DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 42/2014 (Dec. 22, 2014)

Virtual reality for $ 10.

A few months ago, Google shocked the world by launching virtual reality cardboard glasses. The paper goggles, developed for use with any smartphone placed inside, have become a big hit. And despite the fact that the glasses can be easily made by DIY enthusiasts, they have already been bought by more than half a million Internet users. Google strongly supports the Cardboard VR project. Several days ago, it provided another application for users and software development kit (SDK) for software developers interested in creating new applications.
Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit project
(Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.)
The use of the gadget is extremely simple. The user controls its operation by head movements, and selects suitable options by moving a magnet located on its side. The available applications include e.g. Google Earth Tour Guide (guides to interesting places), YouTube, Exhibit (cultural virtual tours), Photo Sphere (panoramic photo gallery), Windy Day (animated short stories), Vue Street (VR version of Google Street View). Surely, the list will continually grow.
Materials needed to make the goggles: cardboard with dimensions of 56 x 22 x 1.5 mm (e.g. the one that is left after eating pizza), two lenses with a focal length of 45 mm, a neodymium magnet in the shape of a ring and a ceramic magnet (approx. 19 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick), two strips of regular strength adhesive-backed velcro (suggested dimensions of 30 x 20 mm), rubber band to prevent the phone from sliding out, NFC tag (optional).

TV mount - make a good choice.

The selection of a suitable mount must be based on the required load capacity, mounting standard, and screen size. The most important parameter is the load capacity, which has to be at least the same as the weight of the TV/monitor (a safety margin is highly recommended). This issue is basic for the security of the display and the viewers. The second criterion is the mounting standard (FDMI/MIS). TV/monitor mounts/brackets usually have hole patterns that are compliant with VESA mounting standards. Although it is possible to use adapters, the users should definitely purchase brackets that fit the patterns of their flat panels. The third important parameter is the screen size range. It may happen that a mount meets the first two conditions, but the diagonal of the TV is greater than that declared for the mount. Then, there is a risk that the TV cannot be tilted and/or rotated to the desired position. In the case of small monitors, a bracket intended for larger panels may stick out of the contour of the screen.
The table below lists popular Signal mounts with wide adjustment range, designed for large-screen TVs/monitors. The full offer of flat panel mounts is available here.
Name LPA13-442 LPA13-484 LPA19-442
Code E93162 E93167 E93168
TV diagonal range
32'' - 55'' 37'' - 70'' 32'' - 55''
Load capacity
30 kg 60 kg 30 kg
VESA FDMI max. 400 x 400 max. 800 x 800 max. 400 x 400

Modern video surveillance systems with PoE switches.

Power supplying for IP CCTV cameras becomes frequent task for installers of security systems. With the use of PoE technology (Power over Ethernet), the installation work can be easier. The best PoE solution seems to be the integration of switching and powering functions, i.e. the application of switches with PoE functionality.
In the application shown below, the ULTIPOWER 0288af N29983 PoE switches have been used in a system covering three separate locations monitored by IP cameras. The signals from two locations are transmitted via optical fibers (the switches have SFP slots allowing for the use of optical SFP modules) to the main switch connected to a NVR (used for monitoring and recording the images from the cameras). Thanks to the PoE switches, each camera is connected with a switch only by one UTP cable transmitting both the power and data, which simplifies the cabling and lowers the installation costs.
Example application of the ULTIPOWER 0288af N29983 PoE switch

How to terminate optical fibers in cassettes and installation boxes?

Splicing operations (usually linking the fiber ends with pigtails) and the proper arrangement of spare lengths of the fibers, the tasks necessary in optical cassettes and boxes, may be difficult for novice installers. The problems may include the selection of the optimum lengths of the fibers (neither too great nor too small) and the arrangement of the splices consistent with the routes of the fibers in the respective channels. It is not allowed to make any additional loops, over-bending etc. So, the installation work should be preceded by planning.
Distribution frames and installation boxes for fiber optic systems are designed to simplify the work of the installer as much as possible, while maintaining good organization of the cables and fibers. Each of the distribution/termination boxes has three distinctive elements: a place for the incoming and pigtail fibers, an area for protecting splices, holders for adapters.

he arrangement of fibers in and splices L54041 box.
The figure on the left shows the tray with the incoming cable, splices, and pigtail.
The drawing on the right presents the lower part of the box (the tray has been pivoted)
with the cable fitting, adapters and connectors.
The diagram above shows an example of good organization of fibers and installation components in the Ultimode TB-04B-2 L54041 box. The incoming cable enters the box through the cable fitting with the largest cross-sectional area. The fitting protects the cable against moving, by screwing down the carrier component - a tube, sheath or rod - to the body of the box. Fibers, passing under the tray, run through a dedicated hole. The tray keeps reserves of the fibers, and splices which are fixed to prevent rotation. The excess of the pigtail fibers is also stored on the tray, and their sections are led through a hole by the hinge of the tray to adapters inserted into the holders.

Two-way audio in Sunell cameras.

Most Sunell cameras offered by DIPOL are equipped with two-way audio feature (e.g. K1698). The feature may be used for voice surveillance (if allowed by local law) and voice communication, including voice messaging. To use the functions, the installer has to connect the M1912 audio module with microphone to the RCA audio input of the camera, and an audio amplifier with loudspeaker to the RCA audio output of the camera. After logging in to the camera, it is necessary to activate the Enable Microphone option (in the camera menu available via browser widow: Device Configuration->Microphone->Enable Microphone).
Switching on audio input (microphone) in a Sunell camera
The next step is the activation of the InterPhone option in the Video Control field (marked in the next screenshot by the red frame). When the microphone and amplifier/loudspeaker circuits are properly connected and adjusted, the two-way voice communication line is ready to use.
Switching on two-way voice communication option (InterPhone)

Defog function in Hikvision IP cameras.

Hikvision cameras provide a number of image processing functions. Defog is one of the interesting and useful functions embedded in cameras of the 4th and 6th series, as well as in the majority of PTZ cameras. It improves image quality in the presence of adverse weather conditions such as fog or smog. After its activation, the camera analyzes the contrast of the image and depth of field in different points of the scene. On this basis, it creates a special digital filter that enhances image details normally hardly visible or even invisible for the human eye due to haze. This way, the digitally processed image is significantly better than the original one.
Comparison of images from a Hikvision camera taken during dense fog,
on the left - without additional processing, on the right - with Defog function.

New products offered by DIPOL

HD Combo Receiver: Ferguson Ariva 153 COMBO (DVB-S/S2+DVB-T/T2/C)
Combo HD Receiver Ferguson Ariva 153 COMBO A99386 is capable of receiving SD/HD channels from satellites (digital DVB-S and DVB-S2 formats), digital terrestrial TV SD/HD broadcasts (DVB-T/T2), and cable TV (DVB-C). The satellite broadcasts are received by one tuner, and the rest by the second. Thanks to built-in USB port it also supports Time-shift and PVR-ready function - recording of selected broadcasts on external data storage devices, such as flash or hard drives. Ferguson Ariva 153 Combo A99386 is a true home entertainment center - it can play back a wide range of HD video and audio files.
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sdi-410C (DVB-S/S2-IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer TERRA sdi-410C (DVB-S/S2-IP, CI slot) R81608 allows for selection of satellite channels and their distribution via Ethernet (LAN) network based on twisted-pair cabling. The output IP stream is usually provided to IPTV receivers via network switches. The use of multicast technique considerably saves the network resources.

CCTV Network DVR: HIKVISION DS-7104HWI-SH (4xWD1@25fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
CCTV Network DVR HIKVISION DS-7104HWI-SH M71042 offers recording in WD1 (960 x 576)/4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF resolutions at 25 fps (each channel). The local recording and network transmission uses H.264 compression that provides good image quality with relatively small bandwidth and disk space consumption. Thanks to the WD1 (960x576px) resolution, the DVR ensures increased image quality of the video footage from 650 TVL (700 TVL B/W) cameras (compared with D1/4CIF DVRs).

Worth reading

How to build a low-cost IP CCTV system? An economical IP video surveillance system can be based on megapixel IP cameras from Sunell. Thanks to the ability to save surveillance data on remote FTP servers (such services are offered by hosting companies), there is no need for buying and maintaining an NVR operating on 24/7 basis. The camera can be directly connected by entering login, password, IP address and port number for FTP connection, so the only additional device is a router with Internet access... more
The architecture of economical IP CCTV system with video recording on a remote server
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