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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 23/2015 (June 8, 2015)
Communicating cars on the way. The U.S. Department of Transportation has developed a plan for quick implementation of V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) system. Anthony Foxx, the Secretary of Transportation, accepted the work related to the introduction of the system as one of the priorities for the coming years.
Presented by General Motors already in 2006, V2V operates on the principle of data exchange between cars. They can share information on their positions and speed. The system can arbitrarily reduce the speed of some vehicles to safe limits. All the vehicles will also exchange information with road infrastructure, a new system of road signs capable of automatic reduction of the speed of passing cars. Of course, V2V will also collect information about traffic, road obstructions etc. - the connections with city computers will allow drivers to select the least congested routes.
V2V wireless communication can be a major milestone
in the development of active safety of vehicles

At the beginning of 2016, car manufacturers will receive from the Department of Transportation detailed guidance on the system of communication between cars. The system will become compulsory equipment of every new car on the US market. The entry into force of the system should result in an increase in road safety. On the other hand, it is easy to predict situations in which overzealous politicians and civil servants will change the life of drivers into a nightmare. The real effects of the venture will be known in a few years.
Signal digital DVB-T modulators. The distribution of multimedia content in the form of a digital signal ensures the same quality of the image and sound in the entire system and, above all, it allows to provide HD content. DVB-T modulators can be applied e.g. for:
  • injection of video from security cameras into a shared antenna system (S/MATV)
  • injection of video from CCTV DVR/NVR into a shared antenna system (S/MATV)
  • distribution of commercials on multiple televisions (in a store, shopping mall etc.)
  • creation of an advertising channel in a hotel or a local cable network in a housing development
When choosing a modulator, the key issue is the standard of the output signal from the source device (SD or HD). It is also connected with the kind of the physical output of the source device and the input of the required modulator. Generally, it is not advisable to use additional adapters or converters. We offer DVB-T modulators supporting HD standard, and chipper ones, for SD applications. The Signal-300 R86300 modulator, lately introduced into DIPOL's offer, is the cheapest proposition on the market.
DVB-T Modulator Signal-300 (AV/COFDM encoder & RF modulator)
Signal-300 A/V-COFDM (DVB-T) modulator R86300
Comparison of Signal DVB-T modulators R86300 (SD) and R86700 (HD)
Output; Input
Number of channels11
Max output level[dBμV]114114
ApplicationsSmall and medium hotels with older TVs, monitoring systems combined with MATV/SMATV...Airports, hospitals, large hotels, stores and shopping malls, electronic stores....
Power strip is also important. Electric and phone lines form huge networks, spread around the world. Any equipment connected to the networks is exposed to all kinds of disturbances, including surges, overvoltages, RF interference. Surges are usually caused by atmospheric electric discharges (statistically, on average there are 20 days with storms in a year in Europe), problems at power plants, switching on/off various high power devices etc. In a smaller scale, they can be even caused by appliances like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric drills etc. Acar power strips with surge suppressors effectively protect audio and video devices against the risk of the overvoltages.
DIPOL offers two power strips with surge protection, dedicated for home/office use:
Safety Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor: ACAR P7 (5+2 outlets)
ACAR P7 (5+2 outlets) P1316
Safety Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor: ACAR P7 NET (5+2 power outlets, 2x RJ45)
ACAR standard P7 NET (5+2+2xRJ45) P1317
The devices have five power outlets with grounding with increased efficiency and two outputs without grounding. Circuit breakers protect two current circuits against short-circuit and overload. The power switch with optical indication can be used for switching on/off all the connected appliances. Acar P1317 also has two RJ-45 sockets in order to protect home/office computer equipment connected to outside Ethernet line.
Optical fibers in apartments - safety issues. The growing number of FTTH solutions is undoubtedly the right way of the development of telecommunication systems in buildings. When designing and implementing this type of installation, both the designer and installer have to take into consideration the security of the future users of the systems. In contrast to TV, Internet, telephone, intercom, alarm, monitoring etc. systems based on cooper wires, fiber optic media operated in an improper way can pose a real threat to human health. The lasers used in optical systems emit light beams of high power, not visible, but very dangerous to the human eye. Humans have no defense mechanism against such radiation. When such incident happens and symptoms appear, it is too late to save the eyesight.
Having in mind security concerns, the best method of the termination of an optical system in an apartment is the application of a suitable home junction box placed close to the entrance and equipped with devices converting optical signals into electrical equivalents that are further distributed via copper cables. However, an increasing number of optical installations is based on the FTTD concept, where the optical medium is provided near the user's desk.
In the latter case, the terminations of the optical links in boxes and wall plates must be equipped with adapters with self-closing shutters. These simple elements significantly increase the safety of the residents in the event of an accidental unplugging of an optical cable from any of the sockets.
Single-mode Adapter ULTIMODE A-522S-2 (SC/APC-SC/APC, protective cap)
The ULTIMODE A-522S-2 L42222 adapter is equipped with a self-closing shutter
It is also important to use adequate markings on the boxes and wall plates with fiber optic terminations. The laser symbols alert the residents of the danger of hazardous radiation.
Optical Fiber Termination Box ULTIMODE TB-02H-2 (indoor, wall-mounted)
The Ultimode TB-02H-2 L53022 wall-mounted optical fiber termination box has a sliding flap to cover the mounted adapters. The box is marked with the appropriate symbol to indicate a potential hazard. If such kind of equipment does not carry warning signs, the installers should apply appropriate labels on their own.
Another aspect is the location of the optical outlets. Due to natural aesthetic reasons they are usually placed low over the floor. With adapters mounted at an angle (with the adapter front facing down), this solution lowers or even excludes the risk of looking at the open front of the optical interface.
Tampering detection in Hikvision cameras. Hikvison cameras have been equipped with Video Tampering function that sends information on a sabotage attempt like spraying the camera lens, covering it with something etc. to the monitoring center (or monitoring station running iVMS 4200 software), or to any email address provided by the system administrator. The steps to activate this function:
  • log on to the camera via an Internet browser (default logging data: user name: admin, pasword:12345)
  • enter the sub-menu: Configuration -> Advanced Configuration -> Events and tick the Enable Video Tampering option
  • press the Draw Area button and set the required area of detection
  • set the Sensitivity of tampering detection
  • edit the Arming Schedule
  • choose the Linkage Method (Notify Surveillance Center, Send Email, Triger Alarm Output)
  • Save all the settings
Tampering detection settings in Hikvision K1764 camera
Video monitoring via additional video streams. Hikvision IP NVRs and IP cameras can generate several streams with different parameters. IP CCTV devices usually generate at least two video streams: the primary one with higher parameters, and the second one with lower quality. The secondary or auxiliary stream is typically used for general viewing of the images from several cameras. With lower resolution and bit rate, it practically does not load the processor of the camera or NVR, while providing smooth video on small screens of mobile devices. Often, due to the limitation of available network bandwidth, the secondary stream is also used for viewing the surveillance video via Internet browsers.
Lists of IP cameras providing secondary video streams (on the left)
and primary video streams (on the right)
To switch to the secondary stream, the user should simply click on the icon with two gray circles/points (by the name of the camera). Clicking on the icon with a single point, the user displays the video from the primary stream. The settings are not automatically saved. To permanently display images from some cameras via the required stream, the user has to set the type of stream in the Configuration -> Local Configuration menu.
New products offered by DIPOL
Multifunction CCTV tester CSIP-16
Multifunction CCTV tester CSIP-16 M3116 is a multi-functional tester of IP cameras, analog cameras, speed dome (PTZ) cameras, with many useful functions, necessary during startup of CCTV systems. Some of the functions are: video signal level meter (mV - for PAL, IRE - for NTSC), Wi-Fi connection, digital multimeter, optical power measurement in fiber optic networks, TDR reflectometer: detection and localization of the interruption or short-circuit in the cable (coaxial or UTP).
Angle Mount for Sunell SN-IPS54/80DN/Z22 PTZ Camera
Angle Mount for Sunell SN-IPS54/80DN/Z22 PTZ Camera K1668 is designed for installing the Sunell K1666 PTZ camera on a wall edge.

SIGNAL 19" Rack Cabinet (15U 600 mm, hanging) R9120222 is a 19" RACK cabinet suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings, as well as some devices not compliant with this standard. Ideal for installing headends, for various kinds of equipment, also in home systems. The cabinet can also house devices that are not in standard 19" rack housings, for example multiswitches, RF amplifiers, modulators, DVRs, servers. For this purpose the user should mount additional shelf/shelves available for this cabinet. The rack cabinet has many openings ensuring adequate air circulation. Additionally, it is possible to install fans to increase the ventilation.
SEGUREX – International Safety and Security Exhibition in Lisbon, May 6-9, 2015. Due to 2-year exhibition cycle, the exhibitors were very well prepared for this event. The trade fair is especially addressed to CPLP countries (in Portuguese: Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa - the Community of Portuguese Language Countries) with population exceeding 260 million. This is a significant market for each manufacturer, hence the presence at this fair of the DIPOL's distributor in Portugal – SKUA TECHNOLOGY LDA. The 19 thousand visitors to the stand (the result from the CCTV video analytics) were interested in our extensive and complete offer with two leading product lines, ULTIPOWER and ULTIMODE. ULTIPOWER is a brand of high quality IP network devices intended for Ethernet networks, also with Power over Ethernet (PoE) option. ULTIMODE is a line of Ethernet media and video optical converters and SFP modules. All devices of these brands are characterized by maximum performance combined with high reliability.
The both lines of products were well received by professionals and even aroused the interest of other exhibitors. The position of DIPOL products has been consistently built in Portugal since 2009, which results in the recognition of brands and the trust of installers and consumers.
Exhibition boards with ULTIPOWER and ULTIMODE products at SEGUREX 2015 in Portugal
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