DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 19/2013 (May 6, 2013)

Will we have terahertz processors?

Physicists have developed a way to change the spin of electrons in one septillionth (GB, US, Can.) / quadrillionth (EU) part of a second (septillion/quadrillion is a number with digit one and 24 zeros). Although for 99% of the world population such fractions and numbers are unimaginable, the research can be very important for human progress, as can significantly accelerate the computers compared to the fastest machines operating today.
The electron has three basic properties: mass, electric charge and spin. Spin is the intrinsic angular momentum, separate from the angular momentum caused by its orbital motion. Although the electron's spin has two states ("up", "down"), in a solid the spins of many electrons can act together as a superposition of states, to affect the magnetic and electrical properties of the material. Assigning different numerical values​​, a single "quantum bit" can carry much more information than "normal bit" (0 or 1) currently used in data processing systems.
A new method of manipulating electron spins relies on sending extremely short pulses of laser light towards a special magnetic material. A group of atoms goes into excited state with changed spins, having different magnetic structure. The biggest advantage of the new method is a very short time in which the process takes place. [picture by: livescience.com (U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames)]
It is expected that spintronics (or magnetoelectronics) will allow for building computers thousands of times faster than traditional silicon-based devices, and in addition consuming much less energy. Such machines will not require a constant flow of current to store the data, as opposite to RAM loosing data due to an unexpected power cut.
If we want to buy a new computer, should we wait for the new technology? Definitely not. The way from the lab to the industry often takes a lot of time, let's quote the reply of Michael Faraday on the practical applications of electromagnetism: "Sir, of what use is a newborn baby?"

Video surveillance in a large industrial plant.

An investor wished to install CCTV system covering a large area of the site and all production facilities. Since the entire complex comprises several buildings over a large area, it was decided to use fiber optic cabling and relevant devices.
Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-208D<br />(WDM, 8 x video, 1 x data)High Speed Dome Camera: PH-10H (3.8-38 mm, 500 TVL,Sony Interline Transfer CCD, 0.7 lx)Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, ICR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, OSD, IR up to 40m)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, ICR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, OSD, IR up to 40m)High Speed Dome Camera: PH-10H (3.8-38 mm, 500 TVL,Sony Interline Transfer CCD, 0.7 lx)High Speed Dome Camera: PH-10H (3.8-38 mm, 500 TVL,Sony Interline Transfer CCD, 0.7 lx)Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, ICR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, OSD, IR up to 40m)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Outdoor Cable: DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM (8xG.652D) [1m] CCTV Network DVR: SIGNAL DL-8516 (16ch-WD1-25fps)19Fiber Optic Box: ULTIMODE MT-524Single-mode Adapter ULTIMODE A-511S (1xSC to 1xSC)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-208D<br />(WDM, 8 x video, 1 x data)SIGNAL 19Full HD LED Monitor: AG Neovo LW-27 (27System Control Unit K01 for SIGNAL DVRsFull HD LED Monitor: AG Neovo LW-27 (27Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)Front Panel ULTIMODE P-24SC (1U, 24 holes for SC simplex adapters)Ethernet Media Converter M-023G (1Gb/s, for two multimode fibers up to 2km)
CCTV and process monitoring system in the manufacturing plant
The backbone of the system has been based on outdoor single-mode cables. The cables are suspended on poles, with the use of load-bearing ropes. The buildings and their facades have been equipped with analog compact cameras M11282 and high speed dome cameras M1192. To transmit video from the cameras to the monitoring center, the designer employs video converters - depending on the size of the monitored spot they are 4-channel L2421 or 8-channel L2821.
Additionally, the operation of key machines is monitored using Ethernet connections. The network is based on fiber optic media converters Ultimode L11025. A second subnet is used to form a LAN for the whole plant.
The heart of the CCTV system is Signal DL-8516 M78516 DVR. The DVR and PTZ cameras are controlled with system control unit K01 M77925. Other structural components such as optical boxes, patch panels etc. are placed in a rack cabinet.

Distribution of digital terrestrial television in an apartment building.

To receive and distribute DVB-T broadcasts, the apartment building with four staircases has been equipped with a set of Terra channel amplifiers that filters and amplifiers signals received by DIPOL 44/21-69 Tri Digit A2670 antenna. The set consists of two twin channel amplifiers at420 R82510 and broadband amplifier ma400 R82520. The modules are placed on R82538 rail and powered from DR-60-12 R82532 power supply unit. The set, capable of amplifying four DVB-T multiplexes, provides at its output stable (AGC) high level signals. Additionally, the residents have access to FM radio broadcasts received by Dipol 1RUZ PM B A0221 antenna and injected into the RF distribution system via the ma400 R82520 amplifier.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-69 Tri DigitTwin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC) Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)FM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ PM B (omnidirectional H+V)4-way TV / FM Splitter - Signal R-44-way Tap: Signal O-4 (5-1000 MHz)Subscriber Terminal Outlet: Alcad BM-100 (FM&DAB/TV, flush)
Diagram of the DVB-T distribution system in the building with 4 staicases and 64 apartments.
Click on to see it in PDF format.
The apartments are equipped with subscriber terminal outlets R62200. The signal to each outlet is provided via passive distribution network which begins with 4-way TV/FM splitter Signal R-4 R60104, with one output for each staircase. The next steps are also based on the Signal R-4 splitters that feed the signal to individual floors. The last stages of the distribution network are 4-way taps R6024 with graded loss of the tap outputs connected to the terminal outlets. The pass-through outputs of the taps are terminated with resistors R66200. The cabling uses TRISET-113 E1015 coax.

Privacy zones in CCTV cameras.

Masking selected areas is an important function of many video surveillance systems. The function is usually embedded in modern security cameras. The privacy zones mask the views of windows of some buildings, toilets, computer screens etc. If these places/objects were not masked, the staff having access to the monitoring system could unlawfully violate the privacy of the people in the places.
Due to the possibility of irregular shapes, the privacy zones in Sunell cameras M11220 and M11225 can be set very precisely (in the form of trapezoids)
Conventional privacy zones have rectangular shapes. Cameras equipped with Effio-S or Effio-P DSPs can have 20 privacy zones in the shape of trapezoids. Additionally, the operator can select the color and transparency level. A suitable level of transparency will allow for a general observation of the masked area while maintaining the privacy of individuals observed.

Video recording on Titan NVRs.

NUUO NVRs of Titan series offer several modes of recording surveillance data:
  • Continuous (24/7)
  • Daily schedule (individually set for each day of the week)
  • Alarm (motion detection, an external alarm)
  • Manual ("record" button)
Selecting recording mode in NUUO NVR Titan NT-4040(R) K4204
The recording periods can be scheduled for each camera independently, which allows for the adjustment to the real needs and optimal use of the disk space. Alarm events include motion detection in user-defined zones and external triggering of the alarm inputs of the cameras (e.g. via sensors of open doors or windows).
The recording periods can be set graphically by moving the slider on each timeline, or by entering the relevant times

All-in-one wireless router.

It often happens that the change of the ISP is associated with the necessity to replace the router. TD-W8968 N2909 wireless N router supports ADSL or Ethernet WAN (EWAN), which allows the user to select the type of connection to the Internet without a need for changing the device.
The router comprises IEEE802.11n/b/g Access Point (transmission speed up to 300 Mbps), Fast Ethernet switch, multifunctional USB port. The USB 2.0 port allows for sharing a printer or local storage, as well as can provide access to the files via the Internet, using the built-in ftp server option. The users can also share music, videos, and pictures with the built-in media server. In addition, the embedded print server makes it easy to use a network printer at home or in the office.
Wireless 802.11n USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN821N (300Mbps)  - CLEARANCE SALE!Wireless-N 802.11n PCI Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN851N (300Mbps)Wireless-N Router TP-LINK TD-W8968 (ADSL2+, EWAN)
Networking options of the N2909 wireless router
New products offered by DIPOL:
TNC-male to FME-male Adapter
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD
Megapixel IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/40EDN (5MP, box)
TNC-male to FME-male
HDMI to IP Converter
Signal HD
5 MP IP Camera (Aptina)
Sunell SN-IPC54/40EDN
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How does an optical splitter work? ULTIMODE optical splitters can divide the optical power transmitted in an optical fiber into 4/8/16/32 equivalent parts. An optical splitter is a passive element of the network, so every branch gets all the packets sent in the trunk from the optical line terminal (OLT) at the service provider's facility. It is the role of the optical network terminals (ONTs) of the end users to filter the information... more
Optical splitters are passive components of the network,
so all the packages from the trunk are sent to the branches
Television in an old manor. It takes only 25 minutes to drive from Krakow to Sierakow mansion, built in 1847, situated in a large picturesque park. The owner of the estate manor decided to upgrade the existing antenna system. As the 30 rooms had been equipped with modern televisions with DVB-T tuners, he decided to distribute signals in this digital standard, both from terrestrial transmitters and satellite receivers... more
The configuration of MMH-3000 headend for distribution of 20 satellite DVB-S/S2 channels
in four DVB-T multiplexes
"Smart search" function in Hikvision DVRs. The DS-7204HVI-SV M72104, M72108 and M72116 DVRs from renowned Hikvision manufacturer allow users to quickly browse the recordings for finding the moments that have been connected with some category of events. "Smart search" function is used to search for movement within a defined part of the camera image, which allows e.g. for finding the moment of theft or other offense. The clip can be exported onto an external storage and provided to police or security services... more
New HIKVISION DVR from the DS-72xxHVI-SV WD1 series (976 x 582 pix)