DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 5/2023 (January 30, 2023)

Capturing lightning with laser.

Scientists have been working for decades on devices that can improve classical lightning protection. Several European research centers, including the University of Geneva, France's École Polytechnique and TRUMPF Scientific Lasers, are working on a new device to help tame lightnings.
The new device is to be a laser lightning rod, which will make it possible to change the track along which lightning travels. Lightning running toward Earth travels along the path of least resistance. The laser will affect this track by ionizing the air over the protected area with short but strong laser pulses.
Laser Lightning Rod – a system for capturing lightning.
The Laser Lightning Rod (or "laser rod") as the device is called is the size of a large car and weighs more than 3 tons. It is equipped with a laser from the Germany-based Trumpf company. The test equipment was transported to the top of Mount Santis (Switzerland) at an altitude of about 2,500 meters. The light source was "aimed" at the sky above a 124-meter transmission tower belonging to telecommunications provider Swisscom (it is a tower subject to frequent lightning strikes).
During two months of testing in 2021, intense laser pulses – 1,000 times per second – were emitted to redirect lightning strikes. All strikes, when the system was active, were successfully intercepted. The researchers found that the discharge could follow the laser nearly 60 meters before reaching the tower. The research, conducted in Switzerland, was reported in the scientific journal Nature Photonics.

Installation of TERRA MR-9xx series radial multiswitches in a RACK cabinet.

The RACK board ZMD-1 R77311 front mounting assembly is a set of two brackets for mounting in a RACK cabinet. It has dedicated holes for mounting of TERRA MR-xxx multiswitches (hole spacing: height 120 mm, width 100/140/180 mm). The M5x10 bolts and nuts are included. The vertical spacing of the elements is chosen so that the cables connected to the multiswitch input connectors have enough space to maintain the minimum bending radius. It is even possible to install Signal R48602 surge protectors. The set includes eight screws with caged nuts, used to assemble the unit in the cabinet.
RACK Board ZMD-1 - Front Assembly for Terra MR-xxx/MV-xxx
Front assembly component ZMD-1 R77311 for installing TERRA MR-xxx multiswitches
Terra MR-932 R70832 multiswitch mounted in a RACK cabinet
on the RACK board R77311 with the ZMD-1 component.

Cost-effective monitoring with 4 Hikvision IP cameras.

The diagram below shows a monitoring system based on a 4-channel Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/M(C) K22024 IP DVR and EasyIP Lite DS-2CD1021-I(E) K17812 series cameras with 2 MP resolution. Both the cameras and the DVR are designed for building systems that do not require the use of advanced video analytics. The cameras have support for motion detection without the ability to filter human and vehicle objects. In many cases this functionality is sufficient, especially if continuous recording will be enabled. If motion detection recording is set, the lack of human and vehicle filtering options could generate a fair amount of false alarms. If you connect a 1TB hard drive to the DVR, recordings from 4 cameras with H.264 compression and 25fps setting will be stored for 5 days. Remote viewing on a smartphone is possible using the Hik-Connect app.
Compact IP Camera: DS-2CD1021-I(E) (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.028 lx, IR up to 30m)Junction Box DS-1280ZJ-XS (for Hikvision ceiling and compact cameras)PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER PRO0064afat (65W, 6xRJ45 incl. 4xPoE 802.3af/at, PoE Auto Check)24” LCD Monitor: IIyama Prolite X2483HSU-B3 (24IP NVR: Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/M(C) (4 ch, 40 Mbps, 1xSATA, VGA, VGA, HDMI, H.265)HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD10PURZ 1TB (3.5Gigabit Router: Mercusys MW305R (802.11N, 300Mbps, 2.4 GHz, 3xLAN (FE),1xWAN (FE))
Sample diagram of a Hikvision IP surveillance system based on 4 cameras and an economy line IP DVR.

Ultimode OPM-2: a 4-in-1 optical power meter.

Dipol now offers a new meter designed for measurements in optical fibre networks. The meter has several features that distinguish it from many similar devices on the market. Among these, the most important are:

  • calibration for 10 wavelengths, so it can be used in less common applications such as CWDM networks, etc.
  • "4-in-1" – in addition to the meter function, the OPM-2 combines the functions of a visual fault locator, RJ45/UTP connection tester and a torch.
  • manual calibration of readings – this function, rarely found in devices of this class, allows to correct the meter's readings after comparing them with a reference device.
Ultimode OPM-2 optical power meter (VFL, RJ45 tester, LED flashlight)
Ultimode Optical Power Meter OPM-2 L5818
The OPM-2 enables absolute power measurement as well as reference measurement. It is a must-have piece of equipment for any installer fibre optic cabling systems.

Does an external antenna increase LTE network speed?

In many cases, when the base station is far from the mobile device there are problems with adequate signal strength. In order to improve it, it is usually necessary to connect a suitable external antenna to the modem. However, sometimes the use of an external antenna is not needed to improve the LTE signal, but, for example, to force data transmission between a particular base station and modem. Note that the LTE antenna should be broadband – this is related to the introduction of new LTE bands and their aggregation.
ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 Antenna (800-3000MHz, 5m cables, SMA plug)
ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 800-3000MHz A7054_5
LTE Antenna: ATK-LOG LTE (800-2170MHz, 5m cable, SMA plug)
ATK-LOG LTE MIMO 800-2170MHz A7056_5
TRANS-DATA LTE KPZ 6/8 MIMO 806-2700 MHz A741022
The most popular broadband antennas for improving connectivity in LTE bands
Before choosing an external antenna, the user should check out parameters of the signal received by the LTE modem. Usually it can be done by running a network diagnostic panel offered by the software of the router or modem. The parameters should be compared with the values shown below.
  • RSRP (dBm) - (Reference Signal Receive Power) - measure of the signal strength.
    • more than -79 dBm - very good signal strength,
    • from -80 dBm to -90 dBm - good signal strength,
    • from -91 dBm to -100 dBm - poor signal strength. Need for an outdoor antenna or finding a better location of the modem
    • less than -100 dBm - very poor signal strength. It is necessary to use an outdoor antenna
  • RSRQ (dB) - (Reference Signal Received Quality) - measure of the signal quality.
    • more than -9 dB - very good,
    • from -10 dB to -15 dB - good,
    • from -16 dB to -20 dB - bad. Need for an outdoor antenna or finding a better location of the modem
    • less than -20 dB - very bad It is necessary to use an outdoor antenna
  • SINR (dB) - (Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio) - measure of signal quality with respect to interference.
    • more than 21 dB - very good,
    • from 13 dB to 20 dB - good,
    • from 0 dB to 12 dB - bad. It is necessary to use an outdoor antenna
    • less than 0 dB - very bad.It is necessary to use an outdoor antenna
  • RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indicator
    • more than -73 dBm - very good,
    • from -75 dBm to -85 dBm - good,
    • from -87 dBm to -93 dBm - bad. Need for an outdoor antenna or finding a better location of the modem
    • less than -95 dBm - very bad. It is necessary to use an outdoor antenna

New products offered by DIPOL

Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator - 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) – HDCP support
Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator – 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) with HDCP support R86100 is a device that modulates the input signal in Full HD resolution (1920x1080-60p) given to the HDMI connector in DVB-T COFDM standard. Signal R86100 is a single-channel modulator. This means that it is possible to connect a single signal source to it and modulate it into a DVB-T digital multiplex. The device is an excellent alternative to systems based on splitters and HDMI cables.

USB to twisted pair cat.5e/6 100m/150m converter
USB Converter/Extender to twisted pair cable M1681 uses the UTP twisted pair cable. It connects peripheral devices to a computer or other central units with a universal serial bus. The set consists of two devices, the transmitter has one USB socket while the receiver has 4 x USB type A sockets. Each device has a socket for an RJ-45 connector, so you can use a ready-made UTP patchcord when connecting. The maximum range on Category 5e twisted pair cable is 100 m.
HD-TVI DVR: Hikvision iDS-7216HUHI-M2/S (16-ch, 8 MP, 8 fps, H.265, 4 x AcuSence, HDMI, VGA)
16-channel Hikvision iDS-7216HUHI-M2/S HD-TVI recorder (8 MP, 8 fps, H.265, 4 x Acusence, HDMI, VGA) M75541 is a 16-channel, multi-system DVR capable of recording video from cameras: HD-TVI, AHD, CVBS and IP. In standard mode, 8 analog cameras can be connected to BNC inputs and 8 IP cameras (up to 8 MP). If an analog channel is unused, disabling it in the menu adds support for a new IP camera. When all analog channels are disabled, 24 IP cameras can be connected.

Worth reading

Optimization of GSM coverage of premises. In the case of systems intended to provide GSM signals in multiple rooms (floors), the signal coming from the cell phone amplifier needs to be split and multiple antennas need to be used. A GSM splitter that operates at frequencies from 800 to 2500 MHz and has an impedance of 50 ohm is used for that purpose...>>>more
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