DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 35/2015 (Nov. 2, 2015)

Amazon Web Services will strengthen the IoT market.

At the beginning of October, during a conference conducted in Las Vegas, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels presented AWS IoT platform that should speed up the development of IoT market (Internet of Things). AWS IoT is an open and flexible software platform operating in the cloud, through which uniquely identifiable objects may directly or indirectly collect, process and exchange data via a computer network. The platform, so far launched in beta version, will be able to support billions of devices and billions of messages in a safe and reliable manner.
Amazon CTO Werner Vogels describes the integration of IoT with other AWS services
AWS IoT can be integrated with many other Amazon services: Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon DynamoDB. The platform will create and manage infrastructure capable of processing and analyzing IoT data. According to Werner Vogels, the platform will contain a full record of the devices and will also be equipped with "Shadows" function recording devices switching into offline mode and automatically renewing the monitoring on their restart. Similarly to other Amazon services, the basic version of the AWS IoT platform will be free of charge, offering the ability to send up to 250,000 messages per month.

Television via LAN.

Terra IPTV system distributes TV channels via existing or dedicated local area network (LAN) based on twisted-pair cables. The sources of the programming can be terrestrial DVB-T broadcasts, satellite DVB-S/S2 channels (including pay TV programs), as well as DVB-C channels. The signals from the sources are converted into IP stream and sent to the televisions. Multicast group communication considerably saves network resources.
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C-IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C-IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C
(DVB-T/T2/C-IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer TERRA sdi-410C
(DVB-S/S2-IP, CI slot)
Each of the streamers allows for conversion up to 24 channels from one multiplex/transponder and has CI slot.
One of the main advantages of the Terra IPTV solution is no need for any middleware software between the headend and the receivers. As a result, the system is much cheaper (no software license fees) than other solutions and very simple in both configuration and operation.
The system is particularly recommended for hotel businesses, boardinghouses, pensions. It can be applied wherever one needs to combine a wide range of programming with good signal quality, and in places where the distribution of television signals via twisted pair cables or optical fibers is the preferable solution.

Transmission of HDMI signal via AC power line.

Signal HDMI Extender H3611 allows the user to send a high-definition HDMI signal (from sat receiver, computer, multimedia player, Blu-ray player, etc.) to HD-enabled television or monitor via the existing AC power network in the home, office etc.
The maximum transmission distance is 300 meters (the sender and receiver must be connected to the same AC line (phase)). Additionally, the set allows for sending IR commands to the distant source device from the location of the receiver. The sender has loopthrough HDMI output for a local monitor.
Signal HDMI extender H3611 - application diagram

Working with fiber optic - cleanliness above all else.

During the installation of fiber optic systems, both with the use of fusion splicing and mechanical methods, the cleanliness of the fiber ends and connections is the most important thing. The critical components of the connections are patch cords, pigtail and patch cord ferrules, the inner parts of fiber optic adapters. Any negligence in this field can significantly affect the parameters and quality of the connections made.
Dust-free Kim-Wipes
IPA Solvent Cleaner (for fiber optics)
Alcohol-soaked Wipes Alko-Pad [100 pcs.]
Dust-free Kim-Wipes
IPA Solvent Cleaner
Alcohol-soaked Wipes Alko-Pad
Purchasing accessories designed to clean fibers before splicing, the installer can choose the cheaper option that every time will require soaking dust-free wipes with isopropyl alcohol or a little more expensive variant, but faster and more convenient - the alcohol-soaked wipes. The second option eliminates the problems associated with the use of too much or too little amount of alcohol, as well as helps the user to keep order in the workplace.

Monitoring Signal IP cameras.

FREEIP is a free application for monitoring video from Signal IP cameras via the Internet, without a need for forwarding router ports. To enable remote access, the user should only connect the cameras to the network (which requires a valid IP address and appropriate gateway settings for each camera). The next step is to download FREEIP app from Google Play store and install it on a smartphone (the application is dedicated for Android phones). After installation and registration process, the user should log on to the camera via IE browser and scan the QR code (using the app) available in the network settings tab. After adding a camera to the live video monitoring app, it will accessible via the Internet from any location.
QR scanning window of Signal IP cameras

RTSP stream from IP cameras and IP NVRs.

IP cameras and network video recorders generate RTSP video streams. The Real Time Streaming Protocol is commonly used in applications related to media streaming. There are many ways to convert the video to a form accessible for multiple users. The video broadcast by RTSP stream can be played with many commonly available applications or plug-ins installed in web browsers. One of the most popular programs is VLC media player, another option is e.g. conversion into RTMP stream which can be directly embedded into web pages.
The characteristics of RTSP streams allows for connecting of devices not compatible with ONVIF standard. In such situations, the user should manually enter parameters of video streams. The table below lists parameters of RTSP streaming in IP devices from different manufacturers.
Signal rtsp://ipaddress:554/0/1

ipaddress – IP address of the device
554 - RTSP port
0/1 - main stream
0/2 - additional stream (2nd stream)

Sunell rtsp:// ipaddress :554/snl/live/1/1/
ipaddress - IP address of the device
554 - RTSP port
1/1 - main stream , 1/2 additional stream (2nd stream)
Hikvision rtsp://ipaddress/videotype/ch number/streamtype/av_stream
ipaddress - IP address of the device
videotype - mpeg4 or h.264 encoding
number - channel number
streamtype - main  or sub (subsidiary, 2nd stream)
Megapixel IP Dome Camera: Signal HDV-60 (2MP, 3.6 mm, 0.1 lx, IR up to 20m)
Signal HDV-60 K1807 2MP IP camera generates RTSP stream that can be played by VLC

New products offered by DIPOL

28" LCD Monitor IIyama Prolite X2888HS M3028 is a 28" Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) LCD monitor with LED backlight and MVA display technologies. 24-bit True Color and the MVA technology offer excellent color rendition. The MVA display features extremely wide viewing angles, 178 degrees horizontally and vertically, very high contrast ratios, 3000:1 (static) and 12,000,000 : 1 (dynamic - ACR), short reaction time (5 ms), and brightness up to 300 cd/m2. The excellent technical parameters ensure perfect image quality and comfort for professional users, including photographers and graphics editors. ProLite monitor has four inputs, three of them are digital (HDMI (MHL), DVI-D, DisplayPort), the fourth is analog (VGA).
AHD Camera Sunell SN-IRC13/66ADVD (dome, 1080p, ICR, 0.001 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m)
AHD Camera Sunell SN-IRC13/66ADVD M7338 dome camera has been designed for use in video monitoring systems based on AHD (Analog High Definition) DVRs. Thanks to backwards compatibility with PAL system, the camera can also be connected to conventional PAL DVRs (after switching to CVBS mode), of course with results limited by the PAL standard. The camera has been equipped with high quality Sony Exmor IMX222 1/3" CMOS image sensor providing 1080p (2 MP) video. The housing of the camera made of aluminum alloy and having IP66 rating ensures protection against adverse weather conditions.
Compact IP Camera: Signal HDC-120P (2MP, 3.6mm, 0.1 lx, IR up to 40m)
Compact IP Camera Signal HDC-120P K1855 compact IP camera employs 1/2.9" SONY CMOS image sensor with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (2MP) and can provide the images at 25 fps refresh rate. It generates two data streams with independent parameters. The video data can be compressed with H.264, the compression method that effectively lowers the network load and the size of the recorded video files. The camera is equipped with 3.6 mm lens and has 75-degree viewing angle. The built-in IR illuminator ensures range up to 40 meters.

Press about us

TV/satellite coaxial cables
Swiat Radio (The World of Radio) No. 10/2015

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Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A): DIPOLNET Tri-Shield RG-6 Cu 1.02/4.8/7.0 [300m]
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