DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 24/2012 (June 11, 2012)

Will Kinect be put out to grass?

Leap Motion, an startup American company, has presented Leap - device for remote control with gestures in 3D space. In operation, the device resembles the Microsoft's Kinect, however it is over 100 times more accurate. The company promises a much lower price than that of Kinect and possibility to use it with different operating systems and devices (software developers are provided with SDK). According to the company, the device will be commercially available in 2013.
The Leap 3D capabilities are greater than the ideas on computer interfaces of some film makers.
A scene from the movie "Minority Report"
The 3D Leap system is a combination of a small device with USB port and advanced software, which creates a "three-dimensional space of interaction''. The space covers about 3/4 cubic meter around the device and can detect even the smallest movements (accuracy 0.01 mm).
By clicking, grabbing, scrolling, pinching fingers and other movements in the 3D space, the user will control desktops, laptops, tablets, game consoles, with no need for a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. The originator claims that the system can be used for precise 3D modeling software, and even for control of 3D medical data in surgery applications.
For one fortnight the video has had over 4 million views
The company provides free developer kits for external software developers who will create application software. The new touch-free controller will be compatible with Windows, Mac, OS X systems. For retail price of $70, the system can be an interesting alternative to mouse and keyboard or touch screen, on the condition that the declared precision is ensured in the final product.

Secure Signal DVR.

Monitoring systems are usually operated by many people, but for safety reasons the ability to edit and change parameters should be reserved for a small group - system administrators, managers etc.. Signal DVRs allow administrators to apply different access rights for individual operators/users. The newest firmware also offers some new functions.
Configuration of user's access rights in multi-language web interface of a Signal DVR
The extent of access control in Signal DVRs:
  • logins with passwords;
  • binding user accounts to MAC addresses of network cards;
  • allowing execution of system functions: searching the log, changing system settings, file and disk management, using two-way audio transmission;
  • individual permissions for each channel: local and remote viewing, PTZ control, recording, backup, playback;
  • creating Black and White lists of blocked and authorized IP addresses.
The new firmware allows the user to select whether the images from cameras will be visible or not after logging off.

TV system in a hotel complex.

The owner of a hotel complex with four buildings faced the problem of distribution of television signals from MMH-300 headend to all the buildings.
The best solution was to connect the buildings with single-mode fiber optic cable and use optical transmitters and receivers from Terra. The buildings are spaced about 300 meters apart, so there was no problem with running ducts with universal fiber optic cable ULTIMODE UNI-4SM L7644.
Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV &DVB-T, AGC) Optical transmitter TERRA MOS-211AOptical Node  TERRA OD-120Optical Splitter ULTIMODE SP-14M MICRO (PLC, 1:4, SC)Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-4SM (4xG.652.D)Optical Node  TERRA OD-120Optical Node  TERRA OD-120Optical Node  TERRA OD-120
Optical distribution of TV in the hotel complex
The whole distribution system uses the following components:
  • Transmission lines
  • Universal cable ULTIMODE UNI-4SM (4x G.652.D) L7644
    Optical splitter ULTIMODE SP-14M MICRO (split ratio 1:4) L3604
  • Transmission line terminations
  • Mechanical splice KeyQuick C-MS100-NT L5558
    Fiber otic box ULTIMODE MT-524 L5124 with front panel P-24SC L5541
    Single-mode pigtail with SC/APC connector L3552
    Sinle-mode adapter ULTIMODE A-522S L4222
  • Active devices
  • Optical transmitter TERRA MOS-211A R81720
    Optical node TERRA OD-120 R81724

Digital signage

easier than ever! Digital signage is a system which uses electronic displays and managing software to show dedicated information, advertisements, news and other messages. The aim of Digital signage is to target individuals and groups of people in specific places at specific times. Such systems are used in airports, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, service networks, etc.
The digital signage content can be delivered from multimedia players, Blu-Ray players, satellite receivers, computers etc., and distributed in the network in the form of digital TV signal (DVB-T).
The core of the system is Signal-751 R86751, a multifunctional device that encodes input HDMI signal to IP stream and modulates RF signal in accordance with DVB-T standard. This RF signal can be easily distributed via coaxial cables even to hundreds of televisions. The DVB-T channel can carry Full HD 1080p video, at a maximum bit rate of about 20 Mbps. In parallel with the RF output signal, the device provides UDP/IP stream (IP multicast technology) for Ethernet networks.
In the diagram presented below, the IP multicast stream from Signal-751 is forwarded to TP-Link N3253 access point and broadcast in WiFi network. The stream can be received by personal computers, laptops, netbooks, or tablets. It is possible to configure the network in such a way that every user connecting to it is provided with the dedicated multimedia content. The solution is used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, guest houses, airports, train stations, universities and campuses.
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: Signal-751Access Point TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (w. router &GbE switch, 802.11n, 300Mbps)
Distribution of a Full HD signal in cable DVB-T network and in WiFi network
based on Signal-751 R86751 (Signal-752 R86752)
In this example, the signal source is a desktop computer equipped with a graphics card with HDMI output and running Xibo open source digital signage software. The computer may be a part of a larger system functioning in IP network. With Xibo, it is possible to create professional presentations and materials and make them available according to the schedule set by the system administrator.
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: Signal-751
Signal-751 R86751 – DVB-T encoder and modulator

Long CCTV cables.

The range of video transmission over copper cables depends on their type, but in the case of typical cables (RG59, UTP CAT 5e) is usually limited to about 300 m. For greater distances it is necessary to use video amplifiers/equalizers.
Video amplifiers for use with coaxial cables can extend the transmission distance up to 2000 m.
Video Signal Amplifier VCA-4/1200 (1-in/1-out, with correction)
Video signal amplifier VCA-1/2000
4-channel video signal amplifier VCA-4/1200
In the case of twisted pair cables, active devices on both sides of the transmission line allow for transmission distances up to 2400 m. A combination of active transmitter and passive balun reduces this distance to 1500 m.
Active Video-Audio-Data Balun: Etrix 1VADA-T (transmitter)
Active Video-Audio-Data Balun: Etrix 1VADA-R (receiver)
4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-T (transmitter)
4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
1VADA-T M16742
1VADA-R M16743
4VA-T M16744
4VA-R M16745
Active baluns for twisted-pair cables

It has happened! NVR for the price of DVR.

The NVR Signal NVR3216 HD K4416 can handle even 16 IP Sunell cameras in Full HD resolution. Thanks to VGA and HDMI outputs, the recorder can be directly connected to a computer monitor or flat-screen television and operate as a standalone device (no need for a computer). The control is possible with the front panel buttons or the included mouse and remote control (range up to several meters).
NVR Signal NVR3216 HD (max 16 channels)
NVR Signal NVR3216 HD
Its 16 alarm inputs and 3 alarm outputs enable connection with peripheral devices (fire/intrusion alarm system, gate lock controller, electric locks etc.) providing information on the states/events that can be used as markers greatly facilitating the search for specific video files.
Signal NVR3216 HD can be operated over IP networks using Internet Explorer browser or application software for Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Mobile access is also possible, from Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones or tablets.

Protecting wireless networks from lightning.

In a way, many antennas protect the cooperating transceivers (APs) against atmospheric discharges. These antennas are DC short-circuited. An example is A741030.
The level of lightning protection can be significantly improved by installing an RF surge protector between the antenna and AP or GSM repeater. The lightning protector must be grounded via the clamp and low-impedance wire. To avoid overvoltages, the protector should be connected to low-resistance grounding (below 4 ohm), by screwing or soldering. As the grounding, it is not allowed to use any lightning conductors/arresters or gas installation pipes!
RF Surge Protector: TRANS-DATA 900-2500MHz
RF surge protector TRANS-DATA 900-2500MHz A6815 used in Wi-Fi and GSM networks
New products offered by DIPOL
Terminal Outlet: Signal R/TV DC
Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)
Indoor Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE IDC-4MM (4xOM2-50/125)
Terminal Outlet Signal R/TV DC
DC pass from TV out to the line
Car DVR camera system
PROTECT 802 - 2ch, GPS,
3D accelerometer
Indoor distribution cable
ULTIMODE IDC-4MM (4xOM2-50/125)
Worth reading:
Channel conversion of DVB-T broadcasts in old MATV systems. Many multifamily buildings are equipped with old shared antenna systems based on coaxial cables that cannot operate on higher UHF channels. The replacement of the cabling is often possible only in the case of a major overhaul.
Terra company has developed two solutions based on MMH-3000 headend that allow for...
Configuration window of CT-311 channel converter
(channel shift from ch. 64 to ch. 6)
New quality of fiber optic connections – KeyQuick. KeyQuick quick assembly connectors and mechanical splices are used for making reliable low-loss terminations and connections in optical networks, with very low insertion loss, below 0.1dB. The loss below 0.1 dB, not available in other mechanical systems, is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end(s) by V-shaped grooves, the use of optical gel in the splice, reducing the effects of an imprecise cut and a possible gap between the end faces of the fibers, and unique design solution with the transparent body of the connector...
The application of the Visual Fault Locator L5933 for verification of connection quality
50-meter long USB connection. The maximum length of USB cable is 3 or 5 meters, depending on the version. For some applications, the distances may be too short. The USB RJ45 extension adapter M1680 allows for distances up to 50 m. The estimated data transfer rate over the maximum distance is 1 MB/s (8 Mbps)...
The USB extension adapter is ideal for installations that require long, wired connections with webcams,
printers, pads, mouses, keyboards, USB flash drives etc. The device is compatible with USB 2.0
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