DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 23/2020 (June 8, 2020)

5G on the roof of the world!

Cellular coverage in the mountains is hardly ever good. This is of course due to the terrain and the cost that the operator would have to bear to build a system of base stations. However, it turns out that sometimes it pays to install telecom equipment even in the most inaccessible places ever. Huawei and China Mobile pride themselves on having built a 5G transmitter in an absolutely unique place, on a slope of Mount Everest.
The entire project required the involvement of up to 150 people. Three transmitters are located at camps at the altitudes of 5,300, 5,800 and 6,500 m a.s.l. The terrain and location of the base stations did not allow the installation of RF lines, which means that, in addition to 5G base stations, as many as 25 km of new fiber optic cables were brought to the world’s highest peak!
The first 5G base station on Mount Everest
The tests have proven that the baud rate at 5,300 m a.s.l. exceeds 1.66 Gb/s in download and 215 Mb/s upload. Chinese media estimate that the installation cost of one 5G transmitter on Mount Everest amounted to around USD 140,000 (installation of the same base station in a large Chinese city costs around USD 5,000).

Frequency refarming. DVB-T2/HEVC standard.

The 5G technology is the nearest future of the telecom market. However, for this to happen, appropriate infrastructure and allocation of RF bands is necessary. One of them, the 700 MHz band (694 MHz -790 MHz) is currently used to broadcast the DVB-T digital terrestrial television. In most EU countries, works are underway to organize the RF spectrum and make the provided bands available for telecommunications. To this end, the EU countries will have to free up the 700 MHz band and reorganize the DVB-T terrestrial multiplexes (frequency refarming) for the needs of mobile operators (5G services), as well as in connection with the transition to DVB-T2/HEVC broadcasting standard announced in 2022. Only TV sets capable of decoding so compressed picture and sound will be able to correctly receive television programs. A plenty of TV sets now in use are not equipped with a DVB-T2 decoder and can only display images encoded to AVC (also known as H.264 or MPEG-4 part 10), an older video coding standard. After the transition to DVB-T2/HEVC transmission standard, those TVs will no longer "recognize” the broadcast content and an external decoder will have to be purchased. The changes will not affect cable TV or satellite TV viewers.
When shopping for a new TV make sure it is able to decode DVB-T2 signals with the HEVC codec (also known as H.265 or MPEG-H part 2). The new TV should process sound encoded to the E-AC-3 standard.

How to make the right choice of an uninterruptible power supply?

Established in 1997 in the USA, CyberPower Systems Inc. designs and manufactures high quality uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). For easier product selection the UPS slector is available to find a backup power solution for the specific installation needs. With the selector, it is possible to specify the most commonly demanded parameters and filter the devices offered.
Filter parameters:
  • Power Load - total active power rating of connected devices [W],
  • Reserved Capacity - maximum UPS in relation to the rated active power [%],
  • Runtime - device autonomy [min],
  • Voltage - operating voltage range [V],
  • Form Factor - enclosure type,
  • Topology - operating architecture:
    • Standby - the connected devices are powered directly from the mains, and switched to UPS in the event of a power failure,
    • Line-interactive - the connected devices are powered by UPS, which controls the basic power specifications,
    • Online Double Conversion - the UPS performs full AC→DC→AC conversion, providing output voltage with the specified parameters.

Hikvision analog video intercom.

Hikvision analog video intercoms provide the optimal solution for users expecting basic functionality, such as audio-video calls and remote door/gate opening. The devices from this product line will work well for single-family houses with the maximum extension up to 3 monitors and 2 door/gate stations. In addition to that, a CCTV camera in the CVBS standard can be connected to each monitor. The monitors are powered with 12 VDC, while the communication and power supply to the door/gate is ensured by a 4-wire cable. The electric strike is controlled by a relay built into the door/gate station, using an additional M1820 power supply.
Electric Door Strike: Bira ES1-001 (12V AC/DC, adjustable)SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-2000 12V/2A (for CCTV cameras)Quick-connect Socket: G-55 DC 2.1/5.5
Sample diagram using 1 door/gate station and 1 monitor
The table below shows the maximum transmission distance between the monitor and the base station depending on the type of the 4-wire cable used.
Transmission distance
No. of wires required
Single wire cross section
10 m max. 4 0.20 mm²
30 m max. 4 0.50 mm²
50 m max. 4 0.75 mm²
100 m max. 4 1.50 mm²

Transparent end caps in Ultimode optical blank plugs.

Ultimode SC simplex and duplex adapters are equipped with transparent end caps protecting the interior against the ingress of dust. It makes it possible to check individual optical paths for proper operation by means of a visual fault locator (e.g. L5935), without removing the caps.
The transparent end caps save the installer time eliminating the need to pull this element out of the adapter
(the caps are usually black)

The best LTE antenna on offer.

The TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 10/10 A741024 is an outdoor, directional log periodic MIMO antenna for use with LTE/GSM/3G modems. The antenna has 10 dBi gain. It is designed to work with LTE modems equipped with two antenna connectors, cellular phones, GSM, DCS, 3G modems.
Key features:
  • Outdoor directional logarithmic antenna,
  • MIMO 2x2,
  • Multiband: 698-960, 1700-2700 MHz,
  • Multi-standard: GSM, DCS, UMTS, WLAN, LTE,
  • Gain:
    • 9.5 dBi (698-960 MHz),
    • 10 dBi (1710-2700 MHz),
  • Short circuit for DC,
  • 10 m lead terminated with SMA plug,
  • Housing made of durable ABS plastic resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions,
  • Mounted to a mast with clamps,
  • Optional mounting to a horizontal pipe possible.
4G/3G/GSM Antenna: TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 10/10 MIMO (with 10 m cable + SMA)
TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 10/10 MIMO antenna + 10 m lead with a SMA A741024 plug

New products offered by DIPOL

Stainless Steel Band 430 (10x0.7mm, 30m, in dispenser)
The 10x0.7 mm 30 m stainless steel band (grade 430) E88826 is placed in a convenient plastic dispenser that acts as a packaging. The band is used, among others, to install slings, to make straps for fastening brackets and frames on poles. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Fiber-optic Cable: Fibertechnic DAC Z-XOTKtcdD 4J (4x9/125 ITU-T G.652D)
Fibertechnic DAC Z-XOTKtcdD L79204 direct-buried fiber-optic cable. It has a HDPE sheath with high crush resistance (4000 N), which also makes it resistant to low temperatures. It can be used on the last mile of a FTTH system, as well as in any installation that requires in ground connections, where casing pipes cannot be used for additional protection.
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A++): TRISET B2CA 120dB 1.05/4.6/6.9 [500m]
TRISET B2CA LSZH Class A++ 75 ohm coaxial cable E1020_500 is dedicated for MATV/SMATV antenna systems in commercial buildings. Halogen-free cables with the LSZH (LS0H) sheath are used where increased safety levels are required in the event of a fire (schools, hospitals etc.). In the event of a fire, the cable does not spread flame, smoke emission is very low and the released gases are not corrosive.

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