DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 29/2013 (Sept. 16, 2013)

Password in the heartbeat.

Bionym, a Canadian startup company, designed and created a wristband for authenticating identity of the user e.g. making payments with a smartphone. The device, called Nymi, can authorize access to a mailbox, open locks without using keys, log on to electronic devices, etc. This revolutionary technique of identification is carried out on the basis of the user's heart rate.
After putting on the wristband, the circuitry of the device takes ECG (electrocardiogram), verifying the user's identity, based on the data previously stored in the smartphone. After positive verification, the user gets access to all services configured with the wristband. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth, including information from the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, allowing for simple gesture control.
After putting on, Nymi wristband takes ECG reading
to confirm the identity of the user
According to the originator, each individual has unique heart waveform which is absolutely impossible to forge, being more reliable authentication method than those based on fingerprint or retina examination. The authentication procedure is conducted once, just after putting on the wristband. Therefore, any operations like opening doors, payment authorization, logging on to various services etc. go much faster than using other methods.
The shipping of the Nymi wristbands is planned for early 2014, with pre-order price of $79, only for the first 25000 units (the regular price will be $99). The wristband will work with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, of course.
However, the implementation of the applications shown in the video is a matter of the future. There are not ready-to-use mechanisms, applications, and devices cooperating with the wristband and the supporting smartphones. According to the manufacturer, it will change shortly and identification and authentication methods using heart waveform will be the future of security systems. Will it happen in reality? Time will tell - we are curious how the originator solves problems associated with cardiovascular diseases or the use of the wristband immediately after a strenuous activity...

Well-protected fiber optic splices.

Properly made ​​splices must be adequately protected from physical damage resulting in a decrease of transmission range, or in extreme cases, loss of connection. To avoid such situations, they have to be protected in suitable fiber boxes insulating the fibers and splices from environmental factors and securing them from mechanical damage. The boxes should enable the installer easy work and provide convenient mounting options (trays, fasteners etc).
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-2 (IP65, with panel)
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-2 L54162, IP65
ULTIMODE TB-16P-2 distribution box allows for easy organization of fiber optic cables (up to 32 fibers, depending on the installed adapters). The extruded shapes inside the box are suitable for installation of sixteen SC simplex adapters (4x4), connecting up to 16 fibers with SC or FC connectors, or up to 32 fibers with LC connectors. The tray can accommodate up to 12 mechanical or fusion splices. Small-size fusion splices can be installed in cascade.
The carefully designed wall distribution box allows for easy and quick installation of optical fibers. In the box there is a tray to secure up to 12 mechanical or fusion splices. The box is equipped with 2 cable fittings for inlet cables (with clamping rings) and 16 openings for output cables. In order to prevent access by unauthorized people, the box door is equipped with a metal lock (with a keyhole cover plate) and key.
The range of offered distribution frames and boxes for indoor and outdoor applications.

Multiswitch SMATV system with 1215 outlets in Warsaw.

Below we present the main components of the SMATV system installed in one of Warsaw's residential developments. The system is responsible for the distribution of satellite signals from two satellites, Hotbird 13.0E and Astra 19.2E, and terrestrial TV broadcasts (DVB-T). The SMATV system has been based on TERRA solutions and devices. The installation and configuration tasks have been carried out by ALSAT - SYSTEMY RTV-SAT.
The system has been deployed in three buildings, each with around 400 subscriber outlets. Each building has its own set of antennas. Due to the size of the network and the structure of the buildings, the installation company decided to use multiswitch subsystems with bus topology (9 coaxial cables). This solution is ideal for multi-dwelling units with multiple staircases. Prior to the implementation of the system, the staff ran simulation using free SatNet software dedicated for TERRA MSV devices.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 94/21-69 Vena
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 94/21-69 Vena
The amplifier for 9-input multiswitches - Terra SA-901SA-901 R70901 - it amplifies TV SAT and terrestrial TV signals and supplies power to the rest of the system components (via signal lines)
The node splitting the bus into three segments (2x R70523) and R70874 multiswitch feeding 24 outlets

According to the installation company, the choice of the Terra solutions was dictated by the reliability and stability of the devices, backed by a four-year warranty, and the ability to check design assumptions before the actual implementation.

Video surveillance in a trading company.

As reported by Euler Hermes, the problem of theft and fraud attempted by the staff in the workplace concerns 78% of employers in Poland. In 2011, only in the retail business, the financial losses due to thefts committed by employees amounted to more than 1.7 billion zloty (ca. 530 million USD). That's why it's so important to take preventive measures - the employees should know that key points are monitored and in the event of theft it will be easy to determine the offender. A well-designed video monitoring system is a compromise between its cost (it should not exceed the size of the losses) and the number of cameras plus recording quality.
Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 670 (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.03 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m) Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 670 (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.03 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m) Vandal-proof Dome Camera: SN-FXP59/21UIR (650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, D-WDR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, IR up to 20m) Vandal-proof Dome Camera: SN-FXP59/21UIR (650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, D-WDR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, IR up to 20m) Ceiling Camera CAM 660 (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, 2.8-12mm, OSD, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m)Ceiling Camera CAM 660 (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, 2.8-12mm, OSD, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m)Ceiling Camera CAM 660 (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, 2.8-12mm, OSD, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m)CCTV Network DVR: Ultimax 1308 (8ch-25fps-H.264-HDMI)
An example of CCTV system in a trading company
The diagram above presents a good quality economical video surveillance system covering the inside and outside areas of the company building. The outdoor cameras n-cam 670 M11284 and Sunell FXP59/21IR M10775 have IP66 ingress protection rating, which means insensibility to various weather conditions. Their integrated IR illuminators ensure visibility independently from lighting conditions. Inside the building there are cheaper indoor cameras CAM 660 M10771, also with integrated IR illuminators. All the cameras are equipped with built-in varifocal lenses (2.8-12 mm) allowing for easy setup of optimum viewing angles.
The core of the system is ULTIMAX 308 M72308 DVR, with maximum recording frame rate of 25 fps at video resolution of 4 CIF The high frame rate may be necessary to capture the course of events as accurately as possible (the moment of theft, vehicle collision, fight etc). Thanks to the possibility to connect two spacious hard drives, the DVR can continually record the surveillance footage even for five months.

New version of Digifort system already available for download!

Digifort software is used for managing large CCTV systems, offering powerful tools for handling surveillance data coming from an unlimited number of cameras and alarm devices. The software is ideal for large companies, cities, airports, or other places where the main goal is maximum safety guaranteed by high performance, reliability and scalability of the system. Depending on the type and scale of an installation, there are four versions of the server software, ranging from the most basic Explorer K3001, through Standard K3002, Professional K3003, and the ultimate Enterprise K3004.
One of additional modules of Digifort software is LPR - license plate recognition - used for automatic reading and recognition of license plates of vehicles. When a vehicle comes into the camera's field of view, the software takes the picture that is used for image analysis including character recognition, then puts the data into a database, along with the date, time and location. Comparing it with other databases, the software can easily check e.g. whether a passing vehicle is on the wanted list and trigger an alarm.
Another Digifort module - Digifort VCA - uses advanced image analysis for:
  • face detection
  • detection of new/left objects,
  • detection of objects being moved from their original places,
  • loitering detection,
  • camera tampering detection,
  • creating virtual barriers,
  • speeding alarms,
  • direction control,
  • searching for specific objects,
  • event searching and reporting,
  • object counting,
  • smoke detection,
  • fire detection.
The latest, fully functional 30-day trial version of Digifort Enterprise 6.7.1 allows the user to check the features of the software without having to buy it. The software is available for download here.

Mobile Internet - how to select the antenna? Part 3 - GPRS/EGDE.

In the last issue we presented antennas for 3G services. Now we focus on GPRS/EDGE. GPRS is an older technology allowing transmission of data packets in GSM networks. The maximum download speed is 115 kbps (in practice 30-80 kbps).
EDGE, also known as Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS) provides data rates up to 400 kbps and can be used for any packet switched application, such as an Internet connection. GPRS and EDGE technologies are often the only forms of Internet access in rural areas.
The basic criterion for selecting an antenna is the distance to the base station - in the case of a longer distance the gain of the antenna has to be higher. The lists of base stations are usually available on the operators' websites.
In the case of EDGE/GPRS stations located at distances not longer than 4 km the suitable antenna is ATK 10/850-960 MHz A7016. For greater distances we recommend the ATK 20/850-960 MHz A7026 antenna.
GSM Antenna: ATK 10/850-960MHz (10-element, with 10m cable & FME)
GSM Antenna: ATK 20/850-960MHz (20-element, with 10m cable & FME)
10-element GSM antenna
ATK 10/850-960 MHz
with 10 cable + FME socket
20-elementGSM antenna
ATK 20/850-960 MHz
with 10 m cable + FME socket
New products offered by DIPOL:
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with RC extender)
Digital Satellite Finder/Meter Satlink WS-6923
CCTV Network DVR: Ultimax 1304 (4ch-25fps-H.264-HDMI)
HDMI to IP Converter
Signal HD (with RC extender)
Digital Satellite Finder/Meter
Satlink WS-6923
CCTV Network DVR Ultimax 1304
Worth reading:
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Two ULTIMODE media converters connected by a short patch cord make a simple, efficient and reliable method of securing network and computer equipment against any voltage surges.
SMATV system in a building with 90 apartments. Below we present the results of implementing SMATV system in a multistory building in Krakow. The system receives and distributes satellite signals from Hotbird 13.0E and four DVB-T multiplexes (three FTA and one encrypted). The installation and configuration was performed by GKJ SYSTEM company... more
View of the building
How to transmit HDMI signal over 100 m? Signal-HD HDMI to IP converter H3604 enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. IP signal coming from the transmitter may be applied to an Ethernet switch to split it among multiple receivers. The bit rate of the compressed signal at the output of the transmitter is about 30 Mbps... more
An application of the HDMI > IP converter/extender (point-to-point)
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