DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 17/2013 (April 22, 2013)

UHDTV in DVB-T2 - a new face of television?

In late February this year, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (8th edition), Spanish TV broadcaster RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television Corporation), EBU (European Broadcasting Union), Spanish company Abertis Telecom and some other partners presented UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television) transmission conducted in DVB-T2 (the latest European standard of digital terrestrial television). The live video stream provided resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (about 8.3 MP), i.e. images with four-time more pixels than "standard" FullHD broadcasts. The project can be considered as a prelude to what will be offered by TV broadcasters in a few years. Similar presentations can be a driving force for the rapid expansion of the DVB-T2 system.
Ultra High Definition (UHDTV) 4K channel
during the Mobile World Congress 2013
The first country in Europe which officially started DVB-T2 broadcasting was the United Kingdom. This was exactly four years ago. Since then, the European countries that can boast of the most modern terrestrial television system include Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Sweden. More or less advanced tests are conducted in the following 8 countries: Belarus, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.
It is worth noting that the United States, having its own broadcasting standard (ATSC), began local tests of the European standard considering that it is currently the only technique allowing for the highest transmission efficiency which is necessary, in particular, for the UHDTV mentioned earlier. But it's just a beginning of, maybe, a long "trip to Europe", because the tests are carried out only in Baltimore (Maryland) from 1:00 to 5:00 in the morning. However, there are plans for other test broadcasts.
Presentation of 85" Samsung Ultra High Definition TV
at CES 2013 in Las Vegas
Is the consumer market ready for UHDTV? Definitely not. Although Sony is launching two models of UHDTV televisions, their prices will not allow average viewers to enjoy the eye with perfect images. These 4K LED TVs are expected to cost 4999 USD (55 inches) and 6999 USD (65 inches). But they are cheap in comparison with the 85-ich model offered by Samsung for ... over 50,000 USD. So, it will take a few years for UHDTV televisions to get a real popularity, mainly due to lower prices.

For those who like to manipulate things.

In the fifties of the twentieth century manufacturers of televisions began to equip their products with remote control systems. Today, none of the owners of the TV cannot even imagine a model without this feature.
Flat Panel Wall Mount: Signal (26
Motorized flat panel wall mount - Signal LCD-M03
Viewers who wish to control not only the channels but also the position of the television can use motorized flat panel wall mount SIGNAL LCD-M03 E93190. The mount has been equipped with built-in electric motors in the joints of arms and remote control system allowing for adjustment of tilt and angular position in the horizontal plane. It is ideal solution for applications where the position of a monitor / TV should be often changed but the access is difficult (restaurants, hotels, shops) or for individuals who want to have maximum comfort and convenience in their home theaters. The RC system allows the user to store and recall any two positions of the display. In addition, the user can also restore the initial ("0") position with a single remote control button.

Images from surveillance cameras and PC in a hotel TV system.

Baseband video signals from analog cameras, DVD players, personal computers, multimedia players etc. can be introduced into the hotel TV system in digital form using the appropriate modules of Terra MMH-3000 headend.
The MD-330 R81713 module converts analog video/audio signals coming from analog cameras, video players etc. into MPEG-2 coded transport streams. The transport streams can then be fed into the TRX-360 R81709 DVB-T modulator (COFDM) and distributed in the RF network as channels in the DVB-T multiplex.
One multiplex carries A/V signals from 3 sources plus SAT channel.
Click on this diagram to get PDF version.
The main advantages of signal distribution in the DVB-T standard are:
  • identical image quality in the whole TV system - due to the nature of digitally modulated signals, the image quality throughout the entire installation is identical and free from any interference
  • bandwidth economy - e.g. introducing video from 6 cameras we need only one TV channel, instead of six channels that would be necessary in analog TV system

Security cameras for DVRs capable of WD1 recording.

Modern analog video surveillance systems have to fulfill increasing functional and technical requirements. The most important aspect is always the quality of images. WD1 recording offers video resolution of 960x576 pixels, which should be taken into account by the installers selecting the cameras.
A cost-effective and versatile device (day/night) is the compact camera Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN M11282. The main features of the camera include:
  • varifocal lens 2.8-10 mm with auto DC iris - the camera works very well in changing light conditions,
  • Sony Exview HAD CCD II - the highest sensitivity to infrared spectrum,
  • DSP Enhanced Effio-E - the latest version of powerful Effio DSP,
  • horizontal resolution of 650 TVL (color), 700 TVL (B/W),
  • mechanically switching IR filter - perfect images during the day, full sensitivity at night,
  • uniform IR lighting - excellent IR images.
The increased resolution of the camera (horizontal resolution of 650/700 TVL) corresponds with recording capabilities of WD1 DVRs. The previous generation of DVRs with maximum recording resolution of 4CIF (704 x 576 pixels) or D1 (720 x 576 pixels) would slightly diminish the video quality provided by such cameras.
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)

Power over Ethernet in large IP CCTV systems.

IP cameras K1620, K1630, K1670, K1680, K1690, K1691, K1695, K1698 that are compatible with IEEE 802.3af (PoE) standard can be powered over the network cable. The application of this option eliminates the need for using power supply adapters with 12 VDC output plus additional cabling. It simplifies the installation process and lowers the cost of the system. All cameras connected to TP-LINK TL-SG3424P JetStream N29961 managed switch form LAN network and can get power supply (PoE 48 VDC).
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NVR Titan NT-8040(R) (max 64ch)IP CMOS Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/12DN (2MP, H.264, ONVIF)Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424P JetStream (24xGbE-PoE, 4xSFP)SIGNAL 19
The concept of IP CCTV network with PoE
The switch automatically detects devices compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard and provides them with power over network cables. This is especially advantageous in places where there are problems with access to AC power network. The maximum total power consumed by all connected devices cannot exceed 320 W, which means that in the case of typical IP cameras each consuming about 10 W the number of them can be the same as the number of PoE ports - 24.

Cable concentrators for server rooms, video surveillance rooms etc.

In any kind of server rooms, telecommunication and video surveillance rooms, SMATV cabinets etc. a very important issue is the appropriate organization of the cabling. The right approach to the cable management planning in cabinets allows for easy maintenance and seamless expansion of the systems in the future. The best way of terminating cables in RACK cabinets is to use dedicated patch panels. DIPOL offers a dozen or so patch panels for UTP and FTP cables of CAT 5, 5e or 6, phone cables, as well as for coaxial cables that are used in CCTV and SMATV systems (with F and BNC connectors).
Antenna UHF Preamplifier AA-101 ALCAD
Patch Panel (1U, 24 F ports) for SMATV systems
Antenna UHF Preamplifier AA-101 ALCAD
Patch Panel (1U, 24x BNC(f)-BNC(f) connectors) for CCTV systems
New products offered by DIPOL:
Broadband Amplifier: Terra AS-037 (Cabrio, 1-in/3-out)
Web Smart Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG2424 24xGE 4xSFP
Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN (day/night, D-WDR, 650 TVL, Sony Effio-E, ICR, 0.03 lx, 2.8-10mm, OSD, IR up to 40m)
Broadband amplifier
Terra AS-037P
Web Smart Switch
24xGE, 4xSFP
Compact Outdoor Camera
650 TVL
Sunell SN-IRC5930AHLDN
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