DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 3/2017 (Jan 16, 2017)

Norway begins switching off FM radio.

On January 11, 2017 r. Norway started the process of switching off FM transmitters, clearly opting for digital version of radio services in the future. The first region where the analog signal has been switched off is Nordland county. Some local FM radio stations received permission to continue analog broadcasts till 2022.
The development of digital radio in Norway and the analog switch-off process is watched by other European countries, e.g. Poland, where the development of DAB+ has practically stopped. Interestingly, most Norwegians are not satisfied with the decision of the government - two-thirds of the respondents (the survey had been conducted by the IPSOS Institute) opposed the transition to digital broadcasting. The digital transition, as in the case of DVB-T, involves the replacement of old radios with new, more expensive digital versions.
Norway, similarly to Great Britain, has been developing DAB digital services since the nineties of the last century. A full transition to digital broadcasting is also considered by other countries, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and South Korea.
More on DAB/DAB+ digital radio you can read in the article Implementation of DAB+ in Poland.

DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) transmodulator and channel converter.

After ten or more years, low quality coaxial cables used in some shared antenna systems lose their initial (also not too high) parameters. The shielding effectiveness decreases and attenuation increases, especially at higher frequencies. This can severely hinder the reception of digital television.
The use of channel converters allows for moving DVB-T multiplexes to other, lower channels. This can eliminate the problems associated with too high attenuation of the old cables at high channels. Advanced channel converters can also stabilize the level of the output signal, regardless of the fluctuations of the input signal.

TTX-410C R81615 module can convert DVB-T channels within 47-862 MHz range. The main features of the R81615 module include: superior selectivity thanks to application of SAW filters, MER ≥ 35 dB, maximum output level of 90 dBμV, AGC. It can also perform some corrections of TS parameters (regeneration, filtering etc.) and change the signal (DVB-T/T2/C) to DVB-T COFDM format.

The device can operate in two modes:
  • transparent mode - the decoded transport stream is not modified and is directly applied to the COFDM modulator without PID filtration,
  • multiplexing mode - the device examines the decoded transport stream (measures the bit rate, updates SI arrays) and optionally filters programs and services.
DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX410C (CI slot)

Configuration tool for RACK cabinets.

At www.dipolnet.com we offer a simple mechanism that provides a list of compatible accessories for the selected RACK cabinet. When choosing accessories for rack cabinets, the user should pay attention to their compatibility with the specific models of the cabinets. Some components may be dedicated to other models, e.g. with greater depth or with a different way of mounting the accessory (e.g. a fan).
The user should simply open the site with the required RACK, e.g. R912018, and then click on the "Add accessories" button in the right section (in the picture below the button is surrounded by a red line).
The "Add accessories" button on the product page
The new window shows the list of compatible accessories:
The simple configuration tool for RACK cabinets

Two IP cameras on a pole, video transmission via optical fiber.

Extensive monitoring systems with cameras placed on poles require careful planning, including the choice of equipment necessary for signal transmission via optical fibers and for power supply. Due to limited space, installers have to minimize the number and size of the pieces of the additional equipment and the size of the protective enclosures.
In such cases, the ideal solution is to use the L11542 media converter with integrated 2-port switch. This way, there is no need for an additional switch and power supply. The number of connections is also limited to a minimum. The concept is presented in the diagram below.
Compact IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/04ZMDN/M(II) (2MP, 2.8-12mm, 0.05 lx, IR up to 35m)Compact IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/04ZMDN/M(II) (2MP, 2.8-12mm, 0.05 lx, IR up to 35m)Cat 5e UTP Cable: NETSET U/UTP 5e <br />(outdoor - gel-filled, black) [1m]Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-407M-2 (one SM fiber up to 40km, 2p switch) Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-4SM-A (4xG.652.D)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-407M-2 (one SM fiber up to 40km, 2p switch)
The application of the L11542 Ethernet media converter with built-in switch for the transmission of signals from two IP cameras via single-mode fiber. This typical outdoor fiber optic cable does not have LSZOH jacket, so it cannot be installed inside buildings over distances longer than 15 m.

Conversion of recordings from Hikvision devices.

Hikvision DVRs/NVRs and IP cameras record video surveillance data in a proprietary format. The advantage of the format is the ability to integrate watermark and other data in one file. If necessary, the users of the devices can convert the format to H.264 or MPEG4 form with the use of the tool available as a part of the VSPlayer application. The tool also enables the user to change the resolution, frame rate and bit rate of the video, as well as to choose the audio codec.
View of the Format Converter window

Application of IP camera with audio channel in X-ray laboratory.

Often there is a need to monitor a room both visually and audibly and/or perform voice communication between two locations in both directions. An example can be X-ray laboratories, in which the medical practitioners cannot stay inside the rooms with X-ray machines during their operation.
Such a project can be based on Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS K17362 camera with audio input and output, and the dedicated free iVMS-4200 software. The camera additionally equipped with a microphone (e.g. M1916) connected to the audio input and with an active speaker (e.g. a computer speaker) connected to the audio output should be installed in the X-ray room. The operator room should be equipped with a PC running iVMS-4200 software that allows for adding the camera. Of course, the computer should also be equipped with a microphone and speaker. This solution enables the operator to monitor the X-ray room with the patient and communicate with him or her, and the patient has the same possibility of voice communication with the practitioner.
SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-2000 12V/2A (for CCTV cameras)Dome IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IK10, IR up to 30m, Audio IN/OUT, Alarm IN/OUT)Audio Module: MP-6/D (microphone w/ balanced output) Access Point TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (w. router & GbE switch, 802.11n, 300Mbps)
An application of the K17362 IP camera with audio input and output in an X-ray laboratory

New products

SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs432
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs432 R81432 changes the frequencies of individual satellite transponders and equalize their levels. The frequency change takes place within the range of the first SAT IF (i.e. in the frequency range the same as at the output of the LNB). IF/IF converters allow the installer to select and combine transponders (packages of TV channels) that should be distributed in the system.
Fiber-optic Joint Box: Tracom FTTX ODU 3IN-12S
Fiber-optic Joint Box: Tracom FTTX ODU 3IN-12S L56020 is a fiber-optic joint box with 3 points of entry. This type of boxes is used to protect fiber strands and branching nodes. The box has been designed for wall mounting in indoor or outdoor locations, mainly in FTTH and FTTB systems.

DVB-T Antenna TELMOR Digit Activa (white)
DVB-T Antenna TELMOR Digit Activa (white) A6080 has been designed to receive DVB-T signals in VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) bands. The built-in amplifier increases signal levels only in the UHF band. The compact antenna can be used in areas with decent signal levels. It can be mounted (in horizontal position) on roofs, walls, balconies, as well as on camping trailers/caravans.

Worth reading

Extending the capabilities of alarm control panel. One of the basic parameters of a control panel which should be taken into account at the stage of its selection is the number of inputs and outputs. There are control panels that may meet general expectations of the user, but have too small number of inputs/outputs on the motherboard. However, they can be successfully applied in combination with expansion modules. In some situations the user e.g. wants install only one panel to protect the home and garage located at a certain distance. In this case, it is convenient to mount the G2232 expansion module directly in the garage. This significantly facilitates the installation of the system...
An example of an alarm system with the SATEL INT-E zone expansion module
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