DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 36/2007 (Oct 22, 2007)
Small but important - SatKrak 2007. KrakSat trade fair took place in Krakow from 18-20 October. There were 32 exhibitors - all significant firms in the broad scope of satellite TV technology, operating in the Polish market. The event was mainly addressed to specialists in this field, showing potential and market position of the leading companies.
Analyzing different market segments, it is worth emphasizing the dominating position of Ferguson company in the sale of satellite receivers.
Other offers, addressed to different group of customers, were presented by Technisat and Profan (distributor of Topfield receivers), and showed growing interest in advanced solutions.
There were presented satellite converters of Maximum (K1 Rajsat), Inverto (Ostrowski), and Invacom, satellite dishes from Corab, Jonca, Diomar, Wisat, and Laminas. An interesting thing was line of professional dishes of Andrew (Diomar), withstanding gusts of wind up to 250 km/h (155 mph) - showed on SatKrak for the first time.
Full assortment of satellite receiving equipment was presented by Dipol, Eltech, and K1 Ratajczak.
Presence of the operators of satellite platforms and their participation in panel discussions enlivened the event a lot. The announcements of a wider range of satellite HD programs was the good news. The bad one - practically no chance for digital terrestrial broadcasting of HDTV transmissions from the Olympic Games in Beijing - mainly due to lack of approved standard. It is a real loss for the Polish consumer electronics market that could be strongly stimulated by such broadcasts.

The panorama of SatKrak 2007
SatKrak - the "Product of the Year" prize, for the Triset cable family, is picked up by representative of DIPOL company
Start of new DIPOL website. A fundamental change of the graphic design, a new well-thought-out layout, but first of all - new rules in our WebStore. Its English equivalent will be available soon.
The main innovation that saves customers' time are the functions of instantaneous confirmation of availability of the item and its reservation, and automatic calculation of discount and freight costs. After placing the order, the customer gets access to a pro forma invoice confirming transaction details, before he/she finally approves them. All items put into shopping cart are listed there, together with their prices and customer-specific discount, terms of payment, and address data needed for conclusion. After the customer has approved the order, he/she can check on the progress of the request directly on the website, by clicking on "Orders" button link. In the same place there is available order history.
This change will allow to shorten the procedure of ordering, saving customer's time and speeding up the shipment of the order.
At the same time we simplified registration, the customers are identified by their e-mail address. Due to a number of new possibilities, the current customers should register again, renewing the procedure by choosing "register again" option on login page.
Functionality of the new website (so far the Polish version) has been confirmed by a 30% increase in page impressions, but what is more important - by growth in the number of downloaded pages (on average - 9 page views per user).
The new DIPOL website - its equivalent in English will be available soon...
Cable installations in apartment houses - SMATV systems. It is difficult to predict how many outlets will be needed in individual apartments. The owner may need several outlets, and using double receivers - even two independent signals in one outlet. So we recommend to employ quatro converters and terrestrial TV antennas, which allows to connect any number of outlets (the suitable multiswitches are to be mounted inside the apartments).
Additionally, there should be made structural cabling for LAN (UTP cable E1508_305). The combined R694043 outlets ensure adequate sockets.
Modern SMATV/MATV installations can also transmit CCTV signals, e.g. from parking lots, staircases etc. Outdoor cameras should be connected with CCTV cable M6501_100. The cables have to be led to the place where there are located RF amplifiers.
Compact Color Camera: V-CAM 315 IR9-input Multiswitch: TERRA MS-952Multiswitch: Terra MS-554 (5-in, 4-out)9-input Multiswitch: TERRA MS-952Compact Color Camera: V-CAM 315 IRSubscriber Terminal Flush Outlet: Signal TV-FM-SAT / RJ-45 / RJ-11SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510SAT/TV TAP: Terra SS-510
Diagram of cable installation in apartment building (including CCTV)
What for to buy CCTV software? Most of manufacturers of IP CCTV devices include software packs that ensure management of the IP monitoring system. They are free and support the purchased equipment. It seems that there is no need to buy additional software. But let's suppose we want to have simple surveillance system using three cameras:
1. Indoor wireless camera working in corridor,
2. Day/night camera monitoring parking lot and the gateway,
3. Day/night camera monitoring fence and rear of the building.

Analyzing the guidelines, the cameras that would best fulfill the requirements are: Pixord P405W K1134, IQinvision IQ753 K1422, and ACTi CAM6610 K1214. Each of the devices is equipped with managing software, but neither of the packs is capable to control the whole system. The only solution is to buy software that can support camras coming from various producers. The example is the product of well known NUUO company - K3108, integrating devices from different manufacturers into one consistent system.
IP CCTV Camera 3.1 Mpix: IQ 753 (day/night, PoE, 10-40 mm lens)Wireless MPEG-4 IP Camera: Pixord P405WIP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-661 (MPEG-4)
Diagram of the system with cameras from different manufacturers - ACTi, Iqinvision, and Pixord
CBR versus VBR - how to improve quality of transmission. MPEG-4 compression allows to choose mode of transmission by selecting CBR (Constant BitRate) or VBR (Variable BitRate).
CBR is used to guarantee certain bitrate of the video stream in the local network. It is favorable solution in the case of high work loads of the network and necessity of smooth transmission video data. But for one-sweep coding with constant bitrate one should carefully set this parameter (not too low) to avoid possible loss of quality during transmission of dynamic scenes (simplification of the image due to limitation to macroblocks). Simply, the fixed transfer rate is insufficient for coding such fragments of the images with satisfactory quality.
So the standard mode that is used for one-sweep MPEG-4 coding is VBR. In this case the coder analyzes the video to limit the data corresponding static scenes and reserve more space for coding changes in the image. The average bitrate is within the limits of the video compression format, but the overall quality of the transmitted images will be better comparing to CBR. VBR optimally utilizes features of this compression method and does not reserve any band when nothing happens, in the other way than in the case of CBR.
Manufacturer of Pixord cameras enables the users to control transmission parameters in the way described above, as well as provides additional options.
All PiXORD-a cameras with MPEG-4 compression allow choice between CBR and VBR.
In the case of CBR, there is possibility of choosing transmission speed from 64 kbps to 4 Mbps (the limits may depend on individual model of a camera).
When using VBR, the cameras P400 K1131, P400W K1132 and video server P1401 K2131 allow to choose one of four quality levels, whereas the cameras P405 K1133, P405W K1134, P405M K1135, and P410 K1231 ensure ten-level adjustment.
The models P400 K1131 , P400W K1132, and P1401 K2131 provide an option to change the way of sending packets, adjusting it to the line occupancy. In case of high traffic, the camera sends its packets in the mode saving quality of the image. Aside from the mentioned options, the cameras P400 K1131, P400W K1132, and video server P1401 K2131have advanced functions allowing precise compression settings including adjustment of the number of frames in a single GOP (from 1 to 90).
Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)
Wireless IP MJPEG/MPEG4 camera Pixord P400W K1132
DVR Pixord P5416. Network module becomes a standard in DVRs. It enables the operator to get remote access to the DVR from any computer connected to the network. It is easy way to create additional surveillance point. If one does not want to make available images from all cameras, it is possible to base the CCTV system on DVR capable of concealing some channels (e.g. the images from inside the house). Such solution is provided by the DVR Pixord P5416 M8524. The owner can monitor all locations ("blue" and "red" cameras), but the network transmission is possible only in the case of "red" cameras (placed e.g. outside the house, office etc).This DVR has some other distinctive features:
  • Hot Swap HDDs - possibility of changing hard disc without interruption of DVR's operation .
  • Portable USB disc backup and firmware update (via USB). It also allows easy copying of configuration from/to others DVRs.
  • Jog &Shuttle dials ensure easy control. PTZ functions can be controlled both with remote controller and the panel keys.
  • Possibility of connecting an external CD-RW drive (USB).
  • Multi-language menu (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish).
IP CCTV system based on DVR Pixord P5416, with blockade of network access to several cameras
108 Mbps Access Point from TP-Link. The new Access Point TL-WA601G is compliant with 802.11 b/g standards, ensuring a number of functions and modes of work: AP, AP Client, Repeater, Bridge (Point to Point, Point to Multipoint). An advantage of TL-WA601G, being completely compatible with IEEE802.11b/g, is "eXtended Range" - the technology of TP-LINK company that allows 2-3 larger range in 802.11b mode, and even 4-9 increase for 802.11g. Additionally, the employed Super G technology enables the user to reach even 108 Mbps transmission speed. Due to WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, TKIP/AES encryption algorithms and MAC filtering, it ensures high security level. It may be especially recommended as cheap APC device. Possibility of connecting an external antenna makes the device suitable for work in more "difficult" environments.
Access Point TP-Link TL-WA601G <br />(AP/APC/WDS, 2.4GHz, 108Mbps)
AP TP-Link TL-WA601G N2943 capable of 108 Mbps transmission speed
Field measurements of WLAN networks. Wireless PCMCIA card Ubiquiti SRC N2696 is based on Atheros AR5004 chipset, which cooperates with NetStumbler program. This freeware program is capable of detecting and examining wireless networks, e.g. it can determine the manufacturer AP, show S/N characteristics etc.
The Ubiquiti SRC card is very useful for measurements - they can be performed in both bands - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The card complies with all applicable standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g. Due to MMCX connectors, it enables the user to connect an external antenna (we offer MMCX to SMA/RP adapter E83260).

Combining the Ubiquiti SRC N2696 card and the NetStumbler utility, we get very useful WLAN measuring set, especially handy in the field. The card's specifications and the software is available in download.
WLAN CardBus Adapter: UBQT SRC 2.4 and 5 GHz (cooperating with external antenna)
MMCX Plug to SMA/RP Socket Cable (RG-174)
WLAN PCMCIA adapter Ubiquiti SRC N2696 (2.4 and 5 GHz, external antenna connector)
Antenna connector E83260: MMCX plug - RG-174 cable - SMA R/P socket
Let's talk about city monitoring - ALARM, Kielce. The 8th Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM will take place in Kielce, Poland, from November 7-8, 2007.
The main purpose of the ALARM fair is to present offers related to security and emergency warning systems, video surveillance systems, personal protection means, equipment for special prevention squads and other modern professional solutions. In the pavilions of Kielce Trade Fairs visitors can become acquainted with services offered by security firms, investigation agencies, and insurance companies.
The fair is accompanied by the conference "Town Security - Video Surveillance of Urban Areas", the element of the program developed and implemented by Polish National Police in the largest cities.

At the same time there will be held the 7th Exhibition of Sport Facilities, Fittings and Construction SPORT-OBIEKT. The SPORT-OBIEKT exhibition is dedicated to new trends in sports construction, sports equipment and facilities of all kinds, and access control systems.

The ALARM fair will be accompanied by trade conferences - the best platform for getting familiar with practical solutions for city monitoring.