DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 29/2021 (September 20, 2021)

Battery to last 28,000 years.

One of the most important parameters for a battery is its lifespan. An American startup called NDB (Nano Diamond Battery) claims to be able to produce a self-charging nanodiamond battery. Its lifespan should be counted in tens of thousands of years!
Patented by NDB, the battery will provide power for the entire life of the device in which it is installed. It is expected to last up to 28 thousand years. The cells will be able to power devices of any size (from small sensors, through cars, to devices used in space).
The Diamond Nuclear Voltanic battery consists of layers of tiny diamonds, whose size is counted in billionths of a meter. A key role in the formation of nanodiamonds has a phenomenon known as chemical vapor deposition. Nanodiamonds combine with radioactive isotopes from nuclear waste. When the isotopes break down, the resulting energy goes into a converter that converts the kinetic energy into electricity.
The product is expected to come in two versions. The "forever" version, which is expected to last 28,000 years before it runs out. This hard-core version is intended for niche applications such as space, where it can power onboard instruments on spacecraft and satellites.
There is also a consumer version, designed to power electric vehicles, smartphones and other small devices. As the graphite would be wrapped in multiple coatings of synthetic diamond, there would be no radiation leaking from the phone. NDB even claims that the radiation levels emitted by the cells would be less than those emitted by the human body.
The NDB's groundbreaking battery is expected to hit the market as early as 2023.
For now, only proof of concept has been completed. NDB expects to release a commercial low-power version of its radioactive diamond battery in less than two years, with a high-power version planned in five years.

Designing TV/SAT systems in multi-family buildings.

DIPOL offers the MR-9xx and MV-9xx series TERRA mustiswitches for multi-family buildings, designed in accordance with the requirements of TV/SAT systems, ensuring signal reception from two satellites. The solution offered is quite popular, among others on the Polish, British, German and Australian markets. Advanced TERRA multiswitches have been a still highly recognized a solution for large SMATV systems in Poland since 2004. Quality built, stability of parameters and very low failure rate make these multiswitches a product of choice to even the most demanding customers. DIPOL has been selling TERRA products since 1996. The product warranty extended to 4 years has been on offer from March 2013.
Below, a diagram of an exemplary SMATV system of a multi-family building is shown. It has been saved in various formats: dwg, pdf and stn (file from theSatNet system design software) and it can be easily customized in any form.
Example design of a multiswitch system performed with the use of SatNet utility

///Multiswitch trunk line for two satellite positions for 4 staircases, 96 outlets. The cabling topology is based on 9-cable trunk line passing through the garage. The signals are distributed in each staircase by taps with different attenuation levels (20 dB, 15 dB, 10 dB). For each staircase, installation of an RF box equipped with a tap + multiswitch set, from which the cables go in star topology to the final outlets, is planned. The system includes the TERRA SA-91L R70901 trunk amplifier which, aside from signal amplification, acts as power supply for all multiswitches in the system. The SA-91L R70901 amplifier is equipped with cable attenuation adjustment which can be done with a four-position switch.

Backup and simple playback of Dahua DVR recordings.

The Batch Video Playback Tool program, part of the Toolbox software collection, allows you to easily browse the recordings that are on the DVR's hard drive and quickly download selected video files via LAN.
All operations require adding the device in advance - providing the IP address of the device and login information for the user with appropriate access rights to the recordings.
View of playback and recording download window

More accurate crimping of connectors.

DIPOL now offers EZ RJ-45 (cat. 5e J2012_100 and 6 J2013_100) pass-through connectors. Their hallmark is a loopthrough on individual wires that allows for a faster and more efficient termination. The plug should be crimped and the excess conductor cut off with the dedicated E7911 crimping tool.
The plug ready for crimping
The plug has an elastic latch that prevents it from sliding out of the socket. Individual contacts have sharp, slightly spaced prongs, sticking directly into the insulation of individual wires, ensuring a reliable and durable connection.

The installer can be sure that the twisted pair cables are led to the front of the connector, which ensures the best contact of the relevant pins.

Activating the second relay of the 2nd gen. IP Villa door/gate station.

The IP Villa DS-KV8X13WME1 door/gate stations are equipped with 2 relays, one of which can be used to control the electric strike of the wicket, and the other one to control the entrance gate or barrier at a housing estate. By default, the second relay is denergized and is not visible in the system. It can be activated when logging in to the gate/door station via a web browser or using iVMS-4200(v3). To do this, after logging in to the door station, go to the Configuration -> Intercom -> Input and output tab, and in the Output tab, select Output 2 and, for the corresponding Input tab, select the type of reaction Electric lock. After that, the second output will be activated and it will become visible in the live view window of the connected monitors and client applications.
Activating the second relay of the 2nd gen. IP Villa DS-KV8X13-ME1 door/gate station.

How to professionally protect external connections in antenna systems?

Corrosion of connectors and moisture penetrating antenna cables are the most common reasons of problems in antenna systems. A small saving at the installation stage and lack of adequate protection can be the source of serious problems during operation.
Contech E9760 shrink sleeves are the ideal way to protect all outdoor and indoor connections. Thanks to special materials, the self-shrinking process lasts 24 hours and is possible even in negative temperatures. The sleeves have no adhesive, the sealing of the connection is a result of their self-vulcanization.
Shrink Tubing: Contech Poly/Chem-Shrink PCS-RG59/6-20 [20pcs]
Shrink tubing Contech E9760

New products offered by DIPOL

Cat. 6 B2ca U/UTP Cable: NETSET U/UTP B2ca-s1a-d1-a1 /500m/
+++NETSET U/UTP Category 6 B2ca-s1a-d1-a1 /500m/++ E1615_500 cable by far exceeds the requirements for category 6 twisted pair cable. The outer sheath is of class B2ca. By meeting such high criteria, the twisted pair cable is ideally suited for use in small buildings and locations that have higher fire resistance requirements, such as corridors, staircases and escape routes.

Marathon MK-61B bracket for mounting cameras on masts/posts with diameter of 30 to 105 mm [black].
Marathon MK-61B MK-61B bracket is used for mounting cameras on a mast or lamppost of maximum diameter of 105 mm. It is made of 3 mm galvanized steel sheet with powder coating. It allows to mount one or two cameras on both sides of a mast. It has many universal mounting holes, which makes it compatible with most of the cameras.

Single mode adapter LC/UPC male - SC/UPC female
Single mode LC/UPC male - SC/UPC female adapter L4407 allows to solve the problem of connecting cables/patchcords with SC/UPC connector to devices or patchpanels with an LC/UPC socket.

Worth reading

Cost effective monitoring using Hikvision IP EasyIP Lite series cameras. The diagram below shows an IP CCTV monitoring system based on Hikvision cameras and a DVR. EasyIP Lite series cameras have been used for the monitoring system...>>>more
IP CCTV system based on EasyIP Lite cameras
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A++): TRISET B2CA 120 dB 1.05/4.6/6.9 [500m]
Coaxial cable for emergency exits