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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 12/2016 (March 21, 2016)
Samsung VR goggles on a roller-coaster. If shocks, breakneck descents and loops on a roller-coaster are not sufficiently exciting for some people, they can count on Six Flags, a corporation that wants to spice up the experiences by introducing 3D virtual reality rides. The largest network of amusement parks in the world announced a partnership with Samsung in order to introduce virtual reality to roller-coasters rides. Before a tour, the adventurer should put on Samsung Gear VR goggles to move in a completely different reality and become a pilot fighting against foreign invasion or witness a battle between Superman and Lex Luthor, inspired by the comic book. Such virtual reality rides will be possible in nine flagship theme parks in the US and Canada. There will be a choice among nine different exciting virtual scenarios. The funfairs will provide customers with Samsung Gear VR headsets with additional protection necessary for use in the roller-coaster rides.
Because the individual train cars pass certain points of the route at different moments, the glasses of each user show images adequate to the current place, which lowers the risk of motion sickness. To get the location data and adjust the image, each piece of the gear will communicate via Bluetooth with "black boxes" installed on the roller-coaster. Such rides in virtual reality along with real physical sensations will surely be a treat for fans of games and special effects. In the future, Six Flags wants to introduce virtual reality goggles in other parks located all over the world.
Integration of HD analog video surveillance with cash registers. A video surveillance system covering cash registers provides additional means of monitoring POS transactions. Combining video surveillance with POS data, it is possible to check e.g. whether the product given to the customer is consistent with that specified on the receipt. The FG-50HD M1725 overlay character generator links point of sale terminals (POS) with CCTV cameras to produce a continuous overlay of transactions superimposed on the video output. This allows to save complete information about sales activities. The device can be used in CCTV systems using PAL (CVBS), AHD, HD-CVI, or HD-TVI equipment.
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter SNIF-42Overlay Character Generator FG-50HD (for POS video monitoring systems, AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, CVBS/PAL)
Monitoring of a POS terminal with SNIF-42 M1721 RS-232 to RS-485 converter,
video text inserter M1725, and a security camera
The diagram above illustrates how to connect a cash register to video monitoring system. The SNIF-42 M1721 device converts data from RS-232 to RS-485, the standard supported by the FG-50HD M1725 generator. The red rectangle with number 1 symbolizes an optional expansion port of the fiscal printer.
MTP Gold Medal of SECUREX 2016 for OptimaGSM system. The OptimaGSM G7005 control panel from Ropam has got the MTP Gold Medal of SECUREX 2016. "The MTP Gold Medal is one of the most recognizable awards in the Polish market, which is given - after a thorough assessment of the experts - to innovative products of the highest quality." The OptimaGSM control panel with GSM/IP communication and home automation functions was recognized for:
  • modern and innovative solutions,
  • exceptional functionality,
  • excellent aesthetic and design,
  • efficiency and low operating costs.
MTP Gold Medal of SECUREX 2016 for OptimaGSM system
The OptimaGSM panel with TCP/IP module (Ropam AP-IP) enables users to control the system using the built-in web server. The solution is based on secure SSL connection and works with any web browser. In addition to the built-in web server, the AP-IP module supports applications for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile). The modern and innovative system composed of OptimaGSM panel and AP-IP module allows for implementing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.
DVB-T encoder-modulator in an antenna system. There are two main methods of distributing HD content to multiple televisions. The first of them is based on HDMI splitters and HDMI cables, and in the case of distances above 20 meters, also on HDMI extenders. The second, becoming increasingly popular, makes use of DVB-T modulators.
HDMI->DVB-T modulators are used in shopping malls, electronics stores, cinema multiplexes, pubs, restaurants, train and bus stations, airports. The advantages of this solution include:
  • easy distribution of the RF signal via typical coaxial cables and RF splitters,
  • no problem with connecting next televisions to the network,
  • lower cost of larger distribution systems compared to HDMI solutions,
  • high reliability due to simple cabling and connectors.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri Digit1-way TV / FM Tap O-1-16dB (5-1000MHz) Signal1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)DVB-T Modulator Signal-400 (COFDM, HDMI)DVB-T Modulator Signal-400 (COFDM, HDMI)3-Way TV/FM Splitter R-3 Signal1-way TV / FM Tap O-1-16dB (5-1000MHz) Signal1-way TV / FM Tap O-1-16dB (5-1000MHz) Signal1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)
Distribution of HD signals from a Blu-ray player and PC computer, converted into DVB-T multiplexes
by Signal-400 R86700 modulators, along with DVB-T broadcasts received by the A2670 antenna
A simple home automation system for everyone. Exta Free devices allow users to build complete home automation systems as well as can be used separately to control individual devices and lighting. The latter applications can be easily implemented with the use of dedicated kits. They can perform the following functions:
  • RZB-01 Exta Free F5010 (2-channel wireless remote control RNK-02 F5101 and 1-channel receiver/relay ROP-01 F5211) - remote switching on/off of an electrical circuit,
  • RZB-02 Exta Free F5011 (RNK-02 + RDP-01) - lighting control with dimming function,
  • RZB-03 Exta Free F5012 (RNK-02 + SRP-02) - control of roller blinds,
  • RZB-04 Exta Free F5013 (RNK-04 + ROP-02) - remote switching on/off of two independent electrical circuits,
  • RZB-05 Exta Free F5014 (ROP-01 + P257/2) - remote switching on/off of an electrical circuit, with the remote in the form of a key fob,
  • RWG-01K Exta Free F5019 (RWG-01 + P-257/2) - remote control of electrical outlet, with the remote in the form of a key fob.
Wireless Control Kit: Exta Free RZB-01 (RNK-02 + ROP-01)
View of Exta Free RZB-01 F5010 kit
1-channel Receiver/Relay: Exta Free ROP-01Wireless Remote Control: Exta Free RNK-02 (2ch)
Application of the RZB-01 Exta Free F5010 kit for lighting control
(no need for a wired connection between the switch and lamp)
In the example above, the ROP-01 F5211 receiver/relay is controlled by 2-channel RNK-02 F5101 wireless rocker switch (switching on/off the light). This way, the user can control the additional light source connected via ROP-01 on the other side of the room, without any wired connection between the switch and the lamp.
What is the difference between APC and UPC connectors? The most popular connectors in fiber-optic systems are:
  • SC (Standard Connector) used in active devices, such as media and video converters, ensuring quick and easy connection,
  • FC (Ferrule Connector) with a threaded body for secure connection to a device or adapter,
  • LC (Little Connector) used in SFP modules due to small dimensions.
The phenomenon of reflection in a UPC (blue) and an APC (green) connector
Each of the connectors has two versions, UPC and APC. UPC means Ultra Physical Contact, APC is the short for Angled Physical Contact. The difference consists in the polishing of the fiber end face. The end face in a UPC connector is flat, in an APC it is polished at an angle of 8 degrees. The fiber end faces polished at that angle prevent reflection of light from the interface between them, ensuring very low back reflection. Angle-polished connectors should only be mated to other angle-polished connectors.
New products
Keystone BNC (f) / BNC (f) Module
Keystone BNC (f) / BNC (f) Module J2313 with BNC socket to BNC socket adapter, to connect two cables terminated with BNC plugs. The modules can be directly placed in patch panels and outlets compliant with Keystone standard.

Optical Node TERRA OD-005P (FTTH receiver)
Optical Node TERRA OD-006 (FTTH receiver) R81762 is a component of TV antenna systems involving fiber optic technology. The device converts DVB-T and FM/DAB signals provided via an optical link into RF signals that are locally distributed to terminal outlets. Due to small size, modern design and suitable parameters, the OD-006 R81762 device is ideal receiver for FTTH systems providing TV and radio programming via optical links to one-family homes, apartments, offices.
Switching Power Supply (12V/250mA JACK 3.5 (+))
Switching Power Supply (12V/250mA JACK 3.5 (+)) D0014 in conjunction with C0397 RF/DC separator (power supply injector) provides 12 VDC supply voltage to an antenna preamp/amplifier, via the same coaxial cable which transmits RF signals from the antenna. In comparison with the standard D0012 power supply, the current capacity of the D0014 model is much higher (250 mA instead of 100 mA).
March 4, 2016 - trainings and seminars. It is the halfway point of the winter-spring training session organized by DIPOL. This year, the attendance is very high, with nearly 500 installers taking part in 14 courses. A variety of topics, exploration of new technologies, and practical exercises are the basic features of these meetings. The courses are held till early April. A total of 23 training courses have been planned in 11 Polish cities.
A course in Czestochowa, March 2016
A seminar on Hikvision HD-TVI and IP solutions, authorized by this company
Kielce, March 2016
Worth reading
Remote monitoring of CCTV cameras via wireless bridge. In situations where the distance between a CCTV system and the location of the surveillance room or other place intended for monitoring of the video from the cameras is too long for a wired connection, the only solution is to monitor the cameras via IP network. If there is no network infrastructure suitable for that purpose, a good idea can be the installation of a wireless bridge. Such a bridge can be composed of two TP-LINK TL-WA5210G N2350 access points... >>>more
Remote access to video surveillance resources via a wireless link
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