DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 39/2022 (November 28, 2022)

First WiFi devices 7.

TP-Link, a global provider of consumer and business networking products, has unveiled a family of WiFi 7 devices. It is the first company in the world to release a full line of WiFi 7 products dedicated to homes and businesses. The new product line consists of devices such as routers, DECO (MESH) system, Omada system access points and equipment dedicated to service providers (ISPs).
The current generation sold is Wi-Fi 6 (and 6E) - also known as 802.11ax, which was launched in 2019. The new Wi-Fi 7 standard will offer a maximum speed of up to 46 Gbps and bring a huge leap in performance compared to its predecessor (maximum 10 Gbps). The increase in channel bandwidth from 160 to 320 MHz, the use of 4096 QAM modulation and the change in signal frequency from 5 to 6 GHz is expected to provide unprecedented speed as well as increase network stability and reliability.
BE24000 Quad-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router - the first WiFi 7 router from TP-Link
Three new routers were unveiled, of which the flagship Archer BE900 router has quad-band WiFi (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz) at 24 Gbps, two 10 Gbps Ethernet ports, four 2.5 Gbps ports and a 10 Gbps SFP slot. Importantly, TP-Link also unveiled business-type solutions, such as the Omada EAP780 access point, which will be commonly used in hotels thanks to its support for three bands at a maximum speed of 22 Gbps (the device will be equipped with 10 Gbps Ethernet ports – this is very important when cabling a facility).
The first products will be available for pre-sale in the United States as early as the end of December 2022, and the first orders will be fulfilled in March 2023. The Archer BE900 will cost $699.99.

Color pigtails with single-mode fiber.

Dipol offers sets of colored fiber optic pigtails, which allow terminating a fiber optic path in an aesthetically pleasing way and allowing easy identification of individual fibers in a switch, splice tray, etc.
There are 12 color variants of pigtails included in the offer, which are divided into 3 groups (4 colors per set):
  • red, green, blue, yellow,
  • white, gray, brown, purple,
  • aqua, black, orange, pink.
There are 3 versions of the connector for each color set: SC/UPC ( L35511A, L35511B, L35511C ), SC/APC ( L35522A, L35522B, L35522C ), LC/UPC ( L35551A, L35551B, L35551C ).
Single-mode Pigtail ULTIMODE PG-51S (1 x SC, 9/125)
SIGNAL PS-m DIN 2xSC duplex distribution frame
Set with SC/UPC connectors L35511A (colors: red, green, blue, yellow) and an example of use in a mini switch L5312 (it is necessary to purchase two sets). The use of colors makes it possible to identify the fibers responsible for individual transmissions.

Channel amplifiers in SMATV systems.

The main problem in the distribution of DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV programs is the reception of multiplexes with a large difference in levels. While in small systems (with 5-10 sockets) such a difference, although not recommended, is usually not an issue, in the larger ones, where the level difference at the input is increased by changing the attenuation of the cables along with frequency, it may cause signal loss in a part of the system. This effect can be eliminated by using channel amplifiers. The role of an amplifier is to selectively amplify one or, in case of receiving digital programs, several television channels. This means that the desired channel is amplified to the highest degree, and the others are attenuated.
Channel amplifier: PA321TP 2xVHF/UHF+FM TERRA with AGC – digitally programmed
The TERRA PA321TP channel amplifier can be used independently, as a part of a multiswitch system, or as a part of Access Point (AiZ).
DIPOL offers 2 channel amplifiers that are unrivaled in terms of quality and price: the PA320TP R82513 and PA420T R82516 TERRA models. An unquestionable advantage of the amplifiers is a circuit equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) function and ultra-selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filter for 20 channel tracks.
The amplifier configuration should be done via the TerrNet application.
The application's capabilities and configuration methods of the Terra channel amplifiers are shown in detail in the above video.

How does a hybrid illuminator with intelligent switching work?

Color information is extremely important in a video surveillance system. With a camera placed outdoors in daylight conditions, color can be processed without problems, but at night typical cameras operate in black and white mode. In more expensive solutions, color night images can be obtained by using very sensitive cameras in a properly lit area. However, the amount of light is usually insufficient and cameras with a white light illuminators must be used. This causes another problem – the illuminator shines constantly, which can disturb users. The latest solution, a hybrid illuminator, has both invisible IR and white light LEDs. The choice of illumination mode depends on the settings.
IR illuminator works at night
Object detection turns on white light
IR illuminator turns on
With the default settings, the camera automatically switches to IR illuminator or white light mode. In night mode, the camera operates with the IR illuminator, but when an object is detected in the monitored area, the scene is illuminated with white light. This provides greater identification capabilities (the image is in color). Solutions known from Full-Color technology are used. Full-Color performance is achieved through the use of a state-of-the-art lens, a highly sensitive sensor and warm white light illumination, which provides a color image in the absence of light.

What wireless equipment to install in a restaurant?

When the system is inside a building the best choice is the TP-LINK EAP620 HD N25691 access point. The device operates in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. In the case of such devices, the maximum number of users connected to one access point is more important than the range. It is recommended not to exceed 50 users in one band (if the device supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz band it can connect up to 100 users).

With the Load Balance function, the device will automatically switch the user to a less loaded AP when the maximum set number of users is exceeded. This function enables also switching users to devices with stronger signal, e.g. when the user moves around the school. Another important function is Band Steering enabling even distribution of users between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.
Example layout of TP-Link TP-EAP EAP620 HD N25691 devices

Use of relay outputs in the DS-KH6320-WTE1 Hikvision IP video intercom monitor.

When installing a video-intercom system, it is sometimes necessary to install additional functions to notify the user that someone has pressed the call button on the door station. An example can be installation of the system in a noisy production hall, using it by a person with impaired hearing or a need to install signalling outside the house, so that being in the garden you would notice that someone has come.
The DS-KH6320-WTE1 video-intercom monitor has two built-in relays that can be activated when the monitor starts ringing after the call button is pressed. These relays can operate in monostable (1-180 s) or bistable mode. The operating time and mode of each relay can be configured individually. For example, one relay can be connected to an buzzer with an operating time of 5 s and another to a visual indicator with an operating time of 60 s. Pairing the relays with a call button can be done using the iVMS-4200 application, after entering the remote settings of the monitor in the tab: Intercom -> Calling Linkage. Select the Enable option and choose the relay output that will be activated at the moment of calling. The relay mode and time setting can be configured directly from the monitor.
The screenshot shows relay 1 paired with a call button.
When the monitor starts ringing, the selected relay is activated.

New products offered by DIPOL

TV antenna power adapter 12V/300mA with an SDC5 separator
The 12V/300mA antenna power supply with a detachable separator SDC5 D0021 is based on an inverter circuit. It is distinguished by very low no-load power consumption. The LED in the separator indicates the operating status.

MicroSDXC 256 GB UHS-I class 10 card + SD adapter
MicroSDXC 256 GB UHS-I class 10 card + SD adapter M90379 is manufactured with the highest quality NAND FLASH components from renowned global manufacturers. It is thanks to the combination of qualified and reliable suppliers, detailed quality tests and full compatibility that the customer receives a product of excellent quality at a favorable price. The latest GOODRAM micro SDHC/SDXC class 10 cards implement the UHS-I or Ultra High Speed interface, which is perfect for modern devices such as camcorders, DVRs, smartphones and tablets.
Industrial managed PoE Switch ULTIPOWER 3621NDM (4x POE 802.3af/at), 2xSFP
PoE ULTIPOWER 3621NDM N299749 manged switch is dedicated for industrial applications ensuring smooth network transmission. in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet networks. Its four RJ45 ports support auto-negotiation and power over Ethernet (PoE function). The switch automatically detects PD devices compliant with IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at standard and provides them with power supply. This way, it is easy to power network devices located in places without access to AC lines, such as access points, IP cameras, IP phones etc. The switch is equipped with two SFP 1000 Mbps ports.

Worth reading

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Application diagram of the HDMI to IP converter with the H3613 USB extender
120 cm satellite dishes for SMATV systems