DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 9/2023 (February 27, 2023)

Bard – competitor to ChatGPT.

Following the immense popularity of ChatGPT – a bot based on artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI (docked by Microsoft), Google has stepped up work on its version of a twin application. Almost all Google employees are expected to devote 2 to 4 hours a day to testing.
Google is trying to create a new generation of search engine based on artificial intelligence. The pressure is high because Microsoft has already unveiled a refreshed version of its Bing search engine combined with ChatGPT. Microsoft's CEO described the event as a new starting point for web search engines.
Google stresses that it first needs to properly test its artificial intelligence system to make sure AI will work reliably. Thousands of Google's external and internal testers are already using Bard (the name of Google's AI), sending feedback on the security and quality of Bard conversations. However, not everything is going the way the developers want. Google's reputation was strained after it came to light that Bard did not know the correct answer to the question: which telescope took the first pictures of a planet outside the solar system. This "ignorance" was reflected in the stock price of Alphabet (Google's parent company) which plunged 9% reducing the company's value by about $100 billion.

Setting up an antenna with a Unicable-type LNB.

To ensure proper satellite TV reception, many people, fearing to set up and install a satellite dish on their own, use the services of an expert with a professional meter. In fact, this is not a simple task for an inexperienced DIY enthusiast, and the proper adjustment of the antenna dish has a key impact on the quality of satellite signal reception. If the satellite signal is supplied to several receivers, multiswitches are used, to which cables from a quatro LNB should be connected. Such a system requires the connection of 4 cables, and the setting of a quatro LNB antenna is possible with practically any meter.
How to correctly measure the signal (set the antenna) if the system uses a LNB of the Unicable type. What are the advantages of such a solution?

Unicable technology has recently become one of the best and fastest developing technologies related to satellite TV reception. The greatest advantage of a Unicable-type system is that it can be built in a branching manner, just like terrestrial TV. No star topology is required here. This means that the terrestrial television system can be easily adapted to the reception and distribution of satellite signals (taking into account the limitation of the number of users connected to one multiswitch).
Measurement of signals in SAT TV systems - part 2
The above video shows how to set up Unicable and Wideband LNBs with the ST-5150 Signal meter R10842.

Installation of TV/SAT system in a single-family house.

Here is an example of the implementation of a modern TV/SAT system in a single-family house. The system has been submitted under the "Install with DIPOL" project by TETOM Arkadiusz Grochal.
An antenna set was installed on the roof of the building, using a chimney clamp, which included a 90 cm Corab A9607 satellite dish with an Inverto A98257 quattro LNB, and a "combo" antenna set for DVB-T2 TV Dipol-28/5-12/21-48 A2810. The signal was introduced into the building using a bundle of 5 cables, based on Triset-113 PE E1017 cable.
TERRA MR-512 and TERRA SRM-523 R80523 dCR/Unicable multiswitches were installed in a RACK cabinet, inside the building, using RACK board ZMD-2 R77322 bracket. Such a configuration allows trouble-free operation of the system, regardless of the type and number of satellite receivers used; it is possible to install both modern Unicable receivers equipped with several virtual heads, as well as single- or multi-tuner standard receivers using fullband signals. The RACK cabinet provides space for the equipment of the planned CCTV system.

New series of NXI-K DVRs with AcuSense by Hikvision.

Dipol now offers a new series of AcuSense DVRs with the "NXI-K" designation in its name. DVRs in this series support cameras with resolutions up to 12 MP and can work with cameras with AcuSense and motion detection 2.0 on all channels. If a camera does not have this functionality, it can be work with the DVR on the specified number of channels. Additionally, DVRs can provide face detection and comparison on 1 channel and face comparison on several channels, depending on the model. This makes it possible to search the recordings after pointing to a specific face and create libraries with faces based on which a selected alarm action can be implemented, such as sound notification in the DVR or by the control of alarm outputs.
IP NVR: IP NVR Hikvision AcuSense DS-7632NXI-K2 (32 ch., 256 Mbps, 2 x SATA, HDMI, VGA, H.265)
View of the DS-7632NXI-K2 K22322 DVR

Twisted-pair cable for simple systems.

NETSET Lite U/UTP Category 5e E1409 is twisted pair cable designed for simple indoor systems. With a small diameter of Ø 4.6 mm and good flexibility, it is ideal for installation in places such as the space behind baseboards, cable trays, etc.
Key features of the NETSET Lite U/UTP Category 5e E1409 twisted pair cable:
  • quality proven by 5 year warranty,
  • specifications exceeding the requirements of category 5e,
  • pre-production quality control of raw materials and post-production quality control of the finished product,
  • meter marker,
  • single stranded copper conductors with a diameter of 0.45 mm ,
  • core insulation made of homogeneous, insulating, colored PE polyethylene, core diameter: 0.84 mm, core insulation colors: white/green/green, white/orange/orange, white/brown/brown, white/blue/blue,
  • insulated conductors twisted into pairs, pair diameter 1.75 mm,
  • pairs twisted into a center, center diameter ca. 3.8 mm,
  • cable sheath made of PVC in white color, outer diameter 4.6 mm.
NETSET Lite U/UTP E1409_305 twisted-pair cable

How to restrict access to CCTV devices working in a computer network?

One of the easiest ways to restrict access to devices on a computer network is to filter IP and MAC addresses. This filtering allows you to restrict access to a selected device only to devices with a specific IP address or MAC physical address. This means that only those devices can connect to the specified device. As a result, an unauthorized individual using a device that is not on the "whitelist" will not be able to access the device, thus improving the security.
Software updates are also an important element in securing devices. Manufacturers regularly release updates that improve device security and fix known security gaps. Therefore, it is a good idea to update your software regularly to make sure your device is protected against the latest threats.
You should also keep in mind a few other ways to protect yourself, such as disabling unnecessary services that could pose a potential security risk

New products offered by DIPOL

Steel antenna mast 2.0m diameter 50mm
Steel antenna mast 2,0m diameter 50mm E905121 allows you to mount terrestrial and satellite TV antennas. It is made of steel and galvanized to resist corrosion. Provided with two end caps.

Universal optical cable ZW-NOTKtsdD/U-DQ(ZN)BH LSOH single-mode 4J (4 fibres G.652D) 2.0 kN
The ZW-NOTKtsdD/U-DQ(ZN)BH 8J single-mode 4J cable L77004 is a universal cable that can be used for indoor and outdoor connections. The Gel filling the tube provides a protective layer for the fiber optics, cushioning the movement of the fibers when the cable moves and protecting the fibers from weathering. The glass fibers used in the cable structure are designed to protect the central tube with fiber optics from mechanical damage and rodents.

IP NVR: IP NVR Hikvision AcuSense DS-7608NXI-K2 (8 ch., 80 Mbps, 2 x SATA, HDMI, VGA, H.265)
Hikvision AcuSense DS-7608NXI-K2 (8 channels, 80 Mbps, 2 x SATA, HDMI, VGA, H.265) K22076 is a modern 8-channel IP recorder, recording image from IP cameras with a resolution of up to 12 MP. Independent HDMI and VGA outputs allow you to connect two monitors. The view on each output can be configured independently, different window divisions and are possible and the image from any camera can be displayed on each of them. 2 SATA ports enable connection of hard drives with a capacity of up to 10 TB each.

Worth reading

Remote PoE switch power supply. The ULTIPOWER 352SFP N299707 PoE switch has the Powered Device function that allows it to be powered by connecting to another PoE switch. This function is particularly handy when only one twisted-pair cable is connected to the switch installation site (and the cameras, if installed in the same place, e.g. on a pole)...>>>more
A PoE switch with the PD function
USB to twisted pair cat.5e/6 100m/150m converter
USB to twisted pair 4x USB
converter for distances up to 150 m