DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 28/2008 (Sept. 8, 2008)
LTE - the pace is getting hotter. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is being developed as a 4G standard, to improve the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). LTE is to increase the performance of the 3G UMTS packet service (based on TCP/IP protocol), with data rates over 100 Mbps.
LTE wireless interface is based on OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) in the downlink and SC-FDMA (Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access) in the uplink. There are used QPSK, 16QAM, and 4QAM modulations. The standard efficiently supports multi-antenna technologies (MIMO).
The tests of the new technology are carried out when operators still develop UMTS networks, using HSDPA functionality (GSM 3.5 G) with peak download rate of 14.4 Mbps (practical rates up to ca 7 Mbps). Its commercial operation is planned for 2009.
Nokia Siemens Networks and Heinrich Hertz Institut have demonstrated LTE system operating at 100 Mbps.
In April, 2008, LG and Nortel tested LTE in dynamic environment. They reached the rate of 50 Mbps in a car moving at 110 kmph.
All that points to a strong commitment of cellular operators to LTE, the technology that will probably reduce the market share of WiMAX.
"Generation Mobile" - the enhanced data rates offered by 4G systems will allow to transmit even HDTV to mobile devices, providing a major breakthrough in telecommunications technologies
Online poll on the cover of printed Catalog DIPOL 2009. From well known designer from Krakow Lukasz Kozak, whose works have been enriching our publications for many years, we have obtained five designs. Like every year, we arrange online voting. Every vote counts!

The poll
Sometime it was the highest structure in the world - where is the tower? Over eight years, till construction of CN Tower (553 m) in 1975, the tower seen in the picture (540 m) was the highest structure in the world. In 1994 there were plans to make the tower higher, up to 561 m, but they were abandoned due to safety reasons. Yet, it is still the highest construction in Europe.
Since 2007, in the city where the TV tower stands, a new building is under construction. The skyscraper, also with residential use, will be 612 m high. It will be ready in 2011.
This tall building has been designed by renown team of designers - Foster and Partners.
A visualization of the imposing construction is available at this site.
Till 1975 the tower was the highest structure in the world. Where is the tower? (The answer can be found at the end of the newsletter)
Modernization of hotel TV system. Hotel owners and managers are always interested in bringing higher standards, also in the case of satellite TV. Until recently professional headends were very expensive, so it seemed reasonable to repair or exchange constantly damaged multiple satellite receivers.
Currently there is available TERRA MMH-3000 headend, with modules ca. 40% cheaper than similar solutions. Additionally, the implemented Master - Slave technology allows to receive several programs from the same transponder, using a single smart card. The headend can be managed both locally and via the Web.

Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000
A short guide to MMH-3000 TERRA design
Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000
CAMSET, NETSET - modern transmission media - a 6-year quality guarantee. The latest high-performance analog CCTV cameras require appropriate quality of transmission medium. It is unacceptable to use them with low-quality, quickly degrading cables. CAMSET cables have excellent parameters and are produced under strict technological discipline. They guarantee perfect and stable video transmission in CCTV systems.
The production of the cables has been initiated by DIPOL, according to strict guidelines for the project performed by a group of engineers from a renown European cable plant.
Highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline, 92% copper braid coverage ensure perfect transmission parameters, especially effective electromagnetic shielding. CAMSET cables come with a 6-year warranty that eliminates any risk for the installation company or end user.

The cables are used for:
  • transmission of video signal - CAMSET solo M6000,
  • transmission of video signal and power (voltage up to 230 VAC) - CAMSET 50 M6050 with 0.5 mm2 power wires,
  • transmission of video signal and power (voltage up to 230 VAC) - CAMSET 100 M6100 - power can be sent over longer distance through 1.0 mm2 power wires.
CAMSET - CCTV cables with 92% copper braid coverage - the world's highest performance level
NETSET products are twisted-pair UTP cat. 5e cables with guaranteed transmission parameters. They also come with a 6-year warranty.

There are two versions of the cable:

Cat 5 UTP Cable: NETSET UTP 5e<br /> (indoor) [500m]
Cat 5e UTP Cable: NETSET UTPw 5e <br />(outdoor - gel-filled, black) [1m]
For indoor applications:
For outdoor applications:
NETSET UTPw 5e E1410
NETSET cables have all attributes of best twisted-pair cables on the market - competitive price, top parameters, a 6-year quality guatrantee.

Strict technological discipline includes continuous measurements of all parameters of CAMSET and NETSET cables. The cables fulfill all specifications with a large safety margin.
ULTIMAX - DVRs for demanding customers - looking through the archives. ULTIMAX DVRs can be fully managed via computer network, ensuring reliable operation. The compression method (H.264) and refined software allow to perform effectively remote video surveillance.
Configuration, management, and playback of the video (also the archived images) is the role of Remote Client Software. The manufacturer has also enabled the users to control the system via Internet Explorer (majority of the functions).
Additionally, in the Download section there is available set of filters that, after installation, enable video playback with Windows Media Player.
There is also available another "player" for playing back the archives, equipped with a number of useful functions, e.g. conversion of video files into AVI format, browsing the video at various speeds, including frame-by-frame analysis, saving in bmp or jpg format.
The archives can be transferred via the network or backed up to any compatible data storage device (flash memory, hard drive, DVD recorder etc.) connected to the USB port or SATA interface.
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
CCTV camera by an artificial lake. Mifon installation company from Tarnobrzeg, Poland, performed the task of posting live video images from PTZ camera on a website.
The camera has been installed by the artificial lake in Machow. Only fifteen years ago there was a sulfur mine there, using strip mining. Ministry of Economy decided to transform the area into a body of water, used mainly for recreation. Development of the excavation area by flooding it with water seemed to be the best method of rehabilitation of the pit.
Mifon company decided to use a proven solution - video server Pixord P1401 K2131. The images are hosted on the Internet by Flash Net company and available here. Due to bandwidth economy they are refreshed at 0.5 fps.
Video Server: Pixord P1401
Video server Pixord P1401
Camera tests in real conditions. The manufacturer of professional IP cameras, ACTi, has tested its new megapixel camera - ACM-1231 K1511.
Unlike many other cameras from different manufactures, tested in typical environments, this model has been put through challenging tests in really tough conditions. Such tests show the true quality of the equipment. The video recorded during the tests is available at rain and night (the size of the first file is about 30 MB).
High sensitivity of the camera and decent frame rate (8fps) allow to find out the details even in harsh environment.
Outdoor Megapixel IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1231
Megapixel camera ACTi ACM-1231
Configuration of ADSL routers. ADSL service (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the most popular ways of getting Internet access, especially in the case of home users. To share the service among several computers one needs a router integrated with ADSL modem, which is connected directly to the telephone line (RJ11).
Typically, the ISP provides the user with basic ADSL modem which is suitable only for cooperation with a single PC.
Buying his/her own router integrated with ADSL modem (e.g. N2901) the user can connect a number of home computers and optionally use wireless connectivity. The router may have additional functions that will be useful for optimum performance of the network.
More information in the article Configuration of ADSL routers.
Wireless ADSL2+ Router (Annex A): TP-Link TD-W8910G <br />(4p switch, eXtended Range AP)Wireless CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps, eXtended Range)Wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN321G (2.4GHz 54Mbps)
A typical network used in one-family home
How to use wireless connectivity to develop the network at home or office. Internet access is nowadays indispensable at home and office. It can be easily distributed among many users by wireless means. If the connection is provided by the ISP (cable TV, DSL, or other operator) via Ethernet interface (for example cable modem with RJ-45 socket), the user will need suitable router, e.g. TL-WR542G N2950 (54 Mbps) or N2953 (108 Mbps), connected to the WAN port of the cable modem, with a RJ45 patch cable, or directly to the existing LAN (UTP with RJ45 plug).
Other users can connect to the wireless network by installing wireless adapters (e.g. PCI WLAN TP-Link with eXtended Range technology TL-WN551G 54 Mbps N2970 - for a desktop, TP-Link PCMCIA with eXtended Range technology TL-WN510G 54 Mbps N2930 - for a laptop) and configuring the connection.
Advantages of wireless networks based on TP-Link devices:
  • data rates up to 54 Mbps (b/g), 108 Mbps (Super G), or even 300 Mbps ("n"),
  • increased transmission range thanks to eXtended Range technology,
  • easy access to the Internet and all resources of the local network,
  • advanced firewall, uPnP, DDNS, 802.1X,
  • quick and easy configuration.
PCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsWLAN Router: TP-Link TL-WR642G (4-port switch, eXtended Range, 108 Mbps)Wireless Router: TP-Link TL-WR542G  - eXtended Range<br />(with 4-port switch)WLAN CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN610G (108 Mbps)Wireless CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps, eXtended Range)Wireless PCI Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN651G (eXtended Range, 108 Mbps)Wireless PCI Adapter (eXtended Range): TL-WN551GWLAN USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN620G (108 Mbps) - CLEARANCE SALE! Wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN321G (2.4GHz 54Mbps)
Using the N2950 (54 Mbps) or N2953 (108 Mbps) router it is easy to develop the existing network
Moscow. Ostankino Tower was built between 1963 and 1967 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of October Revolution. The designer was Nikolaj Nikitin.
The TV tower is currently broadcasting 19 analog and 4 DVB-T TV channels.
We have written about:

9-cable system - multiswitch installations. The most flexible multiswitch installations in multi-story buildings are based on 9-cable system (signals from two Quatro LNBs and terrestrial TV antenna). On each floor we employ the splitter providing signals to multiswitches. It allows to shape the network according to actual requirements - we may deploy practically unlimited number of outlets...
- archive DWR of Jan. 14, 2008

Remote monitoring via the Web. Easy access to the Internet allows to distribute in the Web both live and archived video. Many users have access over ADSL links, without static IP addresses. In this case, to operate video servers it is indispensable to use DDNS service...
- archive DWR of Jan. 14, 2008

How does DDNS work? Users of ADSL service (e.g. Neostrada in Poland) do not have a static IP - it is changed periodically. With this type of connectivity it is not possible to run a server, because the current IP address is unknown...
- archive DWR of Dec. 17, 2007

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Kwietny Bieg (Flower Run) 2008.. It was the fifth time already... Flower Run is a relay race around Poland taking place every year at the end of May and the beginning of June, this time from May 26 to June 10. Over ten thousand runners did a lap... of 3530 km - along the borders of Poland, handing over the baton to representations of neighboring townships.
An identical distance was covered by the runners of its "city edition" - around Blonie Park in Krakow. Among them there were long-distance runners from DIPOL, who, during 24 hours, covered a distance of 236 km. It worked out at 9.5 km per runner.
DIPOL funded the prizes in the photographic and report competitions organized to immortalize the event.
The winner of the photo contest has been Mr. Aleksander Gucwa for the picture "Flower Run in Sekowo". The report competition has been the success of Mr. Tomasz Dobosz and Mr. Bogdan Labedzki, who wrote "Danina w pocie (The duty in a sweat)" - Polish version only.
Shots from Flower Run around Blonie Park in Krakow.
Aside from DIPOL relay team there were 21 teams from other companies, universities, and organizations located in Krakow, among others: Academy of Physical Education, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Intersport S.A., Dom Maklerski Penetrator S.A. (brokerage house), Philip Moris - Polska, Duszpasterstwo Akademickie na Miasteczku (university chaplaincy).