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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 27/2015 (Sept. 7, 2015)
Swedes are already thinking about 5G. Swedish company Ericsson, a provider of communication technology and services for telecom operators, has been the coordinator of the European project METIS-II that aims to create a complete 5G wireless system and to propose timetable for the introduction of this technology. "METIS-II will provide the 5G collaboration framework within 5G-PPP for a common evaluation of 5G radio access network concepts and prepare concerted action towards regulatory and standardization bodies" (5G-PPP - 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership). Ericsson is also the technical coordinator of the mmMAGIC project (Millimetre-Wave Based Mobile Radio Access Network for Fifth-Generation Integrated Communications) focused on development of new concepts for mobile radio access technology in the millimeter-wave band (6-100 GHz).
Taking into consideration the stages of implementation of the previous generations of cellular standards,
the anticipated date of the introduction of 5G technology seems 2020
The project assumes a strong international cooperation of 23 partners and includes most of the world's leading suppliers, operators and researchers in the field. Among the contributors are China, the EU, Japan, South Korea and the United States. The project is co-financed under the European Union research program UEH2020 and has a budget of EUR 8 million.
We already know for sure that the 5G systems will allow for direct communication between closely located devices, without the participation of the network infrastructure. Due to high reliability standards, the systems may find applications in sensitive areas, e.g. in hospitals. 5G mobile technology will use a wide spectrum, from today's frequency ranges allocated for cellular system, up to 30 GHz band.
Estimates say that the commercial implementation of 5G technology is possible around 2020. Pessimists argue, however, that by this time it will only be possible to develop mechanisms of the final standard, with the perspective of implementation in several years ahead.
Video from IP camera distributed in a TV antenna system. The injection of video signal from an analog camera into TV antenna system is quite simple - it requires only the use of an RF modulator (e.g. Signal-300 R86300). In the case of an IP camera, the output signal has a form of a data stream, and this method of providing the video to multiple TVs cannot work.
The problem can be solved by the application of DVB-T modulator SIGNAL-400 R86700, connected to HDMI output of an NVR, in this example K22041. The HDMI signal can carry Full HD surveillance video that modulates selected RF channel in compliance with DVB-T COFDM standard.

UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri DigitCompact IP Camera Hikvision DS-2CD2620F-I (2MP, 2.8-12 mm, 0.1 lx, IR up to 30m)PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 0054af (5xRJ45, 4xPoE 802.3af)IP NVR Hikvision DS-7604NI-E1 (4ch, 25Mbps, 1xSATA, VGA, HDMI)DVB-T Modulator Signal-400 (COFDM, HDMI)3-Way TV/FM Splitter R-3 Signal1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-14dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-11dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-11dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-11dB (5-1000MHz)
The method of introduction of surveillance video from IP camera into TV antenna system with the use Signal-400 R86700 DVB-T modulator
Of course, the source signal may also come from a multimedia player, DVR, Blu-ray player, PC, STB etc. The modulator can distribute high quality content in the form of DVB-T multiplex via typical RF coaxial cables used in antenna and CCTV systems.
HDMI over twisted pair cable. The Signal HDMI H3612 extender allows for transmission of HDMI signal over a distance of up to 60 meters via minimum Cat. 6 twisted pair cable. There is also a possibility of IR remote control extension. The extender kit consists of transmitter and receiver units.
The application diagram of the H3612 Signal HDMI extender
Distinguishing features of the HDMI extender:
  • transmission via a single CAT6 cable
  • transmission speed up to 1.65 Gbps
  • support for 1080p
  • maximum range: 60 m (CAT6)
  • IR extender
The set is perfect for connecting remote (up to 60 m) HD source like sat receiver, Blu-ray player, PC, game console etc. to HD-enabled TV/monitor/projector. It requires to use only one, comparatively thin cable, which makes it easy to hide it, e.g. when installing the TV/monitor on an LCD/plasma mount.
A new version of software for EasySplicer. We encourage all users of the EasySplicer L5810 fusion splicer to download and install the latest firmware version, v2.70. The main changes and improvements include:
  • option of automatic electrode cleaning every time the splicer is switched on, which extends the life of the electrodes
  • optimization of the heating time of heat-shrinkable sleeves (40 seconds for 45 mm sleeves and 60 seconds for 60 mm sleeves)
  • ability to stop and restart manually the welding process after verification of the cleave angles and offset of the fibers
The upgrade instructions in English are available here.
Welding of optical fibers with EasySplicer
Activation of Hikvision cameras and NVRs. The first time a Hikvision NVR (with firmware version above v3.3.0) or camera (with firmware version above v5.3.0) is connected to IP network, the SADP online device search tool discoveries it as Inactive. It is associated with additional protection introduced by Hikvision to hinder unauthorized access to the devices. To activate the device, the user must create a new password for the "admin". This can be done at first logon via a web browser, or via SADP or NVR. To activate the device using SADP, the user should:
  • select the inactive device (or a number of devices that are to have the same password),
  • enter a new password for the device or group of devices and confirm it by repeating it and clicking OK button.
View of the SADP window with the activation area (marked by the red frame)
The program automatically checks and displays the strength of the entered password. A strong password must be composed of 8 to 16 characters, among which there should be at least three of the following types: digits, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special characters.
NIR enhancement in HD-TVI cameras. HD-TVI cameras of n-cam HD and v-cam HD groups use the latest models of Sony Exmor image sensors. The Exmor NIR sensors have been developed specially for demanding video surveillance applications. Newly developed process and pixel technologies pushed up the sensitivity in the near infrared light region, up to 2 times compared with the existing products, with increased resolution and lower crosstalk.
Sample images from cameras with the older Exmor R (on the left) and the newer Exmor NIR sensors
(scenes with 850 nm IR LED illumination)
New products offered by DIPOL
HD-TVI Compact Camera N-CAM 460 (1080p, 3.6mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 25m)
HD-TVI Compact Camera N-CAM 460 M7455 has been designed for use in CCTV systems based on HD-TVI DVRs. The camera provides 1080p video. With high sensitivity (0.01 lx) and built-in IR illuminator with range up to 25 m, the camera ensures high quality image in low light or even no-light conditions. A special feature of the camera is very small size.
Triple LNB Holder INVERTO IDLB A9899 allows for installation of up to three LNBs , to receive signals from several satellite positions, typically from Astra and Hotbird. High quality materials ensure long-time durability.
Autonomic Hub ROPAM Hub-SimplePLC-D4M
Autonomic Hub ROPAM Hub-SimplePLC-D4M G7172 is the basis for building automation systems with remotely controlled switches located in various places in the buildings and controlled with the use of the smartPLC platform. SimplePLC system allows the user to easily create an intelligent lighting control system or to control any electrical devices through input/output expanders or relay outputs of the switches, just employing the existing electrical wiring.

September 7, 2015 - DIPOL at Energetab 2015 trade fair. During this edition of Energetab (Sept. 15-17), DIPOL will present modern solutions in the fields of video surveillance, fiber optic systems, video data transmission, and Ethernet networks implemented in various technologies, also using special devices dedicated for harsh industrial environments. We will also show products and share the know-how in the fields of GSM/LTE and TV antenna systems. Our sales representatives and engineers will be available to share expertise and offer advice on the implementation of telecommunication installations in buildings and on other subjects, since 9 am, Sept. 15.
DIPOL at ENERGETAB 2015, Sept. 15-17
Worth reading
Security camera in a home intercom system. Cameras built in intercoms are usually quite simple, without possibility of zooming or adjusting the field of view. Additionally, the locations of the cameras make them naturally vulnerable to vandals, or the view from the cameras can be easily blocked by the caller. A good alternative is an independent CCTV camera, e.g. Sunell IRC59/21AP M11286, which eliminates these problems and offers much better image quality... >>>more
A video door entry system with the preview of the image from CCTV camera
on the intercom screen and on a television
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET PROFI 120dB A++ 1.13/4.80/6.90 [100m]Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A): TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [1m]Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A): DIPOLNET Tri-Shield RG-6 Cu 1.02/4.8/7.0 [300m]
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