DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 16/2010 (April 19, 2010)

The start of global TV - Google enters the market.

Transmissions from the Indian cricket competition may become a landmark in television broadcasts. Indian Premier League (IPL) games are very prestigious events, in 2008 Sony Entertainment Television (SET) paid over $ 1 billion for the broadcasting rights (only in India, for 10 years). The incomes of the league players are comparable to NBA, and significantly greater than those received in European football (soccer).
At the beginning of this year, Google - the owner of YouTube - signed a two-year contract to broadcast competitions of Indian Premier League (IPL) in the form of streaming media. Using Youtube infrastructure, in March this year it launched broadcasts scheduled for 45 days, during which one can watch live 60 games.
Broadcasts began on March 12, during the first week they gathered the audience of around 8 million; on April 11 there were 35 million viewers who entered the channel. So the coverage aroused public interest, during one month there were more than 85,000 comments. Currently, the transmissions occupy the first place in terms of the number of video clips watched on YouTube in India.
Live broadcasts on YouTube are nothing new, but the massive size of this project is a milestone that shows changes in the systems of television broadcasting.
The scale of Google's involvement is huge. In order to improve the conditions for broadcasting, last year Google started its Global Cache program, designed to improve the speed of loading web pages. Google servers inserted into local networks of large operators and nodes exchanging traffic between different networks make Regional Data Centers that allow users to download content from YouTube or Google Maps. The estimates show that they improve data collection speeds by up to 20%. 36 such centers were created last year.
According to the information available on the Internet, a consortium founded by Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech is to produce equipment enabling reception of streaming media via TV sets. Within this group, Intel is responsible for creating semiconductor chips enabling the construction of set-top-boxes and similar interfaces to be built into Sony televisions. Google will provide content and support for media streaming, and Logitech control system for the STBs and the built-in interfaces.
Taking into consideration the current potential of YouTube, estimated at 400 million unique hits a day, more than 1 billion downloads, and the fact that in a minute YouTube gets onto its servers more than 24 hours of video, it shows how serious competitor is to be faced by the current broadcasters.

Live IPL streaming

Mounting antennas does not give free rein to one's imagination.

If the investor has planned to mount antennas, the job is simple - just to screw the mounts and antennas/dishes. If not, there are situations where a true creativity is needed to overcome technical problems, however it should not be a strange imagination with the results presented in the pictures below.
We invite you to take part in the "Engagingly about antennas" contest. The works can be submitted since June 1st, however the pictures can be taken during any season of the year - just look for an interesting topic!
Out of love for antenna
Filip Wyporski
"To catch direction...!"
Marek Raszka
"Hard competition...
but how to focus the dish?"
Przemyslaw Idasiak

SMATV system in a five-story building.

The requirement of the investor was to design and perform SMATV installation (for DVB-T and SAT TV) in a five-story apartment building. Each story was to be equipped with 8 subscriber outlets subscriber.
After analyzing many offers, the investor chose TERRA equipment, because of the range and reliability of the devices, and complexity of the offer, including consulting services and supporting software.
The system is based on TERRA MSV-908 multiswitches (R70858). The devices, due to very low MER (Modulation Error Ratio), properly distribute digital terrestrial TV and SAT TV signals, including HD broadcasts.
A serious problem was the lack of access to 230 VAC power outlets on individual floors. However, it has been overcome by use of the TERRA MSV series, where power supply is provided throughout the network from a single power outlet, via the SA-901 R70901 amplifier (over H lines). It is worth noting that the current capacity of the SA-901 amplifier is 2 A, while the power consumption by individual multiswitch is 100 mA. So theoretically one amplifier is able to power up to 20 such devices. However, the voltage drops in longer coaxial cables can significantly limit the actual number of connected multiswitches.
The design of the system performed with SatNet utility. The whole installation has 40 outlets.
The design was made using TERRA SatNet program. During the designing process it is possible to analyze the behavior of the entire network and change the settings of each active device. Such a design with the use of SatNet program takes about 30 minutes.

The freeware program can be downloaded from DIPOL ftp server.
Description of SatNet utility.

A new generation of IR illuminators - Redbeam.

Directional infrared illuminators used in CCTV installations are not suitable for cameras with wide-angle lenses. The solution to this problem is the use of wide-angle (circular) ceiling illuminators.
The Redbeam illuminators can be used both in small and large rooms. The intensity of illumination automatically changes to adjust to ambient lighting conditions. In total darkness they provide the full power.
An additional advantage of wide-angle IR illuminators installed on ceilings is the fact that they do not overexpose close objects directly in front of a camera lens. They also do not create shadow zones behind the illuminated objects. Without problems, in one room there may be deployed several cameras to obtain full coverage of the whole space. Redbeam ceiling illuminators are available in two power versions - for rooms with area up to 60 m2 M1642 or 120 m2 M1643.
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD60 (180 degrees)
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD120 (180 degrees)
IRD60 60 m2
An office room
with area of 60 m2
at night, illuminated only by
IRD120 M1643

IRD60 120 m2

CCTV monitoring in Sarmata hotel.

Sarmata Hotel in Sandomierz, Poland, is one of the few facilities that can offer a unique atmosphere of a nineteenth-century manor house.
Historical and stylized interiors of the manor complex, hotel, restaurant and wine bar, provide comfort and rich aesthetic experience. The guests in their rooms have free access to a wide range of TV channels and the Internet (LAN and WiFi).
To ensure the safety and security of guests, their property, and the hotel facilities, the owner decided to install a CCTV system. In order to monitor the hotel surroundings, especially the parking lot, it was decided to use a day/night megapixel camera ULTICAM IP 2.0 Mpx DS-852MF-E K1441. These cameras, with the possibility of considerable image magnification without significant loss of quality, can be used instead of PTZ cameras requiring manual control. IP technology also helps solve transmission problems related to the dispersion of the system components.
The main part of the complex is monitored with economic analog cameras Sunell M10748 and the video footage is recorded by stable and easy to operate Hikvision/ULTIMAX DVR - M76080.
The integration of analog and IP cameras is possible thanks to use of ULTISYSTEM software, allowing to combine in one system IP cameras and Hikvision/ULTIMAX DVRs.
The investor is completely satisfied with the functionality of the implemented system.
A screenshot from the monitor of the CCTV system in Sarmata hotel - ULTISYSTEM software

Monitoring of multiple locations - Burger King restaurants in the UK.

Large networks based on the franchise agreement are nowadays the standard form of the exchange of goods, services and technologies. The units within the networks are legally and financially separate companies, however some aspects of the management are identical for all of them.
Cash registers in a restaurant equipped with video monitoring
An example can be the video surveillance system that has been recently installed in Burger King restaurants in Great Britain. A priority for the owners of the Burger King restaurants was network preview of each restaurant in real time and fast access to the archive. Because at night the buildings are empty, the monitoring systems have to detect alarm events and notify the staff in the management center.
The core of the systems are Hikvision DVRs. Depending on the size of a restaurant, there have been employed 8- or 16-channel DVRs. There are available 7 different models on the market, which differ in performance. 8100HDI series - M76080, M76160, and 8100HFI series - M78080, M78160 are especially recommended for this kind of professional applications. Similarly to all Hikvision DVRs, they have the possibility of connecting to the Internet. In addition to comprehensive recording functions, the DVRs perform the role of video servers.

The choice of Hikvision DVRs has been dictated by many important factors, but the main were stable network operation and high reliability. The recorders are working around the clock, 7 days a week, at high temperatures. The images recorded during the day allow the security staff to capture human faces and suspicious behavior, which is especially important in so crowded public places. An important feature for the employees is the possibility of setting private zones in the field of view of the cameras. At night, the role of the DVRs is to analyze the images from the cameras - detection of a motion results in the activation of output signals at alarm outputs and notification of the surveillance staff in the monitoring center about the event.
Burger King restaurant chain is one of many networks with common monitoring center. This solution is far more economical than having individual security staff. At the same time it must be remembered that the task should be entrusted to professionals.

Alternative software for TP-LINK AP.

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND comprising Access Point (802.11n/b/g), broadband router (for xDSL or cable modem) and 4-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch, allows wirelwess data transmission speeds up to 300 Mb/s.
The main applications include small and medium-size businesses, one-family houses and apartments. TP-Link TL-WR1043N N3253 provides a quick and convenient way of building wired and wireless network based on one external broadband service. The network, consisting of a number of computers, is additionally protected by firewall.
A big advantage of the device is the possibility of connecting an external USB drive. With this option, each computer on the local network can use such a network drive (NAS). An additional advantage is the ability to set permissions for users ( "full access" or "read only").
TP-LINK TL-WR1043N N3253 is based on the newest Atheros AP83 architecture. It is equipped with:
  • Bootloader: U-boot;
  • Processor: Atheros AR9132 rev. 2 400 MHz;
  • Flash: 8 MB;
  • RAM: 32 MB;
  • WLAN: Atheros AR9103 802.11b/g/n (integrated) 3T3R;
  • Ethernet chipset: RTL8366RB 10/100/1000 Mbps;
  • 1x USB 2.0;
  • 1x RS232c (TTL);
  • Buttons: reset, QSS.
Alternative software (Kamikaze OpenWRT) significantly increases the functionality of the device. After uploading the software, the user can access the following additional features:
  • VLAN;
  • Wi-Fi (ath9k driver);
  • tools to configure wireless interface;
  • "USB" LED (lights up ater connecting a device);
  • "WLAN" LED (blinks during data transmission);
  • support for ext2/ext3/vfat/ntfs;
  • support for USB 2.0 and usb_storage;
  • possibility of switching on/off Wi-Fi after pressing QSS (pressing time up to 3 s);
  • auto-mounting of storage media (/tmp/nas);
  • NTP-client, DynDNS, vsftpd (ftp), samba3 (smb);
  • pre-installed bittorrent client;
  • presentation of the contents of the media via http;
  • support for samba via www (UTF-8).
Access Point TP-Link TL-WR1043N (w. router &GbE switch, 802.11n, 300Mbps)
Access point TP-Link TL-WR1043N N3253 (300 Mb/s 802.11n) with built-in router and Gigabit switch

Streaming from "Night of computer geeks".

"Noc Informatyka" (Night of computer geeks) is an annual event devoted to new technologies. It is filled with discussion panels and conferences.
This year, thanks to 2.0 Mpx H.264 PoE camera - Pixord P600 K1532 - the event can be watched live on the Internet. The camera image is sent to a server. MediaSerwer software allows to transmit the video stream to up to 100 recipients.

More information on Noc Informatyka4 (in Polish only).

Online coverage will be available on April 23, since 19:30.
Online coverage (available on April 23, since 19:30)

DIPOL at Securex trade fair in Poznan, Poland, April 26-29, 2010.

You can be at the fair today! - see DIPOL's virtual stand.
We will present a comprehensive range of compatible CCTV devices, managing software and transmission means, all based on the ULTIMONITORING concept. We will present a new generation of infrared illuminators - Redbeam - nominated for the Securex 2010 award.
DIPOL at Securex trade fair in Poznan, Poland, April 26-29, 2010
We have written about:

Home antenna system integrated with LAN/WLAN and CCTV. The diagram shows a small, multi-purpose system allowing to:
  • receive terrestrial radio (FM) and TV programs,
  • receive satellite broadcasts from 2 satellites (8 outlets),
  • monitor chosen areas with 4 analog CCTV cameras and record the video on DVR,
  • use home LAN/WLAN wirelessly connected to the Internet (desktop PCs and laptops, netbooks etc).
The cheapest combo receiver on the market - Opticum HD TS 9600. DIPOL company has expanded the range of DVB receivers by the new two-tuner combo receiver Opticum TS 9600 A99438. It allows to receive both digital satellite broadcasts (DVB-S/S2) and terrestrial DVB-T signals.
The receiver has two smart card readers in Conax system and two Common Interface slots for CAM modules...

Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter. The PoE adapter N9206 allows to power LAN devices through typical transmission cable (FTP/UTP etc.) - diagram 1.
It is very useful solution in the case of Access Points, where the AP can be placed in a hermetic box just by the antenna (to lower the loss in the RF cable) and supplied via transmission cable from power source located inside a building...

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DIPOL at Securex trade fair in Poznan, Poland, April 26-29, 2010