DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 4/2017 (Jan. 23, 2017)

Google to enhance the experience of museum visitors.

In selected museums Google will allow visitors to use its augmented reality system, Tango. The user, watching the exhibition through the screen of a smartphone supporting Tango, will be able to get a lot of additional information, often impossible to be presented in a traditional way. The functions will depend on the specific museum, but for example, in the Detroit Institute of Arts, paintings will take on their original colors, old statues will regain full shapes, and sarcophagi will discover their interiors ("scanned" by the smartphone). If a museum is mapped spatially, a smartphone equipped with Tango technology is able to pinpoint the actual location. This gives the ability to display additional elements (images, audio, sounds, interactive games and applications, guides etc) anywhere in the museum. Smartphones compatible with Tango can be borrowed from box offices. So far, these are only two models , Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus ZenFone AR. Other compatible models are expected soon.
Visualization of walls and exhibits with a smartphone compatible with Tango
Devices compatible with Tango can map rooms, determine their own exact position (distances to the objects, walls). The application obtains the data necessary for this purpose not from GPS or Internet, but by scanning the surrounding area. At the same time the image from the camera can be enriched with additional elements. Directing a smartphone to an item in a museum, the visitor can see additional information that has been "written in" to the showpiece. This way the experience becomes more complete. Despite the early stage of the Tango project, there are already various games and applications. Some interesting applications include distance measurements, the arrangement of rooms, simulation of the solar system, stacking dominoes or playing with a virtual dog.
Tango application for distance measurement
To enjoy the benefits of Tango augmented reality, the user needs a specially adapted smartphone. In addition to powerful processor and large amount of RAM, it must have a set of relevant sensors. These include high resolution cameras with motion tracking, depth perception and object recognition. In addition, the smartphone must have high-quality gyroscope and accelerometer to closely track the device's movements in space.

Passive and active terrestrial TV paths in TERRA multiswitches.

Multiswitches from professional MR-9xxL series are designed both for applications in single buildings and in large SMATV systems with hundreds of outlets. MR-9xxL multiswitches have from 8 to 32 outputs and two TV paths: active (47-790 MHz) for amplifying DVB-T broadcasts (with 1...15 dB gain control performed with switches), and passive (5-862 MHz) for applications with return channel (e.g. CATV in DVB-C standard). The active and passive paths cannot be used simultaneously.
9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MR-932L (active terrestrial path, class A)
MR-932L TERRA R70832 - one multiswitch can provide signals to 32 outlets,
with active or passive option of DVB-T/DVB-C
Key features of MR-9xxL multiswitches:
  • active terrestrial TV path (47-790 MHz) with 15 dB gain adjustment range, equipped with LTE filter,
  • passive terrestrial TV path (5-862 MHz),
  • up to 32 outputs, compact size,
  • die-cast housings guarantee high screening efficiency - class A,
  • independent adjustment in each SAT TV path,
  • high maximum output level of 93 dBμV (SAT TV) and 85 dBμV (DVB-T/DVB-C),
  • high MER ensures good processing of SAT TV and DVB-T/DVB-C digital signals,
  • groups of outputs with with different signal levels plus compensation of cable attenuation variation allow for equalization of signal levels regardless of the lengths of cable routes,
  • isolation between inputs better than 30 dB,
  • ideal as standalone devices in small SMATV installations, or as elements of large SMATV systems,
  • first-class professional equipment covered by four-year warranty.

Control of roller blinds.

The Exta Free RZB-03 F5012 wireless roller blinds control kit is a ready to use complete set of devices (2-channel wireless remote control RNK-02 F5101 and roller blinds controller SRP-02 F5432) from EXTA FREE system. In addition, at any time it is possible to program and use another transmitter or receiver/actuator of the EXTA FREE system to modify or extend the set. This functionality expands the capabilities of the platform.
The SRP-02 F5432 roller blinds controller is used to control roller blind drives with 230 VAC motors and limit switches. The user can control the blinds locally with a suitable switch connected to the dedicated inputs and/or remotely, with the use of any wireless remote control (transmitter) of EXTA FREE system. It is possible to save two comfort settings - upper and bottom roller blind height levels.

Roller Blinds Controller: Exta Free SRP-02Roller Blinds Controller: Exta Free SRP-02Wireless Remote Control: Exta Free RNK-02 (2ch)
The RNK-02 F5101 2-channel wireless remote control sends commands to the SRP-02 F5432 roller blinds controllers (lowering/raising). The remote control can be registered to any number of other receivers/controllers.

Network switches and SFP modules - compatibility issues.

The selection of an appropriate SFP module for a given switch determines the proper operation of the installation. When buying the pair of devices, the user should pay special attention to the type of the SFP port in the switch. If the SFP port of a switch or media converter is marked as "Gigabit", "GbE", "1000 Mb/s", "1 Gbps" etc, the only choice should be a gigabit SFP module, when the SFP port is marked "10/100/1000 Mb/s" the choice is broader, e.g. the application of a cheaper 100 Mbps SFP module. The table below will help to check the compatibility of an SFP module with a switch.
* except for TP-Link TL-SG3216 N29958
** 100 Mb/s or 1000 Mb/s, depending on the model
SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203/5G SC (single-mode fiber up to 20 km)
The ULTIMODE SFP-203/5G SC L1416 module can transmit data via a single-mode fiber
at rates up to 1.25 Gbps, over distances up to 20 kilometers
Despite the same standard, it happens that SFP modules from some manufactures have compatibility problems with switches from other producers. Ultimode SFP modules are fully compatible with ULTIPOWER and TP-LINK switches.

Configuration of video outputs in Hikvision DVRs/NVRs.

The devices usually have several video outputs suitable for monitors with different kinds of inputs, which can also be used for multi-monitor operation. Typically, these are three types of video outputs: HDMI, VGA and BNC. Depending on the model of Hikvision DVR/NVR and its firmware version, the menu may appear at different outputs.
The configuration of the menu displaying options is only possible via local access to the DVR/NVR. In most cases, the HDMI and VGA outputs simultaneously provide the same output signal by default. This means that the menu can be displayed on both of them, provided that they are connected to monitors at the moment the DVR/NVR is being switched on. Otherwise, the menu is available at BNC output (if exists). The outputs can also be configured as "asynchronous" i.e. the menu appears at one output only, in the HDMI >> VGA >> BNC selection sequence.

Safety first - gas sensors.

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic, colorless and odorless gas, lighter than air and easily mixing and spreading with it. The gas is produced in the processes of incomplete combustion of natural gas, liquid and solid fuels, due to insufficient amount of oxygen. Such situations may occur in homes and other facilities especially in winter, when all the windows are closed tightly by the residents/users to prevent heat escape. The source of carbon monoxide can also be defective flues and chimneys and insufficient ventilation in the apartment/facility. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is very high, due to the fact that it is imperceptible to humans. In the respiratory system it reacts with the blood hemoglobin 250 times faster than oxygen, blocking the flow oxygen to all organs.
So, it is very important to protect our homes against the fatal risk, especially in winter, using carbon monoxide, smoke or carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. DIPOL also offers combination CO and smoke alarm Kidde 10SCO G9995. This battery-powered combination alarm that offers protection from the dual dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) in a single unit. The detector has two separate sensors, an optical sensor for smoke detection and an electrochemical sensor for carbon monoxide. The alarm has a peak level memory, which provides notification (voice and LED) when dangerous CO levels (above 100 PPM) have been previously detected. Thus, the users can verify whether during their absence in the room there was a dangerous level of carbon monoxide. The device has a 10 year warranty and - in addition to battery replacement - no calibration or maintenance is needed during that period.
Combination CO and Smoke Alarm Kidde 10SCO
Smoke Alarm KIDDE i9060EU
Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)
Combination CO and Smoke Alarm Kidde 10SCO
Smoke Alarm KIDDEi9060EU
Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)

New products

Mobile DVR Protect 114 (4-ch, 2x SD slot)
Mobile DVR Protect 114 M80114 is a 4-channel mobile DVR designed for use in coaches, city buses, minibuses, street cars / trams, subway, corporate vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks / TIR tracks, patrol cars, prisoner vans, ambulances, military vehicles. It has been specifically designed to provide increased resistance to vibration and shock. The DVR allows for simultaneous live monitoring and recording of four channels, (4x AHD 720p @ 25 fps or 4x WD1 @ 25 fps). When the maximum resolution of all channels is limited to WD1, the DVR can additionally operate with a 1080p IP camera. The video and sound can be recorded on two SD cars, each up to 128 GB.
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464 R81464 changes the frequencies of individual satellite transponders and equalize their levels. The frequency change takes place within the range of the first SAT IF (i.e. in the frequency range the same as at the output of the LNB). IF/IF converters allow the installer to select and combine transponders (packages of TV channels) that should be distributed in the system.
HD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7104HQHI-F1/N (4ch, 1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA)
HD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7104HQHI-F1/N M75105 is a 4-channel CCTV DVR capable of recording surveillance video provided in HD-TVI, AHD, CVBS and IP standards. The maximum recording resolution is 1080p@12fps, however one channel can support 3MP@12fps. In the case of 960x1080 / 720p / VGA / WD1 / 4CIF / CIF resolutions, the maximum frame rate is 25 fps.

Worth reading

Support for AHD cameras in HD-TVI DVRs. TurboHD 3.0 DVRs can support a number of video systems. By default, they can cooperate with HD-TVI and CVBS cameras. They automatically detect the video system of a camera and set the suitable recording parameters. In the case of AHD cameras, the user must change the setting of the required input to AHD in the menu of the DVR. The change takes place for the pair of the neighboring inputs. Additionally, the DVRs can support one ( M75205 ) or two IP cameras with resolution up to 1080p... >>>more
AHD and HD-TVI cameras connected to TurboHD 3.0 DVR
New Terra multiswitches. Four-year warranty now!