DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 13/2008 (April 7, 2008)
Olé OLED - the age of new displays is approaching fast. On March 11, GE Global Research - R&D division of General Electric - demonstrated new technology of manufacturing OLED displays, "Roll-to-Roll".
"Roll-to-Roll" technology, similar to printing papers, will allow to reduce the costs a lot and apply the organic active layer onto any subtrate - including elastic basis. It has a virtually limitless potential for practical applications.
Since last year we see growing offer of the OLED applications. In the end of 2007 Sony manufactured the first 11-inch TV set, in January 2008 Samsung presented 31-inch OLED television. OLED displays are used in many products - of Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson (Z610i), Creative Zen (V/V Plus), Nokia (8800 Arte).
In comparison with LCD screens these displays ensure wider color range, higher brightness and contrast. They also enable the user to view their screens at large angles from the surface normal, nearly 90 degrees, without change of brightness or color. Additionally, the displays have hundreds times shorter reaction time (modern LCD: 2-12 ms, OLED: even only 0.01 ms).
Next advantages are energy efficiency and eco-friendliness (no need for using mercury).
The main problem which has to be solved before wider use of this technology is limited lifespan of organic materials.
CeBIT 2008 - was the new concept a success?
So far, the largest (31-inch) OLED television - CeBIT 2008 (a photo report)
Testing of electronic products. The major part of failures of electronic equipment happens during the first days of operation, usually as the result of manufacturing errors or defective components. Such failures can damage reputation of the manufacturer and harm its business.
An interesting method of testing electronic devices has been developed by Terra company. Every item is equipped with special sticker containing description of the product and its data, but it is not visible. The devices are then tested for three days - after that period of uninterrupted work in higher temperature (due to normal operation) the description on the sticker becomes visible.
The procedure guarantees that every item has been thoroughly tested before shipping. This method is very effective - the complaint figures are below 0.5%.
Measurement stand for testing headend equipment in Terra - the manufacturer of head stations, antenna amplifiers, multiswitches
Taps with graded attenuation allow to compensate different distances. Signal level of any TV channel in each subscriber outlet should be between 62 - 80 dBuV. Weaker signals will cause visible "snow" in the picture, stronger ones may be the reason of overdriving the receiving equipment and interference. In community installations the distances between taps and wall plates in respective apartments are usually different. Signal family of taps includes devices that allow to solve the problem. The taps having outputs with different attenuation - R6024, R6026, R6028 - allow to build distribution network with equalized signal levels in wall plates, even in the case of unequal distances between the taps and the outlets.
The longest cable is connected to the output with the lowest attenuation and so on. The taps also ensure high reverse and mutual (between individual outputs) isolation. This feature improves resistance of the network against interferences.
Signal passive components of antenna systems are equipped with F connectors and cast aluminum housings.
This Signal tap subfamily contains 4-way R6024, 6-way R6026, and 8-way R6028 .

Signal taps and splitters ensure good quality and suitability for professional use. Continuous quality control guarantees repeatability of parameters. The products are CE and RoHS certified. Using splitters and taps of Signal it is possible to build a complete antenna system system, e.g. based on SignalNet concept.
8-way Tap: Signal O-8 (5-1000 MHz)
8-way Signal tap with graded attenuation
Cascadable multiswitches. Cascadable multiswitches are dedicated for use in larger buildings. They can be deployed, according to the needs, on individual floors, which allows to optimize the cabling. Another advantage of this solution is easier maintenance. In case of a failure, the damaged multiswitch can be temporarily disconnected without influence on other outlets.
Cascadable multiswitches allow to extend the network (on condition that an adequate power margin has been anticipated).
More about multiswitch installations can be read in the article Professional multiswich systems.
Professional multiswitch systems
Cascadable multiswitches from Terra
ULTIMAX - DVRs for demanding customers - advanced network operation. ULTIMAX digital video recorders are not only typical DVRs (capable of audio recording as well) but they also provide functionality of digital video servers (DVS). They may be used as independent central units in small monitoring installations, or as chain links in larger systems. Due to design guidelines - efficient operation in LANs - the security of the system and data is a focal point of the DVR family. LAN transmission of live images and the recorded data involves the newest H.264 compression. The embedded highly efficient video server and dedicated software enable the administrator/operator to manage the whole system easily, despite the fact that it can contain even fifteen DVRs. On one screen there can be available images from many DVRs or other IP devices. Any local disc can be used for on-line recording, backup etc. There is possibility of intercom connection with other operator of the system (in different location). Network functions allow full range of PTZ control (programming and executing PTZ presets and procedures).
The main interface of Ultimax remote client
A screenshot from client program - adding new users and assigning access rights
NUUO - professional IP surveillance software for companies, businesses, condominiums...
NUUO software package enables the user to fully manage IP surveillance system. NUUO program, depending on the variant, allows simultaneous live monitoring and recording, as well as viewing archives from up to 64 IP devices. It performs all functions of Network Video Recorder (NVR).
The software is ideal for IP cameras of PiXORD. It also supports cameras of ACTi, Axis, Vivotek, Sony, Panasonic, and megapixel cameras of IQinVision and Arecont.
Aside from control of PTZ cameras, the program can exercise so-called digital PTZ, i.e. enlargement of any part of the image. It is especially useful function in the case of using megapixel cameras allowing digital zooming practically without loss of sharpness of the image.
Image analysis module enables the system to react to events or changes like motion, leaving or removing objects, loss of sharpness, or covering the camera. Events management system allows to notify the operator with a visual or audible signal, e-mail, and is capable of pointing PTZ cameras to pre-programmed positions.
An interesting function is remote access to the system from another computer, with protection by login and password, and also by blocking/enabling chosen IP addresses.
Software Package: NUUO SCB-IP+08
NVR software - NUUO
Wireless IP surveillance system in shipyard. The board of MB'92, one of the well known companies providing services for the most luxurious yachts, mainly those making voyages from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and vice versa, decided to protect their shipyard facilities by installing video monitoring system.
Because of specific environment, no cabling could be used. The only solution has been application of wireless solutions based on packet transmission. There have been employed ACTi devices - PTZ cameras K1215 and fixed cameras K1118. Both models are Day&Night devices, capable of round-the-clock monitoring. Effective MPEG-4 compression limits disc space requirements for the server to 2.8 GB per day.
MB'92 quay in Barcelona, Spain
MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1431IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1431
The structure of the wireless monitoring system
Metropolitan MESH network based on Aphelion devices. Aphelion access points have wireless MESH capabilities. It allows for continuous operation due to dynamic reconfiguration of backbone network. In the case of a failure or link overloading, the nodes (MESH Points - MP) will automatically look for other paths, via different APs. Such MESH networks are self-healing and can provide seamless communication among all points. The basic parameters that have to be uniformed in MESH network are ESSID and internal configuration of MESH function. Thanks to implemented DC-MESH configuration, Aphelion devices can easily form dynamic backbone. As oppose to WDS mode, MESH mode has capability of automatic "learning" of the best route for the destination node (MP). The main features of MESH architecture are: scalability, auto-configuration, security (reliability), and integrity. Self-organization capability lowers the costs of implementation and extension of the network (often being the cheapest form of modern infrastructure in built-up areas).

The IEEE 802.11 set of wireless networking transmission standards will be supplemented by MESH architecture. MESH standard - 802.11s - is still undergoing intensive development. Lack of official standard may cause problems with compatibility of APs from different manufacturers. The discussion over draft 1.0 was closed in January 2008. This year there are chances for final draft 2.0.
Typical wireless network
A failure of one link (red arrows) breaks the chain - many nodes are out of network
Wireless network based on Aphelion devices (DC-MESH configured)
The diagram shows self-healing capability of DC-MESH networks. A failure of one link (red arrows) is overcome by automatic communication with other AP (the green line/arrows). The whole wireless network is still operating
Triset in Onninen. To meet customers' demands, the leading European distributor of cables and electrical products - the Onninen Group have extended their offer by including Triset coaxial cable.
The Triset family was awarded as the Product of the Year at Satkrak 2007 trade fair. Triset cables, due to low loss, high screening efficiency and perfect matching, are especially suitable for cabling multiswitch systems and extended antenna or cable TV installations.

Onninen company was established in 1913, in Turku, Finland, by Mr. Alfred Onninen. The family of the founder is still taking part in managing the group. Since 1920s the business was gradually extending into different parts of Finland, in 1930s and 1940s it reached position of technical wholesale company to be reckoned with in Finland. In the 1950s the number of customers has increased considerably. The next decades brought continuous growth of volume of sales and start-up of electrical wholesale and contracting. It was a success story, with growing number of points of sale. In 1980s the company began strong investments in industry sales, logistics, and information technology, making preparations for advanced technologies of the 21st century.
Currently Onninen Group is one of the biggest companies in Europe, offering an enormous range of technical products and distribution services for the industry.

Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [100m]
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