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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 39/2014 (Dec. 1, 2014)
Echo - Amazon's concept of home computers. E-commerce giant Amazon has recently announced the launch of an innovative device called Echo, a machine capable of voice communication with people. The capabilities of the device are tremendous, and the knowledge base that is available is virtually unlimited, thanks to the use of Internet resources. Echo can both answer virtually any question, as well as play any music file, or help the user to create a shopping list. This device, described by many experts as the "home computer of the future", will be available for only $199.
Amazon's movie presenting the capabilities of Echo
Using one omnidirectional microphone and six directional microphones, Echo is listening for a "wake" word and then is ready to respond to any voice commands of the user(s). The commands are sent over the Internet (the device has a wireless card and connects to the home Wi-Fi network) to the corporate server that, after analyzing and processing the query, sends an immediate response. Through the use of remote servers (cloud), the device is cheap and small. In addition, it continually learns and adds more functionality over time. Echo also adapts to the users' speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.
The command may be a query (e.g. about the weather, a term, a measure conversion) or an operation (e.g. playing music, making a personal schedule, shopping list, to-do list etc). The most important advantage is the ease of use. Voice commands can be issued in a natural and intuitive way, and the answers provided by two specially constructed speakers sound like a human voice. This device is suitable for people who are not computer-literate. Echo learns the habits of users and the way of asking questions. Lonely people can treat it like a friend to talk with, an intelligent jukebox, an omnipotent informer (weather, news, office opening hours, phone numbers to various services etc).
Echo - voice-controlled home assistant
on the left - dual downward-firing speakers, on the right - the microphone array
Voice commands are the most natural method of communication between the man and machine. Currently one can see a rapid development of such interfaces. The pioneers are the manufacturers of mobile phones. They have created some great voice assistants - Siri for iOS, Google Now for Android, Cortana for Windows Phone. The designers of other appliances go a similar path - we will soon be able to talk with the car, fridge, TV, or washing machine.
Opponents of such solutions point to the possibility of surveillance of the users. The devices can permanently eavesdrop on them, and the information may be analyzed in terms of determining their buying habits e.g. to create personalized ads. Time will tell whether devices like Echo are able to replace traditional home computers.
Distribution of surveillance video from two CCTV cameras as a DVB-T channel. DVB-T modulator Signal-352 R86352 converts two baseband audio/video signals (the video can be connected using either RCA or S-Video input) into one DVB-T channel (multiplex). The use of one multiplex saves the band, which is important in the case of TV antenna systems distributing a lot of channels. This way, the surveillance video can be easily distributed even to hundreds of televisions, along with the "normal" programming, just by the means of a typical antenna system (amplifiers - in the case of larger systems, coaxial cables, splitters, taps). The "security channel" can be received by the users in the same way as other digital channels.
SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-1000 12V/1A (for CCTV cameras)Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 670 (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.03 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m) BNC Connector Platinum BNC 113 MASTER (compressed on Triset-113)UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri DigitCoaxial Cable 75 ohm: TRISET-113 PE (gel-filled) [1m]Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [1m]Modulator Signal-352 2xA/V-COFDM (DVB-T)F-socket - RCA plug adapterF-socket - RCA plug adapterCoaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [1m]BNC Connector Platinum BNC 113 MASTER (compressed on Triset-113)Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 670 (day/night, D-WDR, 650TVL, Sony Effio-E, 0.03 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m) SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-1000 12V/1A (for CCTV cameras)2-Way TV/FM Splitter R-2 Signal1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-12dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-11dB (5-1000MHz)1-way Tap: Signal O-1-11dB (5-1000MHz)75-ohm terminating resistor in F plug75-ohm terminating resistor in F plug
Antenna system with Signal-352 R86352 DVB-T modulator
used for distribution of surveillance video from two CCTV cameras
In the diagram above, the Signal-352 R86352 modulator passes DVB-T channels received by UHF Tri Digit A2670 antenna and injects additional DVB-T mux composed of two channels carrying video from two M11284 analog cameras. All the signals are distributed via passive network composed of R-2 R60102 splitter, Signal taps, and Triset-113 E1015 cable. The images from the M11284 cameras are available as two channels of the additional multiplex.
The solution with the digital modulator is more convenient than the application of analog modulators - to watch the images from the cameras the users do not have to switch their TVs from DVB-T to analog mode.
The selection of a telecommunications antenna and connector type. The user of a wireless network device such as access point, wireless adapter, modem etc. who wants to buy an external antenna should know the type of the antenna connector used in the device. A multitude of solutions and slight differences in appearance mean that less experienced users can have great difficulty in choosing the antenna with a matching connector.
The type of the connector depends on the device manufacturer and may differ in the case of devices operating in different frequency bands. Great diversity can be found in devices used for broadband data transmission in mobile networks (modems).
In order to facilitate the identification of the plugs and sockets, DIPOL has issued the Types of connectors in WLAN, GSM, 3G, LTE devices article on the most popular connectors. Then, it is easy to choose a suitable antenna.
To connect an external antenna to a modem,
the user usually needs suitable adapter with FME plug
Many cellular antennas have cables terminated with FME sockets
Selecting fiber optic cables. Choosing a fiber optic cable for a particular installation, the technician should take into account several factors that will determine the kind/type of the cable and connectors.
The kind of fibers (single-mode or multimode) has to be compliant with the active devices that are used or intended to be used in a system. The connectors in the devices will determine the terminations of the fibers, e.g. SC, FC, or LC (each of them is available in APC or UPC version). In the case of existing cable links already terminated with connectors and the need for exchanging some active devices in the system, the most convenient solution may be the application of new devices with appropriate interfaces (usually SFP modules).
Another factor deciding on the choice of the cable is the operational environment. The best choice for applications in ducts outside buildings is a universal cable. Point-to-point links are usually based on distribution cables. The cables ideal for use in risers of multi-story buildings are those of easy access family.
Each customer can order a variety of patch cords and pigtails, as well as any length of any type of optical cable we offer, prefabricated with the required connectors on both ends. The attenuation of each such patch cord or link is individually measured, which guarantees the highest possible quality.
Inview app for management and monitoring of Sunell IP cameras via mobile devices. InView software is a network video surveillance application for Android and iOS handhelds, allowing management of Sunell IP security cameras. The users can directly connect to the cameras from any place in the world with sufficient network capacity (via Wi-Fi, 2/3G networks) and view the video surveillance images, as well as configure and control the functions of their monitoring systems. The newest, free versions are available in Google's and Apple's stores (directly from the relevant handheld).
The configuring and monitoring windows of the Inview app
New products offered by DIPOL
Wireless Access Point: OmniTIK UPA-5HnD (5GHz 802.11a/n, MikroTik, 400mW MIMO 2x2)
F-connector Platinum F 113 MASTER E80342 designed for compression on TRISET cables. Special construction and high precision of the product enable easy installation on the cables. Precise thread eliminates problems with screwing the connectors on sockets, which can happen with other plugs.
IP NVR Hikvision DS-7616NI-SE
Signal NVR 2726 K2716 is an economical 16-channel IP network video recorder dedicated for small and medium size IP CCTV systems where the priority is low cost. This standalone NVR with VGA and HDMI outputs can be directly connected to a monitor for live monitoring and playing back archives, without a need for an additional computer. Thanks to embedded Linux OS, the Signal 2716 NVR ensures stable operation and resistance to computer viruses.
Vandal-proof IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2312-I (1.3MP, 2.8 mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
BNC connector Platinum BNC 59 MASTER E8275 designed for compression on RG-59 cables. The unique design protects the connector and the cable from water without the use of any seals. The material used ensures resistance to corrosion. High precision ensures superior quality and professional look. The compression method of installation is very simple and guarantees good and stable connection for a long time.
Worth reading
FTTH - termination of optical lines in apartments. Deployment of optical fibers in houses and apartments is connected with aesthetic and safety issues. The connectors on the fiber should be adequately protected and directed so that it was practically impossible to look into them. Standard installations in new buildings are based on flush mounting. ULTIMODE fiber optic outlets (termination box and front plates) meet these requirements... more
The construction of the front plates (duplex L53002 and simplex L53001)ensures safe connection/disconnection of optical cables.
WD1 resolution - further enhanced image quality

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