DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 31/2023 (October 2, 2023)

Chinese will have electric, refrigerated trucks.

Singauto Technology unveiled in Beijing its first model of a refrigerated truck for transporting food and pharmaceuticals. Building a refrigerated truck with an electric drive, could be a profitable niche for Singauto in China's electric vehicle market, which is the largest in the world.
The refrigerated transport logistics market is dominated by internal combustion vehicles, mainly because the refrigeration process consumes a lot of energy, which can significantly limit the range of the electric version. This limitation has slowed the introduction of electric trucks by cold chain logistics fleets, although automakers Geely or Toyota (7203.T) already offer hybrid models and hydrogen-powered trucks as alternatives to combustion vehicles. The company assumes, however, that as China's EV industry becomes more efficient and the constraints of changing truck policies in major cities increase, demand for pure electric vehicles will grow significantly.
The new model of truck the S1 refrigerated truck from Singauto Technology. The 106 KWh of stored energy in the batteries can be replenished in three ways: a 0-80% fast charge in 40 minutes, a battery swap in 5 minutes, and from an autonomous mobile charger E1 (pictured) that can be recalled via an app.
Singauto Technology already has 20,000 orders for its new S1 truck model. The truck will feature temperature control and steering assistance functions. The 5.99-meter-long S1 will offer a cargo space of more than 18 square meters. Equipped with a 106 kilowatt-hour battery, it will have a range of up to 300 kilometers on a single charge. Charging the battery from 0 to 80% using fast charging is expected to take no more than 40 minutes. Also the battery swap procedure seems very exciting, as it is expected to take... 5 minutes.
With the company outsourcing the design, engineering and production of the vehicle to subcontractors, Singauto can achieve profitability with sales of 30,000 vehicles already. While automakers take two to three years to develop a new vehicle from scratch, China's electric vehicle industry has managed to cut that period to 15-18 months, including the S1 model.

TERRA TV system in a multi-family building.

Systems based on multiswitches are professional and the most popular way to deliver terrestrial TV (FM/DAB and DVB-T2) and satellite SAT (DVB-S/S2) signals to more subscribers. It is the end-user who decides what programs to watch by purchasing the appropriate satellite receiver or by signing an individual contract with one of the digital platform providers. TERRA products, dedicated to use SMATV systems, are primarily top-class equipment covered by a four-year warranty. TV systems based on those components guarantee great signal reception for long.
In one of Krakow's housing estates the multiswitch system has been installed based on TERRA equipment.
Measurement of DVB-T2/HEVC terrestrial digital TV signal at the output of MV-912L TERRA R70862 multiswitch
with Signal ST-50155 R10155 combo meter.
The use of multiswitches of MV-9xxL series from TERRA enables reception of FM/DAB+ radio signals, DVB-T2/HEVC terrestrial TV signals, and signals from two satellite positions: Hotbird 13°E and Astra 19.2°E. The cast housing of TERRA devices guarantees a high level of shielding, Class A. Discrete switches in the multiswitches allow very precise adjustment of signal level and cable attenuation correction. This solution also ensures long-term stability of the set parameters, regardless of temperature changes at the place of installation. MASTER. crimped connectors makes the solution more professional.

How to terminate fibre optic cables from flats in a multi-family building?

The most common way to terminate fiber optic cabling converging from apartments in a telecommunications room is to use RACK-mounted switches. These distribution frames are installed together with panels designed for copper cabling (twisted pair and coaxial cables).
If the investor wishes the fiber infrastructure to be separated from the copper cabling, it is possible to use a separate RACK cabinet or to use a metal distribution box. Such boxes allow, depending on the version, to terminate from 12 to 144 fibers, which results in 6 to 72 apartments. These boxes have space to accommodate an optical splitter in case the optical infrastructure is connected to a single operator. Otherwise, splitters should be installed in dedicated operator boxes.
Distribution box: ABS GXF6-15N5S, indoor, 36 splices
ABS indoor distribution box GXF6-15N5S L54036.
For small buildings, where the number of apartments does not exceed 18, it is possible to use a well-thought-out, inexpensive, solidly constructed plastic box GXF6-15N5S, available under code L54036. 3 large-size input/output ports are provided: 2x dia. 25 mm, 1 x 43x13 mm. Additionally, there is space for the installation of up to 4 1/8 mini optical splitters.

Twisted pair cable for location where small diameter cabling is required.

NETSET Lite U/UTP Category 5e E1409 is twisted pair cable designed for simple indoor systems. With a small diameter of Ø 4.6 mm and good flexibility, it is ideal for installation in places such as the space behind baseboards, cable trays, etc.
Key features of the NETSET Lite U/UTP Category 5e E1409 twisted pair cable:
  • quality proven by 5 year warranty,
  • specifications exceeding the requirements of category 5e,
  • pre-production quality control of raw materials and post-production quality control of the finished product,
  • meter marker,
  • single stranded copper conductors with a diameter of 0.45 mm,
  • core insulation made of homogeneous, insulating, colored PE polyethylene, core diameter: 0.84 mm, core insulation colors: white/green/green, white/orange/orange, white/brown/brown, white/blue/blue,
  • insulated conductors twisted into pairs, pair diameter 1.75 mm,
  • pairs twisted into a center, center diameter ca. 3.8 mm,
  • cable sheath made of PVC in white color, outer diameter 4.6 mm.
Twisted-pair cable: NETSET Lite U/UTP 5e [305m], Cu, 0.45 mm.
NETSET Lite U/UTP E1409_305 twisted-pair cable

New products offered by DIPOL

Distribution frame optic coupler: GFP-16G 2 inputs, 16 outputs, uncut port
GFP-16G distribution frame, 2 inputs, 16 outputs, uncut port L56318 has two inputs for trunk cables and 16 outputs for subscriber cables. It is designed for wall or pole mounting. The design allows easy installation of splitters and adapters and good access for splices placement and fibre management. The sealed enclosure is made of high-quality plastic resistant to water, dust, moisture and chemical contaminants, UV radiation and temperature (-40...+60°C).

HDMI to IP signal converter with USB 4K extender
HDMI to IP signal converter with USB 4K extender H3612 allows you to connect a high-definition signal (4K) to a receiver (TV, monitor) equipped with an HDMI connector via CAT5e or CAT5e twisted-pair cable. 6. The package includes the transmitter and receiver units. It is also possible to extend the USB port e.g. to control the recorder with a mouse.
HDMI to IP signal converter with USB 4K extender – receiver
HDMI to IP signal converter with USB 4K extender - receiver H3612R is designed to work with H3612 set and required for proper decoding of the signal with more video display devices.

Worth reading

How to expand the system to amplify the GSM signal? For systems that are to provide an adequate GSM signal level in multiple rooms (and/or on multiple floors), the signal coming from a GSM repeater, e.g. A6785, must be split and multiple antennas must be used. A GSM splitter that operates at frequencies from 800 to 2500 MHz and has an impedance of 50 ohm is used for that...>>>więcej
Application of the splitter in a GSM system
Ultimode OPM-2 optical power meter (VFL, RJ45 tester, LED flashlight)
Ultimode OPM-2
handy 3-in-1 meter.