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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 14/2016 (April 4, 2016)
BioStamp - a big step or another gadget in the field of medicine? Researchers from MC10 company developed BioStamp Research Connect System, based on BioStampRC Sensor for targeted data collection, including surface electromyography and electro-cardiac activity. After several years of intensive work, the MC10 BioStamp RC went on sale, but for the moment it is distributed only in the scientific community.
The electronic sensor is a waterproof, flexible item that can be placed on numerous body locations similarly to Band-Aid patches. The body-worn device weighs less than six grams and has dimensions similar to a typical business card. Inside the patch there are 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope to track the movements of the monitored person. The integrated electrodes of the device gather surface electromyography data and electro-cardiac activity - similarly to ECG. The sensor is powered from 15 mAh built-in rechargeable battery and uses Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) communication protocol, which is sufficient for about 36 hours of run time. After this time, all the collected data can be uploaded to the central BioStampRC system and subjected to appropriate analysis.
BioStamp, a biometric sensor, can precisely monitor a number of physiological parameters. The flexible and soft body-worn sensor naturally conforms to the contours of the human body. (source:
As pointed out by many doctors, this technology may in the future be of great importance for early diagnosis of diseases. Research shows that smart sensors, such as BioStamp, can help reduce diagnostic costs and speed up treatment procedures. The analysis of the data from the human body will allow doctors to check the current state of the patient's health without a visit to a hospital. In the case of health problems, the previously collected data will help in faster diagnosis of the causes of health problems.
How to install security cameras on thick poles? Typical pole mounts do not have openings for installing cameras. When drilled, they require adequate protection against corrosion. Therefore, it is recommended to use clamps specially designed for this type of installation. The OR-150/T M5181 powder-painted steel clamp allows for mounting a camera on a pole/post with a diameter from 70 to 280 mm. The clamp is fixed to the pole with steel strips (1 meter long) and is suitable for cameras with four mounting holes (large adjustment range, horizontally from 30 mm).
Pole/Post Clamp OR-150/T (Ø max 280mm)
View of the clamp with HDC-220P K1875 camera mounted on a Ø 70 mast
An application of ROPAM wireless control kit. The RF-4-2K G7060 kit can be used to control an alarm system, gates, ramps, etc. using key fobs. The controller has two relay and two OC outputs. The relay outputs can, for example, control two gates, whereas the two OC outputs can be used for other purposes. After employing the RM85-12V-1P G7055 relay modules, the user can remotely control any 230 VAC appliances with current consumption up to 12 A. In the example below, these are two independent circuits with lamps around a facility.
SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-2000 12V/2A (for CCTV cameras)Wireless Control Kit ROPAM RF-4-2KRelay Module ROPAM RM85-12V-1PRelay Module ROPAM RM85-12V-1PKey Fob ROPAM TR-4 (4ch radio transmitter)
The application of the ROPAM wireless control kit and relay modules for remote control of lighting systems
MATV systems in areas with difficult reception conditions. DVB-T signal regeneration is possible when a single receiver connected directly to the antenna allows a relatively trouble-free reception of digital broadcasts. As the minimum parameters (reception threshold), one can accept the MER of 26 dB and BER of 1E-2. The regeneration process consists of receiving the DVB-T signal, demodulating it to the transport stream, and then re-modulating RF signals as a new COFDM multiplex (frequency converter function). The regenerated signal can then be distributed to tens or even hundreds of outlets.
DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX410C
In low-signal areas, it is essential to select a high-gain antenna. However, if the bit error rate (BER) and modulation error rate (MER) are close to the reception threshold, the use of channel amplifiers or frequency converters may prove to be ineffective. DVB-T/T2/C - COFDM TTX-410C R81615 transmodulator allows for distribution of digital TV channels in situations when the signal received by the antenna cannot be directly amplified or converted to a different frequency due to high BER and low MER levels. It performs some corrections of TS parameters (regeneration, filtering etc.) and retransmits the signal in COFDM format in selected channel in VHF/UHF frequency range.

The MER (modulation error rate) at the output of the device is not lower than 35 dB, which allows for the distribution of the digital multiplex even in very large MATV systems.

The device can operate in two modes:
  • transparent mode - the decoded transport stream is not modified and is directly applied to the COFDM modulator - without PID filtration;
  • multiplexing mode - the device examines the decoded transport stream (measures the bit rate, updates SI arrays) and optionally filters programs and services.
DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX410C R81615
DIPOL cares for the quality of products. The ATK-10 A7015 antenna has been developed by the staff of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (from the Department of Electronics). Design assumptions were verified during tests of a prototype of the antenna. The results confirmed the advantages of the professionally designed and manufactured device.
The ATK-10 is 10-element, outdoor directional antenna designed for receiving and transmitting cellular signals. The gain of the antenna is above 10 dBi, up to 12.8 dBi in the upper part of its 800 MHz to 980 MHz operating band. The features make it ideal for use with cellular Internet modems. The antenna is short-circuited for DC/LF current, which strongly reduces voltage surges caused by lightning strikes.
GSM Antenna: ATK 10 800-980MHz (10-element)
View of the new ATK 10 800-980 MHz A7015 antenna
Distinguishing features:
  • Operating band: 800-980 MHz
  • Gain: up to 12.8 dBi
  • VSWR: max 1.8
  • Short-circuited for DC/LF
  • Number of elements: 10
GSM Antenna: ATK 10 800-980MHz (10-element)
Gain vs. frequency
GSM Antenna: ATK 10 800-980MHz (10-element)
GSM Antenna: ATK 10 800-980MHz (10-element)
E-plane radiation pattern for 800 MHz
3D imaging of radiation pattern for 800 MHz
Other radiation patterns of the antenna are available on the A7015 catalog page.
Types of optical splitters. In the case of a passive optical network (PON), the signal is divided into a number of optical channels (paths) with the use of optical splitters. The splitters usually divide the signal in a symmetrical way (with the same attenuation at each output) into 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 paths.
The splitters are manufactured in two different technologies:
  • FBT (Fused Bioconical Taper) - the process consists of placing two or more fibers adjacent to each other, then fusing and stretching them to create a central coupling region. The technology is cheap, but the devices are larger and less reliable compared with PLC solutions, including problems with equal splitting.
  • PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitters are based on optical chips, manufactured using processes comparable to those used in the fabrication of electronic integrated circuits. The compact designs provide equal splitter ratios applicable to all branches, enhanced stability across all ratios, superior quality with a low failure rate.
Four SC/APC connectors providing signals
from outputs of the L36041 PLC splitter
Optical Splitter ULTIMODE SO-4-7A L36041
(1:4, G.657A, SC/APC) mounted on a splice tray
1x4 Ultimode L36041 PLC splitter mounted in the Ultimode L5408 distribution box.
In the box there is the splice tray (for 12 splices) with the place for the optical splitter.
New products
UTP Patch Cable Cat5e (0.25m, yellow)
UTP Patch Cable Cat5e (0.25m, yellow) J20002 is mainly used for connecting computers and other devices to Ethernet networks (LANs).
HD-TVI TURBO HD Camera Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRM (ceiling, 720p, 2.8 mm, 0.1 lx, IR up 20m)
HD-TVI TURBO HD Camera Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRM M7502 has been designed for use in CCTV systems based on HD-TVI DVRs. The ceiling camera provides 720p video. With sensitivity of 0.1 lx and built-in IR illuminator with range up to 20 m, the camera ensures high quality image in low light or even no-light conditions.

Keystone F / F Module
Keystone F / F Module J2312 with F-f to F-f adapter connects two cables terminated with F plugs. Keystone modules can be directly placed in patch panels and outlets compliant with Keystone standard.

March 29, 2016 - DIPOL is the leader in Hikvision product sales. In 2015, DIPOL company was the most successful dealer of Hikvision products in Poland and got the title of Platinum Dealer for 2016. DIPOL offers nearly 100 items manufactured by Hikvision. Hikvision company is the world's largest supplier of products and solutions for video surveillance. With US$3.88 billion of its global sales in 2015, the annual rate of growth was 46.97%!
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Signal HDMI extender H3611 - application diagram
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