DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 41/2017 (Dec. 11, 2017)

Graphene increases capacity and accelerates battery charging.

A team of scientists from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developed a graphene ball in the synthesis reaction, thanks to which the battery charging process is to be significantly accelerated. This is revolutionary information for smartphone users. The new achievement will result in a 45% increase in capacity and five times faster charging than in today's lithium-ion batteries.
Two-dimensional model of the structure of graphene
Lithium-ion batteries were first introduced on the market in 1991 and are widely used in mobile devices and electric vehicles. For full charge, standard lithium-ion batteries require at least one hour, even when using a fast charging technology. Due to the fact that they have rather reached the limit in terms of increasing capacity, numerous attempts of overcoming the limit are based on applications of new innovative materials. Among them is graphene. Theoretically, it takes only 12 minutes to fully charge a lithium-ion battery based on the graphene layer. In addition, such batteries show stability at temperatures up to 60°C, which can be especially important in applications in electric cars.
The technology that Samsung is working on is still at a very early stage of testing. We will have to wait a while to find it in everyday use.

Converting DVB-T and SAT signals to IP.

IPTV is the most widely used name for the distribution of TV and video signals with the use of IP networks. IP television is based on video streaming. IPTV is a method of delivering television and video content which uses technologies typical for computer networks instead of traditional methods based on coaxial cables.
DIPOL offers IP streamers that allow for management and distribution of terrestrial, CATV, SAT TV channels within Ethernet (LAN) networks based on twisted-pair cables.
  sti-410C  sti-440   sdi-410c sdi-480  mix-440
   R81617  R81618 R81619  R81638  R81611
Code R81604  R81606 R81608  R81610 R81611
Input signals (standards)
Number of MPTS 1 4 1 8  4
Output signals (standards)
SPTS/MPTS yes yes yes
Max. bit rate [Mb/s]  100 200 100 400 200
CI slot
1x no 1x no no
IP streams can be decoded and the content watched with the use of the IF-442HD IPTV receiver R81612 and a monitor/television or on various devices running a free audio-video player such as VLC.
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sdi 480 (DVB-S/S2 to IP, USB port)
IPTV Receiver IF-442HD R81612 is used for reception/decoding of television signals distributed in broadband IP networks, based on IP protocol and coded in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, both in SD and in HD resolutions (SDP/SAP, IP, IGMP, RTSP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, TFTP, DNS, HTTP)

Strengthening cell phone signals.

Mobile phone conversations in buildings are often difficult to carry on, if not impossible. This is due to the signal attenuation through walls, window panes, ceilings (underground). The problems occur in stores, tunnels, underground car parks, petrol stations, airport halls, hotels. A similar situation can be found in buildings located on the border range of base stations (recreational areas, mountains etc).
The A6775 repeater is used to amplify GSM signals and distribute them inside rooms. It cooperates with an outdoor antenna (e.g. A741030) directed towards the operator's base station and an internal antenna (e.g. A741001) which distributes the signals amplified by the amplifier inside the facility.
TRANS-DATA is a brand of high performance antennas and equipment for wireless reception and transmission of digital data and GSM/DCS/UMTS/LTE signals. TRANS-DATA antennas significantly improve signal strength and increase the coverage area.
When deploying indoor antennas, one should pay attention to the total area and the number of rooms that are to be covered by the amplified signals. It is important to ensure maximum isolation between the outdoor and indoor antennas (usually by installing the outdoor antenna over a large distance from them, somewhere on the roof). Typically, the installation of the indoor antennas should be started from the lowest level since it is often possible to cover two floors with antenna/s located on one floor. We offer three antennas from TRANS-DATA series, specially designed for cellular amplifiers: A741001 (fixing to plasterboard or other suspended ceilings), A741002 (fixing to solid ceilings with the use of expansion bolts) and A741020 (fixing to walls).
GSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA KYZ8.2/9.5GSM Amplifier/Repeater SIGNAL GSM-505Two-way TRANS-DATA GSM SplitterAC/DC Adapter: 9 VDC, 3A (2.1/5.5 mm)GSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA DW3-AGSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA DW3-A
Example of installation improving GSM coverage in a house

Some problems with FC connectors.

Popular types of connectors used in fiber optic systems include SC, LC, FC,E2000 and ST (mostly used in industrial applications). A common opinion that FC connections are the most reliable ones due to threaded construction, may be not true in the case of less experienced users who install them in an inappropriate way.
FC/PC plug.
After enlarging, one can see the guide that should slide into the groove in the socket.
During installation, the installer has to properly position the plug relative to the socket. There is only one position of the socket and plug, at which the guide on the plug fits the groove in the socket . Otherwise, the socket and the plug will not connect properly, despite of the possibility to screw the plug onto the socket. With incorrect assembly, there will be a gap preventing proper transmission of the optical signal.
Proper positioning of the FC/PC plug.
The guide of the plug fits into the groove on the socket.
It is also worth noting that FC connectors are the only ones that allow the installer to adjust the distance between the plug and socket (due to threaded construction). In the case of specific devices and situations, the natural way of assembling (screwing on the plug until slight resistance is felt) may result in lack of signal in the installation. It turns out that the remedy for this symptom is a minimal loosening of the threaded connection in order to lower the pressure of the ferrule on the counterpart. Such cases were recorded several times in fiber-optic SMATV systems with devices equipped with this type of connectors.

Easy access to Hikvision devices thanks to Hik-connect service.

Hik-connect is a network service for Hikvison devices. The service is based on data processing in the cloud and integrates the following functions:
  • DDNS server
  • DDNS assigns a fixed domain name to dynamically changing IP addresses (Dynamic DNS). This feature is useful when the ISP does not provide users with a fixed IP address. The condition for using DDNS is having a public IP address and providing access from the external network to the appropriate ports of the NVR (server and http, by default 8000 and 80). The connection is possible via a web browser, client application on a PC and on smartphones.
  • Remote access through the cloud
  • It allows access to the device without having an external IP address and when simplicity is the most important thing. Only the basic configuration of the network is required. The application on a PC or smartphone connects with the device via P2P cloud service.
In the next issue we will describe how to configure the cloud and client applications.

EXIR 2.0 IR illuminators in Hikvision cameras.

Depending on the model, Hikvision cameras can be equipped with various types of infrared illuminators. Cameras with traditional illuminators use DIP diodes, arranged around the lens in one or several rows, and generating a circular luminous flux. Such an illuminator creates a bright, circular area in the center of the image, and the corners of the scene remain underexposed. New generation cameras are equipped with infrared illuminators based on EXIR 1.0 or EXIR 2.0 technology, which provides an even illumination of the scene eliminating this problem. The distribution of the IR lighting is adjusted to the format of the displayed image. The lifespan of EXIR 2.0 diodes is two times longer than of DIP LEDs. Compared with the first version, EXIR 2.0 along with the longer lifespan also ensures improved heat dissipation. EXIR 2.0 IR illuminators are mounted in EasyIP 3.0 cameras (except DS-2CD23xx - EXIR 1.0), in some EasyIP Lite and HD-TVI 4.0 models, as well as in some HD-TVI 3.0 models.
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2322WD-I (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
The hallmark of cameras with the new-generation EXIR IR illuminators
is the characteristic black glass
Comparison of the most important parameters of EXIR and traditional DIP IR LED illuminators
Parameter EXIR 2.0 EXIR 1.0 DIP IR
Lifespan 30,000 - 40,000 hours 20,000 - 30,000 hours < 20,000 hours
Efficiency 40%...45% 35%...40% 30%...35%
IR radiator
Surface Surface Whole element
Uniformity Good Good Moderate
Thermal resistance 3...5 °C/W 8...12 °C/W 140 °C/W

New products offered by DIPOL

FTTH Indoor Cable: E-FTTF-01J-B3 (colorless, 1x G.657B3)
FTTH Indoor Cable: E-FTTF-01J-B3 (colorless, 1x G.657B3) L7010 is a micro-cable (outer diameter only 0.9 mm!) dedicated for indoor fiber optic installations. With G.657B3 fiber, the minimum bending radius is as small as 2.5 mm. These characteristics make the cable ideal for deployments in apartments where it can be easily located in the corners of the walls or in the baseboards. The thin and transparent cable is practically invisible when placed against the background of bright surfaces.
Powerline Ethernet Adapter TP-LINK TL-PA4020P (kit)
Powerline Ethernet Adapter TP-LINK TL-PA4020P (kit)N3365transmits Ethernet signal over an existing power line. The pair or set of the powerline adapters is an ideal solution in every case when it is impossible to install Ethernet cables or the environment does not allow to use wireless connectivity.
Wall Bracket DS-1272ZJ-110 TRS (for Hikvision cameras)
Wall Bracket DS-1272ZJ-110 TRS M5134 has been designed for HIKVISION dome/ceiling cameras. A large space inside is usually used for placing cable connections.

Worth reading

Visualization of CCTV coverage with E-map. In the case of extensive video surveillance systems, the operator should know exactly the layout of the camera points. It is necessary for quick identification of the monitored areas in case of emergency. The IVMS-4200 client software supplied with Hikvision NVRs enables the user to import layouts of buildings and field maps as JPEG/bmp files. The plans will be the backgrounds for placing camera symbols onto, in accordance with their actual locations... >>>more
E-map window in a CCTV system based on Hikvision DVRs/NVRs
PROTECT mobile DVRs - made to work in motion