DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 28/2011 (Sept. 12, 2011)

Wireless Internet with a range of 100 km? IEEE 802.22 has been approved!

The IEEE has ratified a new standard enabling data transmission at speed up to 22 Mbps over a distance of 100 km. The transmission will take place in VHF and UHF bands (54-862 MHz - terrestrial TV spectrum), on channels not used in a given area and not interfering with TV signals.
The 802.22 standard specifies that the network will be built in point-to-multipoint topology. The system will be based on base stations (BS) and customer-premises equipment (CPE), forming wireless links. The access to the transmission medium will be managed by the BS. The customer devices will send reports on the active channels to the BS, in order to decide whether to continue transmission on the current channel or to switch to a free one.
Presentation of the coverage of a single BS operating in the 802.22 standard
The use of low frequency channels (compared to, e.g., Wi-Fi) ensures coverage of large areas by a small number of base stations, creating Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN). This is especially important in low population density areas, such as rural environments, mountains etc.
The transition to DTT (DVB-T) and analog switch-off release a number of channels that can be used by systems based on the 802.22 standard.

"Engagingly about Antennas" - we are waiting for your pictures till September 30.

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Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Arkadiusz Broniecki
A compact formation
Michal Dabrowski
Window to the world
Tomasz Gorecki
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Beams - Wojciech Baran

Upgrading MATV systems to carry DVB-T.

New antenna systems built with the use of broadband or channel amplifiers generally do not require any upgrade in the transition to digital terrestrial television (DVB-T).
There are problems with reception of DVB-T channels in older MATV systems using low quality cables and distribution equipment, especially old channel converters.
The modernization of the installations can be done in two ways:
  • application of modern Alcad channel converters and Alcad channel amplifiers of ZG series in order to move the digital multiplexes to lower channels which can be effectively distributed by the old cabling - this way should be used when the multiplexes are originally transmitted on channels above 40;
  • application of modern Alcad channel amplifiers of ZG series in order to amplify the original channels carrying the DVB-T multiplexes to levels allowing proper reception in all outlets - this way is usually effective for channels below 40.
Channel Amplifier: Alcad ZG-401 (ch. selected from C45-C56)
Channel amplifier Alcad ZG-401 R90517
To reduce the cost to the minimum, it is possible to mount the ZG amplifiers without the dedicated ZG SP-126 R912120 frame and AS-125 R905083 power supply. The condition is the presence of 24 VDC voltage in an existing installation box to supply the amplifiers, and the proper grounding of their housings (to the mounting holes). This way the amplifiers can be placed in the box, next to the already existing system components.

DVR controlled from a remote surveillance post equipped with a VGA monitor.

The problem of transmitting VGA video over longer distances can be solved by using the CAT5 VGA extender TRVGA300 M1679.
The TRVGA300 transmitter/receiver set is used for active transmission of VGA signals via a UTP cable, over distances up to 300 m. The transmitted images can have resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, or, in the case of distances below 100 m, even of 1900 x 1200 pixels.
CCTV Network DVR: TREND 250X16 (H.264, 16 channels) CAT5 VGA Extender TRVGA300IR Remote Control Extender: Signal-Link (using existing antenna cabling)CAT 5e UTP Cable: NETSET UTP 5e [1m], indoorCAT5 VGA Extender TRVGA300IR Remote Control Extender: Signal-Link (using existing antenna cabling)Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922P (19Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [1m]
Application of the CAT5 VGA extender M1679 and Signal-Link IR remote control extender R93109
for remote operation of the TREND DVR M72516
Thanks to employing the Signal-Link IR remote control extender R93109, the operator can display the images from the cameras and control all the functions of the DVR with the use of the original IR controller supplied with the TREND DVR M72516.

ULTIMODE Home System - fiber optic network at home. Part 1.

ULTIMODE Home System is a breakthrough solution for every user wishing to create home optical network (FITH - Fiber In The Home). To do the installation, the user only needs a low-cost cutter, and can easily experience the benefits of fiber optics.
ULTIMODE Home System is based on Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) L6521_1. So far, plastic optical fibers have been used primarily in automation, medical and automotive applications. Currently they are also used in the construction of local computer networks. Low cost and ease of manufacturing and installing these cables as well as the safety of the installer/user continually increase their popularity. The small size cable with a high resistance to bending and environmental degradation is entirely immune to electromagnetic interference and can be used as a universal communication medium in the home or small office. This solution makes it possible to use the bandwidth offered by fiber optic cable, allowing for self-assembly of a complete fiber optic link (a point-to-point connection) or a whole network with a switch, media converters, POF PCI adapters, SFP modules.
POF networks are safe for the installer/user. The wavelength used for data transmission (650 nm) is in the range of visible light and the operating parameters do not cause eye damage.

POF network coverage is 100 m, the same as in the case of networks based on twisted-pair copper cables. It is completely sufficient for small local networks.
POF PCI Adapter: ULTIMODE POF-100NCPOF USB Adapter: ULTIMODE POF-100USB (USB/OptoLock)POF Ethernet Switch: ULTIMODE POF-8S (8x OptoLock) Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE POF-100MC Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE POF-100MC
ULTIMODE Home System
How to install POF network
Installation of POF converter is very simple - welcome to the short video
Next week we will present ULTIMODE devices included in the ULTIMODE Home System.

CCTV over UTP cable.

To effectively send analog video and sound, as well as control signals over longer cable lines (over 100 m up to 2400 m), it is necessary to use a UTP cable and impedance transformers (baluns). They match the 75 ohm impedance of the unbalanced video source(s) and the impedances of audio and data channels to the balanced lines (100 ohm) formed by the pairs of the UTP cable, and vice versa (at the other end of the transmission line, to match the inputs of a DVR etc). Etrix is a family of high quality baluns intended for use in analog CCTV systems.
Compact CCTV Camera: n-cam 690 (550 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.5 lx, 4-9mm, IR up to 30m)  Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 550 (540 TVL,  Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.5 lx, 4-9mm, IR 30m)Vandal-proof Dome Camera: V-CAM 515 (550 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD , 0.01 lx, 4mm, IR)High Speed Dome Camera: PH-33 (3.5-111.5 mm, 540 TVL, Sony Super Had CCD, 0.7 lx)Audio Module for CCTV (Microphone) adjustableNetwork DVR: HIKVISION DS-7204HVI-ST/E (4-ch H.264)System Control Unit DS-1003 Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922P (194-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-T (transmitter)4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)Active Video-Audio-Data Balun: Etrix 1VADA-T (transmitter)Active Video-Audio-Data Balun: Etrix 1VADA-R (receiver)
A CCTV system employing active baluns for transmission of video, audio, and data

The basic features of Etrix impedance transformers (baluns):
Code Model Range [m] Video channels
Audio channel
Data channel
Power transmission
M16654 1VP-B 400 1 - - -
M16655 1VP-A 400 1 - - -
M16658 1VP-C 400 1 - - -
M16659 1VAP 400 1 - - +
M16715 16VP 400 16 - - -
M16742 1VADA-T 2400 1 + + -
M16743 1VADA-R 2400* 1 + + -
M16744 4VA-T 2400 4 - - -
M16745 4VA-R 2400* 4 - - -
* using complementary active transmitter Etrix 4VA-T M16744 (using a passive video transmitter: 1500 m)

How to configure an IP TP-Link camera to be monitored through Nokia phones?

To view images from an IP camera on a mobile phone, the camera must have an external IP address or forwarded ports 80 and 554.
The video stream can be provided by the following TP-Link cameras, which are easy to install in virtually any place: K1150, K1151, K1152, K1153, K1154, K1155.
The configuration of Nokia mobile phones is as follows:
  • From the main menu select the Gallery
  • Click Streaming Links
  • Click Options / Add new link
  • Enter the Name and Web address (public address or domain name), e.g. rtsp://tl-sc3130.dyndns.org/video.3gp
  • After the question of the Real Player "Connection to server needed. Connect?" click Yes.
The configuration is done only once, since it is retained in the memory of the mobile phone.

An overview of TP-LINK switches.

Name TL-SF1005D TL-SF1008D TL-SF1016D TL-SL1226 TL-SF1008P TL-SG1005D TL-SG1008D
Code N29915 N29918 N29926 N29929 N29930 N29935 N29938
Number of
10/100 Mb/s ports
5 8 16 24 8 0 0
Number of 10/100/1000 Mb/s ports
0 0 0 2 0 5 8
Number of  PoE ports
0 0 0 0 4 0 0
RACK - mountable
No No No Yes No No No
Name TL-SG1024D TL-SG1016D TL-SL2210WEB TL-SL2218WEB TL-SL2428WEB TL-SL2452WEB TL-SL5428E
Code N29939 N29940 N29949 N29950 N29951 N29952 N29955
Number of
10/100 Mb/s ports
0 0 8 16 24 48 24
Number of
10/100/1000 Mb/s ports
24 16 1 1 2 2 2
Number of SFP ports 0 0 1 1 2 2 2
Category - - intelligent intelligent intelligent intelligent manageable
RACK mountable No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
New products offered by DIPOL:
Optical Node with Return Channel: TERRA OD-010R61
4MP Day/Night H.264 IP Camera ACTi KCM-5111
Network DVR: HIKVISION DS-7204HVI-ST/E (4-ch H.264)
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4160 (16ch/120fps/1.3MP)
Optical node
4MP D/N ACTi camera
Hikvision DVR
Worth reading:
Economical surveillance system for a small store. For financial reasons, owners of small businesses often do not install CCTV systems. They think that the costs of such systems are higher than the potential losses from small thefts. However, the mere presence of video monitoring deters potential thieves and provides security features not found in other systems...
ATU DVR - an ideal basis for monitoring a small business,
2 outdoor cameras M11264,
2 indoor cameras M10741.
A home wireless N network. Modern 802.11n devices enable users to create simple to install and very efficient wireless networks with data transfer speeds of up to 300 Mb/s...
Use of PVR receiver and RF modulator in antenna installation. Twin tuner PVR receivers require two independent satellite signals. One of the channels received can be made available on other TVs in the house, by means of distribution of RF signal. The signal from the modulator (connected to the AV output of the receiver) is combined with the terrestrial TV signals via 2-way TV/FM splitter R60102.
The installation should employ the R694140 and R694100 outlets. Optional Wireless Remote Control Extension R94116 will allow to control the twin receiver remotely from another room...
DIPOL at Energetab 2011 - Bielsko-Biala, Poland, Sept. 13-15