DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 26/2019 (Sept. 9, 2019)

Humanoid robot at the space station.

Russian unmanned spacecraft Soyuz MS-14, carrying humanoid robot Fedora on board, docked at an international space station. This is the first Russian robot designed to work in space. The ship docked to the station exactly on August 26 at 17:08 – it was the second attempt to dock, as two days earlier the autonomous approach system had failed.
The mission also aimed to test the unmanned Soyuz MS-14 along with the new Soyuz-2.1a rocket. The ship hold 670 kg of cargo – scientific and medical equipment, elements of the life support system, as well as food, medicines and personal hygiene items for the crew of the International Space Station.
The Russian robot at ISS
Of course, the most important load was Fedor (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), i.e. the Skybot F-850 robot. The robot is 180 cm tall and weighs 160 kg. Fedor can be manually controlled by astronauts who are at a space station. The astronaut "in charge" must put on an appropriate exoskeleton equipped with special sensors, thanks to which the machine will imitate the operator's movements.
In the future, robots such as the Skybot F-850 will perform the most difficult missions during space walks. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first humanoid robot in space. Previously, NASA sent Robonaut 2 (2011) and Japan sent Kirobo (2013).

DIPOL at ENERGETAB 2019 trade fair.

The 32nd Bielsko-Biała International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2019 received applications from 695 exhibitors from over a dozen European and Asian countries. It will be the largest meeting of producers and importers of equipment used in various industries. We invite you to visit our stand, where you will be able to learn the latest solutions in the field of low-voltage and optical systems, from video surveillance, distribution of satellite and terrestrial TV signals, to industrial IP network equipment. Everyone can experience a "close encounter of the third kind" with our Singing Robot and take part in the championship in crimping compression connectors in the shortest time.
Some components of our offer at the fair:
  • Hikvision bispectral cameras
  • 2nd generation Hikvision IP video door stations
  • New fusion splicer: Signal Fire AI-9
  • Solutions for injecting video from CCTV cameras to antenna systems
  • HDMI signal transmission via twisted-pair cables
  • Industrial switches resistant to extreme temperatures

DVB-T modulators with HDCP support.

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a form of digital copy protection developed by Intel Corporation to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections. This protocol is designed to protect copyrights for multimedia files, providing encoding of high-definition content, e.g. Blu-Ray, and protecting the content from being copied at every stage of the transmission. Producers participating in the program pay annual and variable fees, depending on the number of devices manufactured.
HDMI to DVB-T (COFDM) Modulator: Terra MHD001P
DVB-T Modulator Signal-420 (HDMI to COFDM, HDCP support)
Modulator TERRA MHD001P
Modulator SIGNAL-420
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: WS-7992 (2 channels)
DVB-T Modulator Signal-420 (HDMI to COFDM, HDCP support)
2-ch HDMI-COFDM (DVB-T) modulator
WS-7992 R86702
4-ch HDMI-COFDM (DVB-T) modulator
WS-7990 R86704
Digital modulators with HDMI inputs convert the HDMI signal(s) to the form of DVB-T COFDM channels or IP streams. Thanks to full support of HDCP protocol, the modulators offered by DIPOL can distribute any high quality content provided via HDMI input(s). The source signal(s) may come from multimedia players, DVRs, Blu-ray players, PCs, STBs etc. The output RF signal in the form of DVB-T multiplex(es) can be distributed via typical RF coaxial cables used in antenna systems and be received by multiple DVB-T televisions connected to the distribution network. The signal in IP standard in the form of multimedia streams can be distributed in Ethernet or wireless networks.
Modulators not implementing this protocol, despite the compatibility of connectors, may completely block the transmission of the source content or limit the parameters of the output signal(s) to a lower resolution and quality.

Transmission of HDMI and USB signal over distances up to 40 km.

Signal-HD H3613 HDMI to IP converter enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. USB ports of the units located on both ends of the link also allow for remote control of e.g. a DVR/NVR, with a mouse or keyboard. With such a solution, the recorder can be placed in a secure room and operated from any other room, with only the monitor and mouse on the desk. So far, a similar solution required the application of a PC and the recorder had to be connected to the LAN.
Normally the maximum length of the UTP cable in an Ethernet network cannot exceed 100 meters. However, there are simple methods that help overcome this barrier. The first method is the use of a device operating in the second network layer, e.g. a switch. With this solution, the maximum distance can be increased to 200 m. The second method provides an enormous increase of the maximum - with the use of media converters the range can be extended even up to 40 km!
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-403M (two single-mode fibers up to 40 km)
The use of L11041 media converters allows for breaking through distance barriers
in transmission of HDMI and USB signals

Easy maintenance of systems with fiber-optic patch panels.

Fiber optic patch panels, unlike panels dedicated to the termination of coaxial or other cabling, have holes for fitting optical adapters during the installation of a system. The most common front panels include models with 12 and 24 openings.
Front Panel ULTIMODE P-24SC-DUPLEX (1U, 24 holes for SC duplex adapters)
Front panel ULTIMODE P-24SC-DUPLEX L5544
Usually the number of holes is higher than the actual needs. Some installers decide to install adapters in all openings, despite the fact that some of them will not be used. The more economic and also more convenient solution from the perspective of future maintenance of the system is possible with the use of dedicated blank plugs. With this solution, the technician sees the active ports at the first sight.
SC Simplex Blank Plug
SC Duplex Blank Plug
L5502: simplex blank plug
L5503: duplex blank plug
Some installers leave unused holes empty. However, this means an easier way for dust and dirt to enter the system. The pollution increases the likelihood of deterioration of connection parameters during switching operations in the future.

How to copy recordings from a WD Purple hard disk.

Important recordings stored on a hard disk of a DVR may require an additional copy. For WD Purple hard drives, a dedicated free version of Acronis True Image WD Edition is available. The program allows the user to easily and quickly make a copy (cloning) of a hard disk. Acronis True Image WD Edition works on the operating systems Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10.
The computer must have at least one WD hard drive to enable the user to install and run Acronis True Image WD Edition.
Clone Disk Wizard in the Acronis True Image WD Edition

New products offered by DIPOL

Single-mode Launch Cable 150 m (in protective box, SC/PC - SC/APC)
Single-mode Launch Cable 150 m (in protective box, SC/PC - SC/APC) L58415 is intended for performing reflectometric measurements in fiber optic installations. The 150-meter long single-mode fiber (G.657A2) allows measurements with pulses of short and medium duration. The fiber is terminated with SC/APC plug on one side and with SC/PC plug on the other, so it can be used without additional adapters with the Grandway FHO-3000-D26 L5828 reflectometer.

Compact IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I (BLACK, 4MP, 2.8mm, 0.014 lx, IR up to 30m, WDR, H.265/H.264)
Compact IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I K17594B is dedicated for IP CCTV systems. The camera has been equipped with 1/2.5" CMOS sensor with 4 MP resolution and with IR illuminator ensuring good image quality without visible lighting within the range up to 30 m. The built-in 2.8 mm lens has 109° viewing angle. The camera can operate outdoors or indoors. Its housing with high ingress protection rating (IP67) protects the electronics against adverse weather conditions. The camera can be powered with a 12 VDC power source or via PoE (802.3af).
Antenna Box for DIPOL Antennas
Antenna Box for DIPOL Antennas E9315 is used for DIPOL antennas. It protects a balun or preamplifier placed inside.

Worth reading

Queue management at supermarket checkouts. Appropriate management of queues at supermarket checkouts is extremely important both from the point of view of the customers and the store. It minimizes the waiting time and optimizes the use of checkout points. The DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS camera from the Hinvision's DeepinView series has a queue management function and can be used to implement this type of projects... >>>more
Queue management at supermarket checkouts with the use of DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS cameras.
After the number of people in a zone exceeds a threshold, the camera notifies the staff.
RACK board - vertical mounting system in RACK cabinets
Vertical mounting system in 19" RACK cabinets