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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 6/2016 (Feb. 8, 2016)
New Wi-Fi standard - not faster but with longer range. Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the Wi-Fi HaLow™ designation for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology offering more range for less power. The implementation of the standard focused on doubling the effective range of Wi-Fi connectivity is a matter of the near future.
The new standard is developed mainly for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. According to this concept, uniquely identifiable things can directly or indirectly collect, process and exchange data via IP networks. This type of devices does not need fast data transmission - the more important issue is to maintain stable connections, also at slightly greater distances or in unfavorable environments.
A visualization of the range of home Wi-Fi networks for different operation bands
The increased coverage is possible thanks to using frequencies in the range below 1 GHz (900 MHz) and channels starting with a width of 1 MHz. With 1 MHz channel width, the 802.11ah standard can provide range up to 40 meters at speeds up to 150 kbps. Another advantages of the standard are better signal penetration through obstacles and walls and lower power consumption.
The CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, Edgar Figueroa, informed that the Wi-Fi HaLow standard can be implemented in smart cars, intelligent houses and cities, in a wide range of industries. The work on the 802.11ah standard is supported by Qualcomm, Broadcom, Huawei, Intel, LG, Marvell, NEC, Samsung and ZTE companies. The devices compliant with the new Wi-Fi standard can be made interoperable with the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.
Remote monitoring of CCTV cameras via wireless bridge. In situations where the distance between a CCTV system and the location of the surveillance room or other place intended for monitoring of the video from the cameras is too long for a wired connection, the only solution is to monitor the cameras via IP network. If there is no network infrastructure suitable for that purpose, a good idea can be the installation of a wireless bridge. Such a bridge can be composed of two TP-LINK TL-WA5210G N2350 access points.
In the diagram below, the first access point is connected to the LAN port of the Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH/A M75208 DVR. The surveillance video is provided by analog HD-TVI cameras N-CAM 760 M7478 and V-CAM 560 M7429. Both models of the cameras are equipped with integrated IR illuminators. Thanks to high resolution of the cameras (1080p), the system guarantees very good image quality. The configuration of the DVR and monitoring of the video from the cameras is possible with the use of free iVMS-4200 software installed on the PC in the surveillance room.
HD-TVI Camera V-CAM 560 (1080p, 2.8-12mm, 0.01 lx, ceiling, IR up to 30m)HD-TVI Compact Camera N-CAM 760 (1080p, 2.8-12mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 40m)Access Point TP-LINK TL-WA5210G (outdoor)HD-TVI TURBO HD DVR Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH/A (8ch, 1080p@12fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
Remote access to video surveillance resources via a wireless link
Selecting video streams in Hikvision iVMS-4200 client software. iVMS 4200 client software allows users to manage video surveillance systems based on Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders, decoders etc. The software ensures access to a wide range of functions, e.g. real-time video monitoring, remote searching and playback of recordings, backup of surveillance data, processing of alarms.
By default, Hikvision NVRs of DS-76xxNI-E series (firmware ver. 3.4.1) connected with cameras with resolutions up to 2 MP and using screen division into 4 quadrants, provide the main stream. In the case of cameras with resolutions above 2 MP and/or further screen division (above 4), they automatically provide the auxiliary stream. However, the user of a web browser can manually change the stream regardless of the screen division, by switching off the automatic assignment. It is especially important in the former case (main streams from 4 cameras) and insufficient throughput of the network. Here are the steps to change the default mechanism and set the auxiliary stream in the iVMS-4200 utility:
  • enter Tool -> System Configuration (1),
  • select the Image item (2),
  • uncheck the Auto-change Stream Type (3),
  • right click on the group of devices (NVR) and select the stream type (Set Sub-stream to All) (4).
View of the iVMS-4200 window for changing the type of stream
New version of SatNet utility! Free SatNet v3.5.2 software allows users to design medium and large SMATV multiswitch systems based on TERRA devices in a graphical form, determine signal levels in all outlets and verify if they are compliant with standards, and decide whether to use equalization function of the amplifiers. This allows the designer/installer sitting in front of the monitor to predict what devices will be needed to distribute the signals and what parameter settings such as gain or cable attenuation compensation will be required. The settings are fully compliant with actual implementations.
This application is used by installers and designers around the world. The new version enables the user to:
  • employ multiswitches, amplifiers and passive components of the net5 and the new net9 series,
  • use improved AA (Automatic adjustment of levels) and AOS (Adjustment with optimizing structure) functions for easier designing and implementation of systems and better representation of real components,
  • automatically select passive components with suitable attenuation levels in parallel with suggested gain settings of multiswitches and amplifiers,
  • use new way of selecting system components - the catalogs of devices compatible with the main series make the choice easier,
  • "break" the cable lines in order to print the schematic diagrams in a more flexible way.
How to improve LTE connectivity? In suburban areas there are often problems with LTE connections. The solution to these problems is the use of an outdoor antenna to the LTE modem. The type of the antenna should be suitable for the modem (e.g. with MIMO technology) and its operating band(s).
LTE networks can use different bands and widths of channels. Depending on the environment, they can use frequency range from 700 MHz (rural regions - broader range) to 2.6 GHz (metropolitan areas).
We can especially recommend the ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 A7054_10 antenna suitable for use in GSM/DCS/UMTS/HSDPA/LTE networks.
ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 Antenna (800-3000MHz, 10m cables, SMA plug)
View of the ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 800-3000 MHz A7054_10 antenna
with integrated 10 m cables and SMA plugs
Terminating telecommunication systems in apartments. Typical good practice is to locate a suitable installation box in each apartment near the entrance door. Multipurpose installation boxes can be used for any kind of cabling and services.
The OMT-35 R96025 flush-mounted cable connection box is intended both for apartments in multifamily buildings and single-family homes. Normally, it is used in each apartment to connect telecommunication cables running from the technical room with those connected to the outlets deployed in the apartment. It is suitable for copper wiring (twisted pair cables, TV coaxial cables) and optical fibers, in any configurations. The box is divided into three areas: smaller compartment dedicated for keeping spare lengths of cables, bigger compartment for placing passive (such as TV/SAT splitters) and active (such as RF amplifiers, cable modems) components of the home system, and intermediate panel carrying connectors/adapters.
The panel has 8 holes for universal Keystone connectors, 8 holes for F connectors, and 2 openings for fiber-optic adapters.

The application of the OMT-35 R96025 box in an apartment
New products offered by DIPOL
Gigabit Router: RouterBoard 750Gr-2 (5p switch, PSU incl.)
Gigabit Router RouterBoard 750Gr-2 N24761 with power supply runs MikroTik RouterOS system. This 5-port Gigabit Ethernet router is equipped with 64 MB RAM. The components and system ensure exceptional performance compared to other SOHO devices that usually are equipped with RAM up to 16 MB. The hardware and MikroTik system based on Linux allow users to create even advanced professional networks based on static or dynamic routing. With advanced firewall features and queuing, it is easy to manage Internet bandwidth.
Outdoor Housing/Box: Kubiak PSH 300x400x200 IP65
Outdoor Housing/Box Kubiak PSH 300x400x200 IP65 R90605 is ideal for installing electronic devices in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions. The box can be used in places where tightness and durability is a must. Perfect for mounting antenna and IP network equipment.
Access Point Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5 (19dBi 5GHz MIMO airMAX Bridge)
Access Point Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5 N2533 is an 802.11n MIMO 2x2 access point operating in 5 GHz band. Thanks to unique solutions, the small-factor device provides exceptional performance. The built-in MIMO 2x2 antenna integrated with wireless module (InnerFeed) has 19 dBi gain. The casing made of UV resistant plastic is resistant to even the most severe weather conditions. The device features built-in surge protection.
January 28, 2016 - award for new multiswitch system. We are pleased to announce that the promoted by us fiber-optic TERRA SMATV multiswitch system has won the second award in the "Most innovative products and technologies" category at Elektrotechnika/Electricity 2016 trade fair! More info on this system.
DIPOL at Electricity 2016 International Fair
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Transmission of HDMI video with the use of Signal-HD H3608 converter and optical link
Industrial switches - ready to work in all conditions
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