DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 23/2017 (June 5, 2017)

Hikvision - leader in the automation of warehouses, parking lots, sorting plants.

In 2014, Hikvision company, known mainly for the production of CCTV security systems, entered the robot industry market by launching the "Qian Mo" series of warehousing Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). "Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., LTD.”, a subsidiary of Hikvision, has been established in 2016 and operates in the field of intelligent robot systems for warehouses and car parks..
Currently, Hikrobot offers warehousing, transferring, sorting and parking AGVs.
Warehousing AGVs - a series of intelligent and robust heavy-load robots, with high positioning accuracy and self-charging capability. Depending on the model, the units can carry weights from 300 to 1000 kg at speeds up to 1.5 m/s. By using a number of high precision video and other sensors, the robots can work in automatic or navigation mode with millimeter accuracy, automatically bypassing obstacles.
Transferring AGVs - double-deck roller system can transfer the box with material to the conveyor belt and retrieve the empty box at the same time. It can transfer loads up to 100 kg at speed up to 1.5 m/s.
Sorting AGVs - small agile devices capable of carrying packages up to 5 kg. They can handle the demand of 20,000 orders per hour, moving at speeds up to 3 m/s.
Parking AGVs - parking robots that slide under platforms with cars parked on, carrying them to the selected parking space. Aside from optimizing the use of the parking space, they save time of the users - the complete procedure of parking/retrieving a car is a matter of 2 minutes. The robots are able to carry vehicles weighing up to 2500 kg and move them at a speed of 1 m/s.
A video presenting the potential of Hikrobots
(source: www.hikrobotics.com)
The entire system has been designed to meet various needs of warehousing operations. It can be used both in small and large storage centers, sorting and production plants. The control and management is based on the Intelligent Warehouse Management System (iWMS) and the Robot Control System (RCS). RCS is primarily responsible for the allocation of tasks, control and maintenance of robots. By using appropriate control algorithms, it can ensure optimal allocation of tasks and route planning for multiple robots, thus avoiding collisions and achieving maximum performance at the same time. The system is also responsible for monitoring the technical condition of the robots, indicating devices that should be repaired according to the service history and current condition, including battery levels. RCS registers logs and analyzes alarm information posted by robots, and immediately informs the operational staff and maintenance personnel. The system is also able to carry out temporary storage of goods to improve the use of storage space.

An example use of line crossing function in FishEye camera.

Hikvision DS-2CD2942F-IS K1790 Fisheye IP camera mounted on a ceiling has viewing angle of 360°, mounted on a wall - of 180°. Cameras of this type are becoming increasingly popular because of the possibility of replacing several cameras with only one that covers the entire area. An example application can be video monitoring of a small grocery store. Such a camera installed in the right place can monitor the whole room. The Hikvision DS-2CD2942F-IS camera has additional function that can protect a "sensitive" area in the store - line crossing detection. After someone crosses the previously defined virtual line, the camera triggers alarm signal that can be transmitted to a monitoring center running iVMS 4200 software or can directly turn on an optical and/or acoustic alarm installed in the store. The typical use of the virtual line in a store is protection of the counter/cash desk area. If anyone crosses the line in the absence of the cashier, the system automatically triggers an alarm.

Metal Housing/Box: TPR-5 (520x400x140mm)IP NVR Hikvision DS-7604NI-E1/4P/A (4ch, 40Mbps, 1xSATA, VGA, HDMI, 4xPoE, alarm IN/OUT)HDD SEAGATE 1TB 7200rpm 32MB CACHE SATA3Fisheye IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2942F-IS (4MP, 1.6 mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 10m, audio IN/OUT, alarm IN/OUT)
Monitoring of a store using single FishEye camera with the functionality of virtual line

Conversion of HDMI signal to DVB-T COFDM standard.

Digital HDMI modulators convert the input HDMI signal into DVB-T COFDM multiplex. The output DVB-T multiplex is usually distributed to users by a passive network composed of RF splitters/taps. Such a solution is especially convenient in modern hotel TV systems distributing a variety of satellite channels, including HD broadcasts.
Single-channel MHD101 R86700 modulator with output level of 70...90 dBμV is usually used in antenna systems combining the signal with DVB-T broadcasts.
Signal-400 HDMI modulator R86700 is mainly used in systems requiring high output levels (e.g. in electronic stores with multiple televisions). Thanks to the high output level that can be setup within 94...114 dBμV range there is no need for an additional amplifier.
WS-7992 R86702 and WS-7990 R86704 modulators can simultaneously convert two or four HDMI signals, respectively. They are equipped with HDMI, A/V (RCA) and RF inputs (the latter can be used for combining the modulated signals with other RF signals).
Modulator Signal-400 HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T)

Modulator Signal-400 HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) 

Name MHD-101 Signal-400 WS-7992 WS-7990
Code R86101  R86700  R86702 R86704 
Standard  DVB-T COFDM
Number of channels
1 1 2 4
Inputs RF
2xA/V (RCA)
4xA/V (RCA)
Video resolution
 1920x1080-30p 480i@59.94/60FPS    
720x576_50i  PAL
720x480_60i NTSC
720x576_50i PAL
720x480_60i NTSC
Mounting system
standalone device
RF range
 174...862 MHz 142.5...858 MHz 50...860 MHz  50...860 MHz
Output level
 70...90 dBμV 94...114 dBμV 70...100 dBμV  70...100 dBμV
All the devices fully support HDCP protocol.

Easier maintenance of systems with fiber-optic patch panels.

Fiber optic patch panels, unlike panels dedicated to the termination of coaxial or other cabling, have holes for fitting optical adapters during the installation of a system. The most common front panels include models with 12 and 24 openings.
Front panel ULTIMODE P-24SC-DUPLEX L5544
Usually the number of holes is higher than the actual needs. Some installers decide to install adapters in all openings, despite the fact that some of them will not be used. The more economic and also more convenient solution from the perspective of future maintenance of the system is possible with the use of dedicated blank plugs. With this solution, the technician sees the active ports at the first sight.
SC Simplex Blank Plug
SC Duplex Blank Plug
Some installers leave unused holes empty. However, this means an easier way for dust and dirt to enter the system. The pollutions increase the likelihood of deterioration of connection parameters during switching operations in the future.

4K HDMI to IP converter/extender.

The conversion of HDMI signals into IP streams is a very popular solution used in many applications, such as video surveillance systems, video distribution systems, multimedia connections. DIPOL is launching new models of HDMI to IP converters, capable of support for 4Kx2K 30Hz mode. The transmission of the signal requires the application of only one cat. 5e/6 cable. With the use of an Ethernet switch supporting IGMP protocol (multicast), it is possible to split the signal among multiple receivers. The H3634 set allows the user to control the source of the signal from the location of a television/monitor (function of IR extender).
HDMI to IP Converter/Extender: Signal HD 4Kx2K (1x5e)
HDMI to IP Converter/Extender: Signal HD 4Kx2K H3634
Typical applications of the set include transmission of CCTV signals from DVRs/NVRs (some of them have HDMI outputs supporting 4K mode, e.g. Hikvision of "I" series ) and transmission of HDMI signal over distances up to 100 meters.
An application of the HDMI > IP converter/extender (point-to-point)

Resetting and restoring Hikvision devices to factory settings.

The operations can be quickly and effectively performed with the Batch Configuration tool. Any device can be added to the application by specifying the authorization data (devices on the local network are automatically detected). This tool has special buttons for resetting and restoring factory settings. The operations, as well as selected aspects of device configuration, can be done for many devices simultaneously.
A Batch Configuration screenshot

New products offered by DIPOL

HDMI to IP Converter/Extender (1x5e, remotely powered receiver): SignalHD (multicast)
SignalHD HDMI to IP Converter/Extender H3620 enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. The set includes transmitter and receiver units. The receiver unit is powered remotely via the transmitter unit. Aside from transmission of HDMI signal, the set allows the user to control the source of the signal from the location of the television/monitor (function of IR extender).
Steel Antenna Mast (1.5m, diam. 38mm, galvanized)
Steel Antenna Mast (1.5m, diam. 38mm, galvanized) E9038152 has been designed for installing a single sat dish or terrestrial antenna.

Wireless Access Point TP-Link EAP225 (dual-band, 802.3ac, PoE 802.3af)
Wireless Access Point TP-Link EAP225 N2567 provides a flexible, easy-to-install, manageable and secure business-class wireless network solution. It can be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling. WLAN configuration and management are simplified through centralized management software. TP Link EAP devices also provide captive portal and automatic RF management, making them ideal for high-density, demanding business environments, such as campuses, hotels, shopping malls, offices. TP Link EAP225 is a dual-band device operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Worth reading

Devices for the deployment of hotel WiFi networks. Facilities which have to provide Internet access to the Internet for large numbers of users should employ dedicated hardware solutions. The solutions must be scalable and very reliable. TP-Link CAP systems with TP-Link AC50 N2551 hardware controller ensure simultaneous network configuration and management of up to 50 CAP access points. The controller automatically detects, configures, and manages new access point a moment after connecting it to the network. In contrast, SOHO access points could only be used for creating many inefficient networks without central management... >>>more
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