DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and Sat TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 30/2008 (Sept. 22, 2008)
What will be the future of mobile TV? In March, the European Commission made DVB-H the official EU mobile broadcasting standard. It seemed that the success of DVB-H was certain. But now a dark cloud is on the horizon and there is a risk of failure in implementing this project in Europe on a large scale.
The European Commission adopts standards and guidelines, but it is the companies who is to put them into practice. Because of prospective market study they do not show much enthusiasm.
It is estimated that the European mobile TV market is ca. 30 times smaller than the Asian and American, which use inconsistent standards. This difference in market potential do not create favorable conditions for popularization of European technology. Indeed, Norway has adopted Korean DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) standard, due to cheaper equipment. Similar break with European unity has been made by Great Britain that issued concessions for broadcasters using American MediaFLO standard.
Moreover, the DVB-H standard is recognized as obsolete, and many potential investors refrain from starting up the systems, similarly to digital terrestrial TV where DVB-T2 seems to outdistance the DVB-T. So, it is considered a new DVB-H2 standard, which will probably come into force after approving DVB-T2.
The largest mobile TV market in Europe is Italy, with ca. 850 000 viewers. In other countries the technology is still on the test stage. A short time ago DVB-H got a cold shower from the German market, where people are accustomed to free TV access - German Mobile 3.0 was not able to run a DVB-H pay service. A similar risk exists in other markets. Development of a sustainable business model is therefore an important problem.
The next issue that hampers wider roll-out of DVB-H services is a new concept of mobile television based on satellite links to base stations - DVB-S/H. This technology has been demonstrated during IBC in Amsterdam (Sept. 12-16, 2008). It will reduce the costs of building broadcasting networks.
Going back to the question - the final standard of mobile TV in Europe is still in a cloud of uncertainty.
European mobile TV is a must, but to tell the truth its final standard is still in a cloud of uncertainty
Where is the tower? - the city with ancient army. The city with the tower seen in the picture was founded nearly 3100 years ago. It is famous in the world for the nearby 8-thousand-strong army. However, it is not the number important but the age of the soldiers - 2218 years.
If you don't know yet - look for the answer at the end of this issue.
The TV tower is not as famous as the army encamping around the city, called the eighth wonder of the world
Terra multiswitches are compatible with HD broadcasts. After getting some information from installers on improper cooperation of some multiswitches, coming from certain manufacturers, with digital platforms, we decided to thoroughly test this issue in the case of Terra equipment.
The tests showed that MS-XXX, MSR-XXX, and MSV-XXX series are fully compatible with HD broadcasts.
Multiswitches from Terra operate properly both in the case of 8PSK modulation (e.g. TVN) and QPSK (e.g. Cyfrowy Polsat, Cyfra+). They are suitable for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compressions.

Terra multiswitches allow to build SMATV systems up to 250 outlets, using various topologies. The most flexible multiswitch installations in multi-story buildings are based on 9-cable system. It allows to shape the network according to actual requirements - one may deploy a suitable number of outlets.

Terra multiswitches are nominated for an award at SAT Krak. During the trade fair the participants will be able to take part in free courses on designing large multiswitch systems .
SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-5109/12 Multiswitch: Terra MSR-912 (active terrestrial path)9/16 Multiswitch: Terra  MSR-916 (active terrestrial path)
The most flexible multiswitch installations in multi-story buildings are based on 9-cable system (signals from two Quatro LNBs and terrestrial TV antenna). On each floor we employ the splitter providing signals to multiswitches. It allows to shape the network according to actual requirements - we may deploy practically unlimited number of outlets.
ULTIMAX - DVRs for demanding customers - DVD writer. ULTIMAX DVRS can be equipped with DVD writer that enables to copy the data recorded on hard drives.
The models of 3xx series include the dedicated mounting hardware (without a DVD drive), whereas those of 5xx and 7xx series require to buy additional assembly kit M77950.
The list of DVD writers supported by the DVRs and recommended by the manufacturer can be found in the user's manual.
Important information: all currently sold models of ULTIMAX family are equipped with SATA interface for hard disk and DVD drives.
Intelligent video surveillance systems. Intelligent video surveillance system based on image analysis and continuous monitoring of the system performance improve dramatically efficiency of the system management performed by the operator.
The unquestionable advantages of such systems are:
  • the duties of several operators taken over by one person,
  • elimination of human errors caused mainly by loss of concentration due to monotony of the surveillance job,
  • limitation of the number of actions performed by the operator (the rest is replaced by an automated system),
  • self-monitoring of the system and detection of any abnormality,
  • possibility of informing about events other users of the system, not being on the spot.
Image analysis is an improvement of the video surveillance system that makes the job of the operator much easier. It practically eliminates the most boring part of operating typical system, i.e. continuous observation. Built-in intelligent functions practically eliminate the risk of an oversight of critical events, which is very important for the safety of the monitored place.
The use of such functionality in large systems (with many cameras) allows to reduce the number of operators. Small systems can be fully automated (work without operator). There is also possibility of combined operation, e.g. with operator during days and automatic at nights.

Intelligent video surveillance systems - the article describing automated functions supporting the staff of monitoring center.
Theft warning with "disappearance" function
CCTV monitoring in harsh environmental conditions. Reliability of operation of CCTV cameras requires means for conditioning the "internal" environment in which they work (temperature, humidity). There are recommended cameras with heaters and watertight/airtight housings thoroughly tested by the manufacturers. It guarantees maintenance-free operation in nearly all weather conditions.
The devices that belong to this group are e.g. the outdoor day/night IP camera with IR illuminator PiXORD P428 K1136 and outdoor day/night IP speed dome camera with WDR sensor - PiXORD P463DW K1236.
The former camera has IP66-rated housing, the latter - IP68 one. The cameras can effectively operate in very difficult environmental conditions. It includes harsh weather conditions and industrial environments (pollution, dust).
Additionally, the parameters of the cameras ensure very good quality of images all day and year round.

Outdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
IP Speed Dome Camera: PiXORD P463DW
Outdoor IP Camera
IP Speed Dome Camera
IP video surveillance system at the farm in Lithuania. The popularity of IP CCTV is quickly growing. The devices which until quite recently were used only in large professional systems are currently accessible to small systems.
The farm's owner in Panevezys, Lithuania, desired to build IP video surveillance system based on ACTi devices.
There have been used ACM1431 K1118 cameras that fulfill all the requirements for such kind of systems, i.e. they have outdoor housings and can operate at night (built-in IR illuminators). With D1 resolution and 25 fps frame rate they allow to notice even the smallest incidents, in any conditions.
IP technology offers the possibility of building reliable mobile wireless systems, especially suitable in the case of agricultural lands.
IP CCTV allows to build distributed systems in widely dispersed locations (it applies both to camera points and monitoring posts). For example, with the 18 cameras employed in the discussed system, their distances from the monitoring center as well as the deployment of other components of the system (e.g. the system server) and current locations of the security workers do not influence the performance of the whole system.
MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1431
Block diagram of the IP video surveillance system at the farm in Lithuania
Professional compression BNC connector. BNC connectors can cause many problems during installation of CCTV systems. They may be responsible for the excessive amount of work. Already at the stage of starting up the system they often trouble the installer with unstable contacts. Outdoor operation causes corrosion and influences the quality of transmitted video. Temperature changes are the main reason of loss of tightness and water penetration. It is unacceptable, especially in important systems installed in banks, cities etc.
The introduction of E8293 BNC connector is the turning point in CCTV - the connector ensures high quality of installation work and high system reliability in the future. Professional compression BNC connector E8293 is manufactured for DIPOL by American PCT company. The features of the connector have been specially matched to the cables of CAMSET family.

Main features of the connector:
  • wide operating band - up to 2 GHz (!),
  • connecting/disconnecting operations do not influence connection quality (can be even used in measurement equipment),
  • waterproof termination of the cable,
  • resistance to corrosion - made of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectric,
  • very low loss in the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video <0.1 dB),
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video - VSWR<1.03),
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression,
  • properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings,
  • matched to the cables of CAMSET family and RG-59 cables with inner conductors from 0.55 to 0.80 mm,
  • to be compressed with PCT-AIO-CT E80075 compressing tool, also suitable for installing F-connectors.
Professional Compression BNC Connector PCT<br />(for CAMSET cables)
The professional compression BNC connector E8293 fulfills all recommendations of the SCTE
(The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers)
Remote configuration of TP-LINK router. To get remote access to the TP-Link TL-WR542G N2950 router the users have to properly configure the device.
Firstly, using an Internet browser, they should log on to the router, with its internal IP address and open the configuration window: Advanced Settings/Security/Remote Managment. Next, in the Remote Management IP Address box they have to enter IP address for connection from the side of WAN port (Internet access). Another possibility, but the only one in the case of ADSL service with dynamically assigned IP address, is permission to connect from any address, by entering into the IP box (seen in the screenshot below). Of course it is not a safe solution (anyone knowing the current external IP address can access the router), but necessary in the case mentioned above and the need of continuous remote access.

Configuration of remote access to the router
Awards for TP-LINK. The policy of considerable financial outlays on R&D department as well as close cooperation with the leading manufactures of microprocessors pays off - TP-LINK products present the highest levels of reliability and innovation.
Currently TP-LINK is the number one in the Chinese market of SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network devices.
Winning prestigious awards throughout the world the company begins to set high quality standards.
Below we present some awards for TP-LINK products won in Poland and throughout the world:
Access Point 802.11n (draft 2.0): TP-Link TL-WR941N <br />(300Mbps, built-in router and 4-port switch)
Access Point 802.11n (draft 2.0): TP-Link TL-WR941N <br />(300Mbps, built-in router and 4-port switch)
Access Point: TP-Link TL-WR543G - eXtended Range <br />(router &4-p switch, WISP, 2.4GHz)
Wireless ADSL2+ Router (Annex A): TP-Link TD-W8920G <br />(with 4-port switch, eXtended Range AP, 108 Mbps)
WLAN Router: TP-Link TL-WR642G (4-port switch, eXtended Range, 108 Mbps)
WLAN Router: TP-Link TL-WR642G (4-port switch, eXtended Range, 108 Mbps)
Wireless xDSL Router: TP-Link TL-WR340GD<br />(built-in 4-port switch and AP) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Wireless ADSL2+ Router (Annex A): TP-Link TD-W8920G <br />(with 4-port switch, eXtended Range AP, 108 Mbps)
Wireless ADSL2+ Router (Annex A): TP-Link TD-W8910G <br />(4p switch, eXtended Range AP)
More awards for TP-LINK you can see here.
The list of all TP-LINK devices offered by DIPOL is available here.
Xi'an - China. It is the fourth largest city of China, with about 4 million residents (city metropolitan area - about 8 million). In 1974, near Xi'an there was discovered the Terracotta Army. The army of Qin Shi Huang Di, the First Emperor of China is located 1.5 km east from his mausoleum. The Terracotta Army is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor of in 210 BC. Their purpose was to help him rule another empire in the afterlife.
Terracotta Army
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