DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 4/2023 (January 23, 2023)

Microsoft application knows how to simulate the designated human voice.

Microsoft has created an application called VALL-E, which is able to simulate human voice in English. The application is based on artificial intelligence, which needs only a 3-second audio sample as input to copy the voice. The model is trained on a public domain audiobook dataset containing some 60,000 hours of recordings from more than 7,000 people. Among other things, the technology can be used to create high-quality text-to-speech conversions.
Are we facing times when hearing a familiar voice in a handset will leave us unsure of the identity of the caller?
The system can not only simulate the caller's voice, but also reflects the caller's acoustic environment based on the sound sample. This means that if the sample comes from, for example, a train station, an airport or a market, VALL-E, reading ANY text in that person's voice, will also acoustically reflect the environment. It can also insert random distortions into the text corresponding, for example, to the natural hesitation of the voice. The whole can be a statement with the entire spectrum of emotions: a voice full of joy, anger, discouragement, boredom, etc.
The potential benefits of VALL-E are obvious. In industries such as film and animation, VALL-E could be used to replicate the voices of actors who are no longer available for dubbing. This could help save production companies money while preserving the legacy of the actors. In addition, VALL-E can make text-to-speech conversion more natural and accurate. For people with speech impairments, VALL-E could help them communicate more effectively. However, the technology also carries risks. Among other things, it can be used to spread misinformation by creating fake audio recordings that appear to come from reliable sources. This, combined with the "deep fake" technique that allows the creation of realistic but fake images and video recordings of the human face, can give room for massive abuse. Aware of this, Microsoft is working on implementing watermarks applied to app-generated audio tracks.
An example of deep fake video implementation: the content is spoken in Morgan Freeman's voice. Thanks to VALL-E, the video could be made without the participation of the famous actor.

HDMI-DVB-T COFDM digital modulator.

The conversion of A/V signals into high-frequency RF signals, meaning the introduction of signals from all kinds of signal sources, such as computers, players or surveillance cameras, into a terrestrial TV system, is an operation that requires the use of a so-called modulator. Such device has one or multiple A/V inputs (RCA, HDMI, etc., depending on the type) and an RF output (commonly known as the "antenna output), and it allows you to watch the video and listen to the sound on the selected channel on all TVs connected to the system. For the receiver, the program added to the system is just another terrestrial television channel.
DIPOL has introduced a new model of digital HDMI modulator for DVB-T - ST-6501 Signal R86100. Compact size, competitive price, simple installation, and intuitive configuration using buttons on the front panel are features that every installer and user will appreciate.
Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator - 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) – HDCP support
A single HDMI input (HDCP version 1.4 support) of the ST-6501 Signal R86100 modulator allows you to input
signal from a single source in Full HD resolution to your TV system.

Device groups in the iVMS-4200 client application.

After adding the DVR to the iVMS-4200 application, it may happen that the cameras supported by the DVR are not visible in the main view window of the app. This may occur if, when adding the DVR, the Import to group option is not checked. This problem can be solved in several ways. The first way is to remove the DVR and re-add it to the application with the Import to Group tab checked. The second way is to go to the Device Management -> Group tab and create a group by device name. Once the DVR is indicated in the list, a group will be created along with encoding channels and other permissions, such as alarm inputs, access control points, etc. The third option is to manually create a group, give it its own name and import selected cameras from the indicated DVRs or cameras added directly to the DVR. The last option allows you to flexibly adjust the group as needed.
View of the window for editing, importing and creating groups

5G antenna.

One of the most important trends in telecommunications is the development of 5G networks, which offer much higher data speeds than previous generations of mobile networks. As a result, 5G enables faster internet access, better connectivity for IoT devices, and support for technologies such as automated driving and telemedicine.
When selecting a 5G antenna, it is important 5G to obtain information on the location of the nearest transmitters emitting signals in a particular standard. Such information is provided by customer service offices of the operators. It is also worth to verify the frequency of emission assigned to a particular service.
TRANS-DATA 5G KPZ 8/9/8 A741026 is a MIMO directional panel antenna designed for outdoor installation. It is dedicated to receiving and transmitting LTE/5G modem signals in the 617-960, 1710-2700, 3300-3800 MHz bands. The antenna offers a gain of 8 to 9 dBi (depending on the band).
TRANS-DATA 5G KPZ 8/9/8 antenna
TRANS-DATA 5G KPZ 8/9/8 A741026 antenna

Termination of 4 or 8-fiber optical fiber.

Fiber optic cables containing 4 or 8 fibers are the most common solution used for LAN connections in small businesses and industrial facilities. The termination point can be the popular ULTIMODE TB-04H L5304 subscriber box
Optical Fiber Termination Box ULTIMODE TB-04H
The ULTIMODE subscriber box has L5304 been designed for quick and easy installation of optical 4 fibers. The box has space for the spare cable and splice protectors. The outer cover is mounted by means of snaps and can be completely removed from the box.
The above photo shows the use of the L5304 box. In practice, the ULTIMODE TB-04H box can accommodate up to 8 splices and use LC duplex adapters.

New products offered by DIPOL

UBC-38/400-H hot-dip galvanized balcony bracket with faceplate
Hot-dip galvanized balcony faceplate bracket UBC-38/400-H E8871 can be mounted on a pipe with a diameter of up to 50 mm, both horizontally and vertically. The clips can be adjusted so that the bracket is either perpendicular or parallel to the pipe on which it is mounted.

Worth reading

Filtering unwanted signals in RF systems. In most countries of the European Union, the work on sorting out the radio spectrum for terrestrial digital television DVB-T2 has been completed. The process has resulted in the release of more bands for mobile operators (5G services). Currently, the 700 MHz TV band is being freed up. The highest TV channels, numbered 49 and 50, are therefore most at risk of interference from LTE transmitters. The image on the TV screen may freeze, colored stripes and squares (picture frameup) may appear. To exclude the interference of LTE transmitters on DVB-T/T2 reception, special external filters were developed...>>>more
The photo on the left shows the attenuation characteristics of the TERRA TF001 R81009 filter. Signals above 694 MHz are attenuated. The photo on the right shows the attenuation characteristics of the TERRA TF007A R81010 filter.
Technical drawings of devices in DWG and PDF formats