has an elastic latch that prevents it from sliding out of the socket. Individual contacts have sharp, slightly spaced prongs, sticking directly into the insulation of individual wires, ensuring a reliable and durable connection.

New products offered by DIPOL

The TP-Link TL-SM5310-T 10G BASE-T RJ45 10G/2.5G/1G/100M L1441 SFP+ module allows you to connect an Ethernet port (10/2.5/1/0.1G) to an SFP+ interface.

DVB-S2X/S2/S-2xIP sdi416 FTA IPTV streamer with built-in USB port TERRA.
Streamer IPTV DVB-S2X/S2/S-2xIP sdi416 FTA R81590 is a device that allows distribution and management of satellite TV content via Ethernet (LAN) based on twisted-pair cable. One panel enables conversion of signals from 16 satellite transponders (unencrypted channels) to 2 IP streams allowing distribution of up to 200 TV channels with a total effective bandwidth of 1.2 Gbps (600 Mbps for each of the two ports). The available output IP stream is fed into the LAN and delivered to end receivers – usually using switches. The multicast technology used in this type of system allows significant savings in network resources.

TERRA ORL302F E optical receiver with 4x Legacy + Wideband + DVB-T2 TERRA output
The ORL302F E optical receiver DVB-T2 with a TERRA 4x Legacy+ Wideband output A3141 allows the conversion of the optical signal coming from the OTF302 6F31 E A3031 or OTF302 6F55 E A3055 transmitter into an electrical signal. The signal is received from the optical transmitter via a passive fiber optic network and converted back to the original IF signal. The device contains 4 Legacy outputs, just like for a classic Fullband converter and DVB-T2, DAB, FM signals. In addition, the ORL302F E A3141 receiver is equipped with 2 F-connectors for connecting a dSCR-type multiswitch. Such receivers are often known as "virtual converters". These signals should be fed into a multiswitch with the appropriate number of outputs, and then already via coaxial cable to the subscriber outlets. Behind the receiver, it is possible to build more complex, multi-multiswitch systems.

Worth reading

Monitoring of a single-family house based on Hikvision cameras of EasyIP Lite series. The diagram below shows a monitoring system for a single-family house based on Hikvision DS-2CD1043G2-I K03027 IP cameras with motion detection 2.0 function that are part of the EasyIP Lite series. The cameras are equipped with image sensors with a resolution of 4 MP and a fixed focal length ensuring a wide viewing angle of 99°. This model uses infrared LEDs made with EXIR technology 2.0, which allows for even illumination of the area being monitored at night...>>>more
Using four 4 MP (2560 × 1440 p) cameras, 20 fps continuous recording, H.265 compression set and a profile selected for medium scene complexity, the recordings on the 2 TB hard drive will be kept for about 14 days.
A series of ULTIMODE devices for testing and measuring fiber optic installations.
Ultimode – range of optical path measurement equipment