DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 21/2023 (May 22, 2023)

China dominates the 6G race.

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks are being deployed in more locations around the world and are available in virtually every major and medium-sized city. At the same time, work on the next generation is underway. Although the prospect of the first commercial deployments of 6G seems quite distant (plans are for 2028-2030), the priority will be both, technology and, given the current geopolitical situation in the world, political sense. According to Far Eastern media reports, 6G technology using the 1 THz (1000 GHz) radio band is being tested in China.
As expected, the commercial launch of the first 6G networks will take place by 2030.
Tests have achieved speeds of 100 Gbps. Of course, the use of terahertz frequencies comes with a number of problems that operators will have to deal with. Already used in 5G today, the 24 GHz to 100 GHz band is characterized by relatively short range and sensitivity to propagation in the presence of obstacles such as forests, buildings and even fog.
50% of inventions related to 6G patents were recorded in China, followed by the United States and South Korea. The number of patent applications has begun to accelerate since 2015, with exponential growth noted in the top three countries. (Source: questel.com, data as of October 2022).
China is not the only country interested in 6G. South Korea, although it is not officially testing, has announced its first deployments for 2028. In the United States, business leaders and researchers have met with members of the government to discuss ideas and strategies related to 6G network development. At stake, of course, is control over the creation of 6G standards, which has a direct impact on national security. Who will get the biggest piece of this pie? We will find out soon.

TERRA's PA321TP channel amplifier.

There are several competitive TV channel amplifier solutions on the market. TERRA has focused on two aspects: good performance related to processing of TV signals (use of ultra-selective SAW filter) and quick and intuitive configuration, which is done using the TERRnet application installed on a mobile device or laptop. The role of an amplifier is to selectively amplify one or, in case of receiving digital programs, several television channels. This means that the desired channel is amplified to the highest degree, and the others are attenuated. The PA321TP R82516 TERRA channel amplifier is often used as the first stage of signal amplification in SMATV systems.
It takes less than a minute to set up the TERRA channel amplifier with the TerrNet app. Just connect the phone to the amplifier (micro USB -> USB-C cable available at item E0080), select the country of installation, choose from the list the number of channels to be amplified (divided into selected antenna inputs), and set the desired output signal level. You can also set gain correction at individual frequencies, taking into account attenuation characteristics of the cable. And that’s it. As simple as that. With the app, you can also view view the status of the signals (with 1 dB accuracy) at the input and output of the amplifier in the form of a graphical spectrum.

Crimping tool for straight-through connectors.

DIPOL now offers EZ RJ-45 (cat. 5e J2012_100 and 6 J2013_100) connectors. Their hallmark is a loopthrough on individual wires that allows for a faster and more efficient termination. The plug should be crimped and the excess conductor cut off with the dedicated E7912 crimping tool.
The plug ready for crimping
Hanlong HT-580ER RJ-45 crimping tool (NC connectors – pass-through).
Hanlong HT-580ER E7912 RJ-45 crimping tool for EZ straight-through connectors.
Hanlong HT-580ER E7912 RJ-45 crimping tool allows you to efficiently crimp RJ45 connectors on multi-pair cables. The tool is distinguished by high quality – it is free from the disadvantage of other similar tools, which after some time of use do not cut some cores of the cable.
EZ Modular Plug 8p8c RJ-45 (Cat.5e, solid wire, EZ type) [100pcs.]
8P8C EZ modular plug (Rj-45), cat. 5e wire,
type EZ J2012_100
EZ Modular Plug 8p8c RJ-45 (Cat.6, for solid wires) [100pcs.]
8P8C EZ modular plug (Rj-45), cat. 6 wire,
type EZ J2013_100

Fiber optics in CCTV – PoE switch in a RACK cabinet.

CCTV systems that are currently being built are often based entirely or partially on fiber optic cabling. The distinctive feature of such systems is the place where multi-pair cabling from CCTV cameras converges at the point of installation of a network switch (which also acts as PoE power supply for the cameras) and where one or more fiber optic cables have their terminations. From there, the signal is transmitted to a DVR located in another location or to another segment of the network.
Since these types of distribution points are most often located in RACK cabinets, it is worth using solutions that optimize costs and space needed for the installation of equipment. Such an example is the P-PSP-G19-1U-6-SC L5406 optical fiber distribution frame with a side shelf that combines the features of two elements: for installation of devices and fiber optic cabling termination in a RACK cabinet. Unique design for saving space and neat installation in a cabinet.
The fiber optic part can be used to terminate one or more fiber optic cables. These terminations can be brought out to the front panel in full, and then plugged into the active device next to it, or partially patched on the panel (e.g., when two fiber optic cables are introduced into the cabinet).
Industrial PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 192SFP 802.3af/at (8xPoE FE, 2xSFP 1000M, Extended, VLAN, PoE Auto Check, Hi-PoE)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203G 2xLC (two single-mode fibers up to 20 km)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203G 2xLC (two single-mode fibers up to 20 km)Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: P-PSP-G19-1U-6-SC (side shelf)
The L5406 optical fiber distribution frame and ULTIPOWER 352SFP PoE switch N299704 equipped with 2 ULTIMODE SFP modules SFP-203G L1415.

New products offered by DIPOL

HDD Western Digital PURPLE 12TB SATA III
HDD 3.5” Western Digital PURPLE 12TB SATA III M89332 is designed for use in 24/7 video surveillance systems. It offers ideal performance, large capacity and long-lasting reliability. The drive is designed for a non-stop use in audio/video processing devices, such as DVRs or CCTV recorder based on a PC platform.

Wiring connector: WAGO 221-413 COMPACT max. 4 mm2 3-wire /50 pcs/
Wiring connector: WAGO 221-413 COMPACT max. 4 mm2 3-wire/50 pcs./ E42113_50 is used for connecting wires (stranded or wire) of maximum cross-section of 4 mm2. 3-wire connector with levers and transparent body.

Wiring connector: WAGO 221-412 COMPACT max. 4 mm2 2-wire /100 pcs/
Wiring connector: WAGO 221-412 COMPACT max. 4 mm2 2-wire E42112_100 is used for connecting wires (stranded or wire) of maximum cross-section of 4 mm2. 2-wire connector with levers and transparent body.

Worth reading

Extended 10 Gbps network. A 10 Gbps network is a computer network that allows data to be transmitted at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Such high bandwidth is currently used in large enterprises, data centers and research laboratories. It allows large amounts of data to be exchanged in a short period of time which is especially important for applications such as cloud computing, high-quality video transmission or transferring large amounts of scientific data...>>>more
Extended computer network and WiFi with a 10 Gbps backbone
Ultimode OPM-2 optical power meter (VFL, RJ45 tester, LED flashlight)
Ultimode OPM-2
handy 3-in-1 meter.