DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 41/2011 (Dec. 12, 2011)

IBM - old company with new technologies.

In November 2011, M2M "working group" was established. Among its members are Eclipse Foundation, Eurotech, IBM, Sierra Wireless.
Technical working groups often support standardization bodies. They are usually organized by industry leaders wanting to have an impact on the most important decisions in a given field. The creation of such a working group indicates that a specific technology matures to the phase of mass production.
Among the companies, IBM seems to play an important role in this undertaking. IBM considers issues related to M2M as priority and strategic, and already at the start contributed to the project its Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. MQTT is an open protocol that enables the transmission of telemetry data in the form of messages.
It seems that the adopted strategy is similar to that which was realized with personal computers. IBM did not invent PCs, but its architecture created in 1981 has become the industry standard and contributed to the reconstruction of the strength of the company's position.
Currently, IBM is strongly involved in the "Smarter Planet" program based on M2M devices. The predictions for 2015, recently introduced by the IBM's CEO, say about 10 billion dollars revenue.

As a reminder, some facts: IBM was founded in 1911, five of its employees were Nobel Prize laureates, it has about 450 000 employees worldwide, the company owns the largest number of patents in the U.S.

So, despite the 100-year history, IBM is hale and hearty, and wants to hold the key position in the technology of the future.
Personal devices connected via cellular networks with huge computational and diagnostic centers will revolutionize medicine. NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is a method for testing the presence of some proteins in the body as cancer bio-markers. The diagnostics can be supported by a smartphone. The accuracy of diagnosis reaches 96%.
M2M (Machine-to-Machine) - technologies based on the ability of devices connected to the network to collect, process and exchange information without human intervention.
Currently, it is difficult to mention one area where there would be no prospects for these technologies. Taking into account only consumer market, the areas include control functions in "smart homes", electronic payments, automatic measurement systems (electricity, gas, water, and other meters). For M2M systems there is also a huge field of applications in vehicles (surveillance, reception of information from road infrastructure etc.).
It is worth noting the important role of these technologies for the aging populations - M2M systems will be necessary for the care of sick and disabled people, through round-the-clock monitoring of their health.
AT&T and Verizon, two American telecommunications market leaders, announced in the reports for the first half of 2011 a growing demand for vehicle tracking systems and other telematics services - about 30-40% of new cellular connections are generated by M2M applications.

CCTV in a store - why not megapixel?

The owner of a small store decided to modernize the video surveillance system. The existing analog system with a VHS video recording did not meet his expectations - the thieves were not identifiable. So he preferred a solution that would provide very detailed video material.
The core of the new system is IP DVR/NVR AverMedia EXR6004Mini M76004. It can record video streams from 4 IP cameras with resolution up to 2.3 MP. The recorder has been equipped with WD AV-GP M89270 hard drive capable of storing video data collected during an entire week.
Megapixel Day/Night IP Camera: ACTi ACM-5611PoE Switch: TP-LINK TL-SF1008P (8x10/100Mb/s incl. 4xPoE)19IP DVR/NVR: AverMedia EXR6004Mini (4-ch. H.264 VGA) - CLEARANCE SALE!
The structure of the IP CCTV system. The live images and recordings can be watched on the monitor,
on computers in the LAN network, and via the Internet.
The network recorder receives video streams from four megapixel cameras ACTi ACM-5611 K1512. The cameras, located in selected points, monitor the entire area of the store, providing clear images with extra high resolution. PoE technology eliminates unnecessary wiring, each camera is connected with the system only via one UTP cable. The cameras and the DVR/DVR are integrated into local network by the TP-LINK TL-SF1008P N29930 switch, which also provides power to the cameras.
Due to its simplicity and application of high quality digital components, the system is reliable and precise. Clear megapixel images allow for good identification of threats and the people causing problems. The user is supported by advanced functions of the DVR/NVR, which help analyze the recorded materiel quickly and effectively.

DVB-T antenna system with over hundred outlets.

Design office working for one of the property developers in Krakow was requested to design a comprehensive low voltage system for a new building, including the distribution network of digital terrestrial television. The TV antenna system was to provide DVB-T signals to over 100 outlets located in two large wings of the building.
The designers had to choose a suitable amplifier for the system. The main requirements included:
  • high output level,
  • stability of parameters,
  • ability to adapt to changing conditions during the transitional period (launch of DVB-T services with changeable broadcast parameters and subsequent switching off analog TV channels).
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV &DVB-T, AGC)
Digitally tuned, twin channel amplifier with AGC - TERRA at420 R82510
The designers selected solution based on channel amplifiers TERRA at420 R82510. These amplifiers are equipped with two independent paths with separate automatic gain control (AGC) responsible for automatic adjustment of the output signals during periodic changes and fluctuations of the input signals (ideal solution when the transmitters are still optimized, or in locations on the service area border). With this solution, the installer knows in advance what level of the signals will be available at the outputs. Additionally, the level can be digitally adjusted within the range 0...-10 dB. The RF channel (multiplex) to be amplified by each path is also selected by using only the buttons located on the front panel. Therefore, the use of at420 amplifiers is a very handy solution for the transitional period in which analog transmitters are being switched off and digital multiplexes have not reached the target parameters yet. Of course, the amplifiers will perfectly fulfill their functions for years after the analog switch-off dates.
An example set of the Terra amplifiers and modulators for a MATV system.
Designing the series of "at" amplifiers, Terra engineers took into account the versatility of the solutions, simplicity and speed of implementation. The devices can be mounted directly on a wall, in the traditional installation boxes, or on universal DIN rail (also in RACK cabinets).
To ensure sufficient output levels at the input of the passive distribution network, the designers decided to place in the same frame ma400 R82520 amplifier that combines and equalizes signals from UHF, VHF and FM bands. Its maximum output level of 118 dBuV is sufficient for providing signals even to about 200 outlets without a need for using additional distribution amplifiers.

Trusted quick assembly connectors from ULTIMODE series.

Contrary to fears of many installers, optical fiber is now relatively easy to terminate, without the need of buying fusion splicers or hiring subcontractors to perform this work. DIPOL offers high quality and easy to use ULTIMODE quick assembly connectors that provide the same transmission parameters as in the case of connections made in laboratory conditions.

To achieve the results, the designers used a number of modern solutions, including:
  • advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves - the face of the fiber with a diameter of 125 microns is exactly matched with the face of the fiber section integrated into the connector,
  • fiber locking in two points - the exactly matched fiber is blocked at two points, which ensures stability and durability of the connection.
The special construction of the ULTIMODE connectors ensures that a typical installation time is about 30 seconds, most of it needed for the preparation of the fiber end. We offer ULTIMODE fast SC/PC connectors FAST-02SC L5711 and SC/APC connectors FAST-05SC/APC L5712.
Cross-sectional view of a ULTIMODE FAST connector

How to protect CCTV equipment against overvoltages?

One of the most common causes of CCTV equipment failures are lightning surges. The systems with the highest risk are those with long external cables which can generate high voltages even in the case of large distances from lightning strikes. The overvoltages are dangerous for the devices on both sides of the transmission lines.
Devices that are connected via coaxial cables should be protected by single ( M1701) or quadruple ( M17014) CCTV video surge protectors. Devices connected with twisted pair cables require to use AXON protectors. AXON AIR NET protector J2835 is designed for surge protection of devices connected to Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s networks via overhead UTP/FTP cables, AXON PoE Net Protector provides surge protection of devices connected to Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s networks and utilizing unused pairs of the UTP/FTP cable for power supply, AXON ADSL Protector J2810 protects ADSL equipment connected to a telecommunications line.
Surge protectors located on both sides of transmission lines should be placed as close as possible to the protected devices.
Compact Outdoor Camera: Sunell SN-IRC4920AJ (day/night, D-WDR, 600 TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.08 lx, 2.8-10mm, OSD, IR up to 40m) Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)Computer Network Protector: AXON PoE NetProtectorComputer Network Protector: AXON PoE NetProtectorOutdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/50DN (720p CCD)CCTV Video Surge Protector OPV-4Video Surge Protector OPV-1Network DVR: HIKVISION DS-7204HVI-ST/E (4-ch H.264)
Protection of CCTV devices connected via coaxial and UTP/FTP cables

How to protect your home before holiday trip?

Many of us, being on a holiday trip, are wondering if our home is safe from any damages or losses that may be caused by strong winds, pipe rupture, or thieves. Installing a suitable pan-tilt camera connected to the Internet, we may keep an eye on the home to overcome our fears.

The TL-SC4171G K1154 pan-tilt camera is a VGA-resolution device with mechanical IR cut filter and IR illuminator. It has web interface allowing to log on from anywhere in the world, using any web browser (also from mobile phones), and see what is currently happening in the home.
The video and audio recording can be triggered both by video motion detection (an intruder in the scene) and sound detection (the sound of breaking glass). Pan-tilt control significantly increases the monitored area and gives the user the opportunity to watch any part of the camera's range.
The communications options of the TL-SC4171G K1154 camera
After connecting a door sensor, the camera can be automatically directed towards the door and programmed for uploading images to an external FTP server. With this functionality, the owner may preview the home not only online but also can restore the situation that has happened before and triggered the alarm, even when the perpetrator took the camera and DVR.

Problems with GSM coverage in industrial halls.

Despite the continued expansion of GSM infrastructure there are places with problematic coverage. Most of them are large industrial halls, shopping malls, conference rooms, cellars. Loss of connection or communication problems have particularly negative impact on working comfort and interests of the company and clients.
Such problems can be solved by installing the Signal GSM-1205 repeater A6785 to improve cellular connectivity throughout the facility. The device can be used in halls up to 1200 m2.
Additionally, the distribution of the signals can be improved by application of the three-way GSM splitter A6813 cooperating with indoor antennas A741001. It helps optimize the positions of the internal antennas for even better coverage of the whole facility.
Distinguishing features of the GSM-1205 A6785 repeater:
  • Support for GSM networks (GSM+EGSM) - 880-960 MHz;
  • Compliance with ETSI 300 609-4 required for this kind of devices;
  • AGC (ALC) - automatic gain/level control;
  • MGC - manual gain control (attenuator);
  • Gain suitable for the coverage area;
  • Indoor coverage area up to 1200 m2;
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play);
  • 2-year warranty.
Application of the Signal GSM-1205 A6785 repeater in an industrial hall
New products offered by DIPOL:
Twin VSB Multi-standard Modulator Terra mt420 (ch. 6-12, 21-69, S1-S40)
Stabilized Power Supply ZK-25 (12VDC, 4x0.5A)
Optical Media Converter: ULTIMODE MT-202G 1310 (SM - MM)
Wireless N Kit TP-LINK TL-W150KIT (TL-WR741ND + TL-WN721N)
Twin VSB modulator
Terra mt420
Power supply
ZK-25 (12VDC, 4x0.5A)
ULTIMODE Media Conv.
MT-202G 1310 (SM-MM)
Wireless N Kit (AP+USB)
Worth reading:
DVB-T and analog TV meter Digiair PRO. Digiair PRO R10510 has been designed and manufactured by Emitor company in Sweden. The main purpose of the meter is to assist installers in adjusting TV antennas. The device measures parameters of analog TV and digital DVB-T - COFDM signals, including bit error rate (BER) and modulation error ratio (MER). It can also present constellation diagrams of digital signals and measure parameters of six analog channels simultaneously.
A short demonstration of the functions
of Digiair PRO R10510 meter
ULTIMODE Building System - modern cable technology. There are several ways to install fiber optic cable in a building:
  • connecting the distribution point via a separate optical cable with the distribution frame on each floor (high labor demand, need for a suitably qualified staff and fusion splicing equipment)
  • installing inside the building modular cable system (based on 5 mm tubes, one for each subscriber) and blowing in optical fiber(s) at the time of connecting the subscriber (the system is also labor intensive)...
The way of cutting access window in a VertiCASA cable. One window should be located on the top floor of the building and the second on the floor on which the subscriber is to be connected.
The fiber designed for connecting the subscriber has to be gently pull out of the cable through the window on the top floor and cut.
Will femtocells save GSM operators? The development of mobile telephony is connected with the increase in the number of subscribers, as well as the quantity of transmitted data. In the first stage of mobile telephony, the phones were used only for occasional calls. Currently, much lower prices of calls and other services, and changing habits of the growing number of subscribers who are switching from landlines to mobile phones, multiply the frequency and times of connections and generate much higher traffic.
But it is not the increasing number of conversations that causes concern of cellular operators...
The idea of femtocell - a micro base station installed in the building and connected by wire to the backbone of the operator (or other broadband service) frees the existing cellular base station - other people, staying outside the building, can also use their mobiles smoothly.
Compressing F connector on Triset-113 coax
The way of compressing F connector on TRISET 113 cable
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-527 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)