DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 33/2013 (Oct. 14, 2013)

Will Chromecast replace cable and satellite TV?

Recently, the U.S. has witnessed decline in the number of subscribers using cable and satellite TV. The reason for the decreasing number of users of traditional media is the growing popularity of online services and dedicated devices allowing for displaying the content on television screens. Currently, the most popular device of this type in the U.S. is Chromecast, produced by Google. At its release, it supported YouTube and Netflix services. Since this month, the users have access to Hulu Plus service. While the information can excite rather U.S. residents, the development of OTT TV (Over-The-Top Television) in this country will definitely have an impact on the shape of television services in the world, including European countries.
Google Chromecast is a thumb-sized device that, when plugged into an HDMI port of a television, connects to the local Wi-Fi network and listens for commands from any mobile device - tablet, smartphone or laptop. Chromecast combined with a suitable service over the Internet, streams the content via HDMI to the TV screen. The mobile device becomes a search engine and remote control, to form a "Smart TV" platform. The Google's product price is relatively low, 35 USD. The device works with most popular operating systems currently used in mobile devices and desktop computers. The exception is Linux OS.
A presentation of Google Chromecast
Hulu Plus joined the range of supported services before, but users were not happy with the solution in which the sound was available only via a mobile device. Currently, the function has been improved and each holder of Google Chromecast can have full quality access to current hit TV shows and acclaimed movies for a $8 monthly subscription.
There is no doubt that people want Internet TV. According to the September study conducted by GfK, 51% of Americans between 13 and 54 years of age watch television shows or movies in streaming technology at least once a week, 5% of respondents use for this purpose tablets, and 4% smartphones. David Tice, Senior Vice President of GfK’s Media and Entertainment team said that "The synergies between consumers and their connected devices are radically transforming video entertainment". GfK notices that streaming video is giving consumers more and more control over their viewing, providing opportunity for the development and popularization of VoD solutions. Devices such as Chromecast fit perfectly with this trend, being an ideal solution for customers who do not want to follow TV schedule.

The results of the 12th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest.

We thank all participants for taking part in our annual contest. This year the number of the works was record-breaking (253 photos). So the jury had a very difficult task to distribute awards. Below there is a list of the winning and honored images and their authors:

1st place: "Ternary system" by Karolina Dus. Ms. Karolina is awarded with PROTECT 802 camera.

2nd place: Untitled, by Marek Jozkow. The author receives Access Point TP-Link TL-WA701ND.

3rd place: "Ultravision" by Pawel Czarnecki. The author gets Access Point TP-Link TL-WA701ND.

Honorable mentions: "Between the wall and the shadow" - Magdalena Nurzynska, "Count off!" - Adam Sowa, "The guardian of the signal II" - Tomasz Okoniewski, "A little more to the left" - Michal Gawryluk, "Hotbird" - Rafał Modelski, "Symbiosis" - Kazimierz Jankowski, "A dish in Przemysl" - Andrzej Krasnicki, "We are everywhere..." - Piotr Lis.
The honored authors will receive DIPOL Magic Mug.

Thanks for all who sent us their works. We invite you to participate in the future editions of our competition.
1st place
Ternary system
Karolina Dus
2nd place

Marek Jozkow
3rd place
Pawel Czarnecki

Optical fibers in IP CCTV systems.

Twisted pair cables used in IP CCTV systems limit the transmission distance without signal regeneration to 100-meter runs. In many situations, this is a significant limitation which forces the application of additional equipment. A definitely better option is to use fiber optic transmission means, which become increasingly popular in digital and analog video surveillance systems.
An example of the application of optical fibers in an IP CCTV system is shown in the diagram below. A large manufacturing plant is monitored by 3 groups of cameras: inside domes, outdoor fixed and high-speed PTZ cameras. The individual cameras in each group have been deployed in such a way not to exceed 100-meter distance between any camera and the network switch.
Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V (CMOS 1080p, ONVIF)IP High Speed Dome Camera: Sunell 2MP SN-IPS54/80DN/Z20 (Sony Exmor, FullHD, ONVIF)Web Smart Switch: TP-LINK TL-SL2210WEB 8+2G 1xSFP RACK Web Smart Switch: TP-LINK TL-SL2210WEB 8+2G 1xSFP RACK Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V (CMOS 1080p, ONVIF)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-023G 2xLC (two multimode fibers up to 2 km)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-023G 2xLC (two multimode fibers up to 2 km)Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V (CMOS 1080p, ONVIF)IP High Speed Dome Camera: Sunell 2MP SN-IPS54/80DN/Z20 (Sony Exmor, FullHD, ONVIF)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-023G 2xLC (two multimode fibers up to 2 km)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-023G 2xLC (two multimode fibers up to 2 km)Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424 (24xGbE 4xSFP)2MP IP Dome Camera: Sunell SN-IPV54/12UDN (Aptina 1080p CMOS, ONVIF, OUTDOOR vandal-proof)2MP IP Dome Camera: Sunell SN-IPV54/12UDN (Aptina 1080p CMOS, ONVIF, OUTDOOR vandal-proof)2MP IP Dome Camera: Sunell SN-IPV54/12UDN (Aptina 1080p CMOS, ONVIF, OUTDOOR vandal-proof)IP NVR Hikvision DS-7608NI-SE
IP CCTV system using a universal multimode cable
Red line - UTP cable runs up to 100 m
Blue line - MM cable, runs up to 2 km
The nodes of the network are formed by network switches TP-Link N29949 equipped with slots for SFP modules. The server room contains 8-channel NVR Hikvision K2208 and TP-Link N29957 switch for the whole network.
The two subnets are connected with the server room via multimode fiber optic cables. The Ultimode L1405 SFP modules can ensure data rates up to 1 Gbps. Due to the telecommunications infrastructure in the ground (conduits with pull strings), there have been used universal cables that can be run both outside buildings (gel-filled, with protective aramid fibers) and inside buildings (LSZH coating). Aside from long distance transmission, the fiber optic cables ensure complete electrical isolation between the subnetworks which substantially reduces the risk of damage caused by atmospheric discharges.

How to control electronic devices hidden in cabinets, drawers etc?

Many people tend to hide electronic devices in modern cabinets or in drawers, which is an elegant solution but brings a lot of usability issues - it is difficult or impossible to control the devices with remote controls. The problem can be solved by the application of Signal IRB-600U R94130 IR bender.
IR Remote Control Bender: Signal IRB-600U (3-way)
An application of the Signal IRB-600U R94130 IR bender with 3 IR transmitters
The sensor of the Signal IRB-600U R94130 IR bender receives IR commands from any remote control and distributes them to three IR transmitters. Each of them can be placed in front of different device (e.g. on the window/door of the cabinet, glass case etc. housing the devices, from inside). This way, any of the target devices can receive the user's commands without problems caused by location behind the window/door (lack of reaction, shorter range, need for very precise pointing etc).

Outdoor vandal-proof camera - the best choice.

The use of vandal-proof cameras lowers the risk of damage and is indispensable in many applications. However, many dome-shaped cameras feature poor resistance to harsh weather conditions (particularly the impact of humidity, temperature, precipitation), fogging, reflections of the IR light from built-in infrared illuminators.
A new v-cam 480 M10764 camera has been designed to overcome these problems. The camera body combines the simplicity and functionality with resistance to adverse weather conditions. The lens and IR illuminator are physically separated, so that the camera does not have a problem with reflections. Controls are well protected by special seals.
The heart of the camera is a Sony chip that combines Super HAD CCD II image sensor and Effio-E (CXD4140GG) digital signal processor. It provides 650TVL video in color mode, with good color rendition and high S/N ratio. The parameters of the camera can be adjusted with the OSD manipulator placed on the connection cable.
Vandal Proof Camera: v-cam 480 (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12 mm, OSD, IR up to 30m)
Outdoor vandal-proof camera v-cam 480 M10764

Mobile CCTV - video surveillance via smartphones.

The possibility to access video surveillance systems from mobile devices is increasingly becoming a vital requirement of investors, often as important as the quality of images provided by the cameras.
In addition to the software for advanced monitoring systems dedicated for running on PCs, ULTIMAX DVRs offer a free application called CCTV mobile designed for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS systems.
The CCTV mobile application provides a lot of functionality,
while maintaining the simplicity and intuitiveness
The monitoring window in the CCTV mobile app
The program allows the user to add multiple devices - both with fixed IP addresses and those using DDNS. Images from different DVRs can be viewed on one screen. The configuration options include image quality, bit rates and frame rates of video streams. CCTV Mobile has the option of quick selection of video settings, allowing user to easily adjust them to the speed of the Internet connection. The user can also record the video, make screenshots, control PTZ cameras, play back video archives.
The CCTV mobile app for Android devices is available on our FTP server.

Powering PoE devices.

TL-SF1008P N29930 is dedicated for networks with devices powered over Ethernet (PoE). The desktop device enables smooth data transmission in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet networks. Its eight RJ45 ports support auto-negotiation function, four of them provide power over Ethernet (PoE function). The switch automatically detects PD devices compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard and provides them with power supply. This feature allows the user to expand the network coverage in areas where there is no access to AC power lines/outlets and to employ access points, IP cameras, IP phones, etc. The switch has the priority function which helps protect main functions of the system in case of overloading. The maximum power consumption (by all the PoE devices) cannot exceed 53 W (one port: max 15.4 W).
PoE Switch: TP-LINK TL-SF1008P (8x10/100Mb/s incl. 4xPoE)
A small PoE system with TP-Link N29930 switch

New line of TERRA multiswitches won SAT Kurier Awards 2013.

TERRA multiswitches have been recognized as "The Best Unit of the Collective Installation" at SATKRAK 2013 fair. The jury appreciated the main advantages of these SMATV components: low insertion loss, high isolation between paths, extreme EMI shielding provided by cast housings, an innovative way of gain and slope control, professional look.
TERRA multiswitches have been recognized as
"The Best Unit of the Collective Installation" at SATKRAK 2013 fair
More on SATKRAK 2013 in the article DIPOL at SAT KRAK, Oct. 3-4, 2013.
New products offered by DIPOL:
Multimode Patch Cord ULTIMODE PC-315D (2xSC-2xLC, duplex, OM3, 1.5m)
Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell IRC59/21AKDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12 mm, OSD, IR up to 50m)
Vandal Proof Camera: Sunell IRC59/30ALDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, ICR, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m)
Patch Cord ULTIMODE PC-315D
2xSC-2xLC, duplex OM3
Sunell compact camera
Sunell vandal-proof camera
Worth reading:
Multiswitch SMATV system with 1215 outlets in Warsaw. Below we present the main components of the SMATV system installed in one of Warsaw's residential developments. The system is responsible for the distribution of satellite signals from two satellites, Hotbird 13.0E and Astra 19.2E, and terrestrial TV broadcasts (DVB-T). The SMATV system has been based on TERRA solutions and devices. The installation and configuration tasks have been carried out by ALSAT - SYSTEMY RTV-SAT... more
The node splitting the bus into three segments (2x R70523)
and R70874 multiswitch feeding 24 outlets
Fiber in the building - it's easier than you think. For years, structured cabling systems in office and residential buildings have been based on copper technology. Now, for economic and technical reasons (first of all much better transmission capabilities) fiber optic solutions are beginning to replace copper wiring. In many EU countries the use of fiber optics in new buildings is mandatory and regulated by the law. However, the deployment of fiber optic systems is still an unknown territory for many installation companies... more
Application of the L7824 distribution cable in a multistory building
DDNS in Hikvision DVRs. DVRs connected to the Internet are hots with specific IP addresses, an example is It would be difficult to remember a number of such numeric strings, so they are translated from human-friendly computer host names by Domain Name System (DNS). A DVR gets its host name - a much "natural" form of address. DDNS means Dynamic DNS, which allows for using fixed domain names in the case of IP addresses being assigned dynamically. The function is necessary when the ISP cannot provide fixed IP addresses, or such option is too expensive... more
DDNS configuration window in M72104, M72108 and M72116 DVRs
Patch Cord (made to order)