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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 35/2014 (Nov. 3, 2014)
A step closer to super-fast quantum computers. Researchers from the University of New South Wales have created two new types of quantum bits (qubits) that ensure calculation accuracy of over 99%, which is an extraordinary result in the field of quantum computing. This is a big breakthrough, because so far quantum computers should repeat the same operations many times to provide adequate results as the average values.
Qubits are composed of elementary particles, e.g. electrons or photons. Compared to bits, they do not achieve definite values (0/1), but are in any superposition of two quantum states. The Australian scientists have created 2 new qubits made ​​of atoms of natural phosphorus and specially prepared silicon. The phosphorus atoms have been arranged into a thin layer of pure silicon, after removing from it isotopes that are responsible for magnetic field affecting the accuracy of operations.
A chip constructed by D-Wave Systems, with 128 qubits, based on superconductors>source:
Quantum computers will not replace the conventional ones (at least not in the near future). They are ideal for operations requiring repeatable calculations for a number of variables. A "normal" computer calculates function value(s) for a given set of variables. In the case of a quantum computer, it can provide all results at once, for all sets of the input values. In other words, the quantum computer can do all operations in one step, whereas the normal computer has to repeat the operations in many steps. The main application areas will include data encryption, analyzing of financial data and modeling of physical processes.
Compression BNC connectors of Platinum MASTER series. Connectors do not have significant impact on the cost of antenna or CCTV systems, but are crucial to signal quality and reliability of such systems, as well as may increase or reduce the amount of installation work. The most popular kind of connectors used in professional applications are compression connectors, much quicker to mount and much more reliable than the rest. The quality of BNC connectors is especially important in professional CCTV systems. Unstable connections may cause problems even at the system startup, and the problems will only multiply in the future. Connectors installed outdoors are exposed to corrosion, which may lead to significant deterioration of signal quality. Large temperature fluctuations can unseal improperly made connectors. This is unacceptable, especially in important applications, such as video surveillance systems in banks or cities.
To meet the challenges posed by modern installations, DIPOL has introduced BNC connectors of MASTER Platinum series: E8275 for RG-59 cable, E8276 for RG-6 cable, and E8277 for TRISET-113 cable.
BNC Platinum 59 MASTER (compressed on CAMSET/RG-59)
BNC Platinum 6 MASTER (compressed on RG-6)
BNC Platinum 113 MASTER (compressed on Triset-113)
Platinum 59 MASTER E8275
compressed on CAMSET/RG-59
Platinum 6 MASTER E8276
compressed on RG-6
Platinum 113 MASTER E8277
compressed on TRISET-113
Appropriate design and excellent manufacturing accuracy of the MASTER connectors eliminate any problems with installation on the ends of the dedicated cables. The way of mounting gives guarantee of the connection consistency in any situation, especially during connecting/disconnecting operations (screwing on / unscrewing from the socket). Double circular compression prevents any penetration of water. The necessary accessory for compressing these connectors on the cables is a universal compressing tool E80076.
Which wireless router for speeds above 60 Mbps? With the development of broadband access techniques, the speeds offered by ISPs continuously increase. Today, the maximum download rates often reach 30 Mbps, 60 Mbps or even 120 Mbps.
To make use of the high bandwidths in home wireless networks it is necessary to use wireless routers equipped with the appropriate access points. The still popular devices operating in the 802.11b/g standard (theoretically up to 54 Mbps) are capable of achieving real transfers up to the level of 23-24 Mbps. This is not optimal solution for faster Internet connections. They will be supported more effectively by 802.11n devices, from the simplest 150 Mbps implementations with single antennas (real transfers up to 60 Mbps) to the highly-efficient MIMO devices with theoretical limit of 300 Mbps (real transfers up to 120 Mbps).
The table below presents some wireless routers with built-in APs designed for high-speed communication.
WLAN standard
300 Mb/s
2.4 GHz
300 Mb/s
2.4 GHz
300 Mb/s
2.4 GHz
300/450 Mb/s
2.4 / 5 GHz
FTTH - termination of optical lines in apartments. Deployment of optical fibers in houses and apartments is connected with aesthetic and safety issues. The connectors on the fiber should be adequately protected and directed so that it was practically impossible to look into them. Standard installations in new buildings are based on flush mounting. ULTIMODE fiber optic outlets (termination box and front plates) meet these requirements.
The construction of the front plates (duplex L53002 and simplex L53001)
ensures safe connection/disconnection of optical cables.
The ULTIMODE TB-05W termination box is complementary to TB-01W L53001 and TB-02W L53002 front plates. The front plates are designed to hold simplex or duplex adapter that is directed downwards (at an angle). This means that even unprotected adapter with a disconnected patch cord does not "aim" at the room's interior, but somewhere at the floor.
The plates are made of high quality plastic and blend well with the rest of home installations.
Functions of partition keypads. The INT-SCR-BL G2138 partition keypad has been designed for operation of a single partition in the Satel INTEGRA system. The keypad enables the user to execute access control, including control of an electromagnetic lock / electric strike. With built-in proximity card reader, the use of the system is more convenient. The functions (operation modes) of the keypad in the system include:
  • partition keypad,
  • partition keypad with proximity card reader,
  • door control keypad.
SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-2000 12V/2A (for CCTV cameras)Multi-function keypad with proximity card reader: SATEL INTEGRA INT-SCR-BL
Diagram for connecting the INT-SCR-BL keypad with an electric strike (Ez)
Operating as partition keypad with proximity card reader, the device allows the user to enter into the system either via password or proximity card. By bringing the card close to the keypad, the user gets the same result as in the case of entering the password and confirmation key (* - in the case of short action, 0.5-1.0 s, or # - in the case of holding the card for a longer time, approx. 3 seconds). Functions that can executed after entering the password and confirming it with one of the keys or the proximity card:
  • activation of relay output,
  • disarming,
  • alarm clearing,
  • 24. MONO SWITCH output control,
  • 25. BI SWITCH output control,
  • guard round confirmation,
  • temporary partition blocking.
RTSP stream from IP cameras and NVRs. IP cameras and network video recorders generate RTSP video streams. The Real Time Streaming Protocol is commonly used in applications related to media streaming. There are many ways to convert the video to a form accessible for multiple users. The video broadcast by RTSP stream can be played with many commonly available applications or plug-ins installed in web browsers. One of the most popular programs is VLC media player, another option is e.g. conversion into RTMP stream which can be directly embedded into web pages.
Compact IP Camera: Signal HDC-110P (2MP, 3.6mm, 0.1 lx, IR up to 25m)
Signal HDC-110P K1806 2MP low-cost IP camera generates RTSP stream that can be played by VLC
The table below list parameters of RTSP streaming in IP devices from different manufacturers.

ipaddress – IP address of the device
554 - RTSP port
0/1 - main stream
0/2 - additional stream (2nd stream)

Sunellrtsp:// ipaddress :554/snl/live/1/1/
ipaddress - IP address of the device
554 - RTSP port
1/1 - main stream , 1/2 additional stream (2nd stream)
Hikvisionrtsp://ipaddress/videotype/ch number/streamtype/av_stream
ipaddress - IP address of the device
videotype - mpeg4 or h.264 encoding
number - channel number
streamtype - main  or sub (subsidiary, 2nd stream)
New products offered by DIPOL
Modulator Signal-352 2xA/V-COFDM (DVB-T)
Modulator Signal-352 2xA/V-COFDM (DVB-T) R86352 converts signals from two analog sources provided via RCA inputs (video composite signals), S-Video inputs, or RCA inputs of component video signals. Additionally, each path has two RCA inputs for the left and right audio channel. The device multiplexes the audio-video signals from both paths, creating one RF multiplex with two DVB-T channels.
HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD30PURX 3TB (3.5
HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD30PURX 3TB (3.5", SATA3/600, 64MB) M89285 - PURPLE hard drives are designed for use in CCTV systems operating in 24/7 mode. The series offers superior performance, high capacity and long-term reliability. The drives can work non-stop in systems processing and recording audio and video, especially professional CCTV systems, on any platform (NAS systems, PCs, standalone DVRs).
Compact IP Camera: HIkvision DS-2CD2010-I (1.3MP, 4mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
Compact IP Camera HIkvision DS-2CD2010-I K1762 comes from a new series of Hikvision products - HiWatch. This series of low-budget devices, IP cameras and IP NVRS, is dedicated for anyone who wants to build low-cost IP CCTV system. The DS-2CD2010-I camera has been equipped with high quality 1.3 MP CMOS sensor providing perfect video even in low-light conditions. A special feature of this model is small size - the length is only 14 cm.
October 21, 2014 - DIPOL at Romanian Security Fair. The attractiveness of DIPOL's offer has been confirmed at Romanian Security Fair in Bucharest, taking place on October 8-10, 2014. Of great interest were devices for wireless transmission of video from cameras, switches, HDMI splitters and repeaters, analog and digital TV modulators, compression connectors and cables for telecommunication installations. The installers visiting the stand were especially interested in Signal HDMI to IP converter and in ULTIAIR access points. The stand of DIPOL CONNECT, our Romanian distributor, was visited by over 2000 people.
Worth reading
IP video surveillance of building material warehouses. A megapixel video monitoring system composed of 48 IP cameras has been installed in the newly opened storehouse of "Grupa PSB SA" in Tarnobrzeg, Poland. The group has been operating in the market for 14 years and is one of the largest and fastest growing sales networks in Poland. Currently, the group consists of more than 300 small and medium-sized family businesses from across Poland, running over 420 building material yards, 127 storehouses, and 16 PSB-Profi supply centers. All the businesses employ over 10 thousand people.
The IP CCTV system in "MROWKA" in Tarnobrzeg
consists of 12 compact IP cameras Signal HD-200 K1810
and 36 IP dome cameras Sunell SN-IPV54/14ZDR K1698
New Terra multiswitches. Four-year warranty now!

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