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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 13/2014 (March 31, 2014)
TV on a stick. The Roku company demonstrated a new version of its flagship product - TV dongle called Streaming Stick. The device is expected to cost $ 50 and is the size of a USB flash drive. When connected to a TV with HDMI port, Streaming Stick connects to the network via WiFi. Multimedia - movies and music - are streamed from the Internet. The stick provides access to over 1000 channels, beginning with Netflix, Showtime, ESPN, Disney and YouTube. The user selects the content with remote control or through dedicated application on a mobile phone or tablet. Compared with competing solutions, the advantage of the device is searching for the desired content on all channels.
Roku Streaming Stick - small size, great streaming services
Roku is not the only device that can stream media to a TV. There are many similar devices, of which the best known solutions come from Google and Apple. The former offers Chromecast for the price of $ 35, which has to be controlled by an Android device. AppleTV is limited to the content from iTunes. Roku is versatile and has a great chance to become a hit in the U.S. market.
Google Chromecast inserted into a TV
There is a growing number of people who watch video/TV content via the Internet. The tendency is especially strong in the U.S. market that sets trends in the entertainment industry. A major advantage of Internet TV is a wealth of content and its availability on request. It is expected that with the continuous development of televisions being equipped with increasingly more powerful processors, their manufacturers will implement a number of applications similar to those offered by the dongles. They, however, will rather not lose popularity, firstly by ensuring access to preferred content and services wherever the users take them, secondly by offering the latest solutions not implemented yet in the previously purchased televisions.
Optical system with media converters and SFP modules. The task of the installer was to bring the Internet to two buildings, via spare fiber going to each building from the server room in other location. The buildings were equipped with LANs and switches with SFP ports. Another switch located in the server room also had SFP ports, but they were used by other networks.
The installer decided to connect the fiber optic links via separate media converters connected to unused Gigabit ports of that switch (#3). The solution was cheaper than buying a new switch equipped with two additional SFP ports. The optical links connect the media converters with the SFP modules and switches in the buildings (#1 and #2).
SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203/5G LC (one single-mode fiber up to 20km)SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-205/3G LC (single-mode fiber up to 20km)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-207G 1Gb/s (one single-mode fiber up to 20km)
Diagram of the network using ULTIMODE M-207G media converter set L11525 as two separate devices.
The SFP modules operate at appropriate Tx/Rx wavelengths.

DIPOL at SECUREX 2014. At the International Security Fair SECUREX 2014 in Poznan, Poland, DIPOL will present many new products for CCTV systems. The major points of our offer will be a family of network switches with PoE, 4-channel mobile PROTECT DVRs, latest Sunell cameras, SIGNAL RACK cabinets, and a wide range of accessories for fiber-optic systems.
How to measure camera image quality? Higher declared image resolution of a camera do not always translate into better image quality. Unambiguous information about the actual image quality can be achieved by making measurements in accordance with ISO 12233. It is important to provide adequate lighting and lens, as well as to switch off all functions that improve image quality (especially sharpening, image stabilization etc). The measurement procedures are given in ISO 12233. For example, the resolution can be measured by analyzing the test chart image (reading the value that corresponds with the maximum number of black and white lines that can be distinguished). In the case of IP cameras, there is some software that can measure it directly, for example free HYRES application.
The image of the ISO 12233 chart captured by a Sunell camera
ULTIPOWER - PoE switches. Power supplying of IP CCTV cameras becomes frequent task for installers of security systems. With the use of PoE technology (Power over Ethernet), the installation work can be easier. The best PoE solution seems to be the integration of switching and powering functions, i.e. the application of switches with PoE functionality.
The N29980 PoE switch can power four IP CCTV cameras. Its fifth port should be connected to an NVR.
PoE switch N29980 ensures video and power transmission over the same cables
NVR supporting two video streams. Now, NUUO provides the new Firmware v1. for Titan NVRs, allowing for the use of the secondary video stream from Sunell cameras and relieving the processors in client computers. Similarly to NUUO IP+ software, the new firmware can manage two H.264 streams and select the primary stream for recording and full-screen monitoring, and the secondary stream for multi-window displaying.
The "Original" stream with high parameters is recorded and used for full-screen monitoring,
the secondary "Low" stream is sufficient for general preview of multiple images on the screen
The new firmware can be downloaded from product datasheets ("Available downloads" tab). It should be uploaded to the NVR via Internet Explorer or Firefox. The whole process takes about one minute, the upgrade does not change any settings of the NVR and cameras. This is a very important update for the system performance, recommended for all users who want to optimize the load of processors in client computers. This will allow e.g. for the expansion of the system by next cameras without having to upgrade/change the client computer.
SMATV system in the Hotel "Maly Rzym" in Sandomierz. The hotel building with 112 outlets allows the users to receive all available DVB-T channels, selected satellite TV channels, and FM broadcasts. The satellite channels are received by 110 cm dish FAMAVAL A9658. DVB-T broadcasts are received by 19-element UHF antenna Dipol 19/21-69A1911R, FM broadcasts by the antenna Dipol 1RUZ B A0210. The signals from the antennas are transmitted to the server room equipped with MMH-3000 R81700 base unit with a set of modules.
The guests can receive 30 TV channels, 23 free-to-air DVB-T broadcasts and 7 satellite channels converted into another DVB-T multiplex. The multiplex is formed by digital DVB-T modulator TRX-360 R81709 fed by MPEG-TS stream from the set of RDC-311 R817102 modules receiving the original DVB-S/S2 (QPSK/8PSK) satellite channels. The modulated signals from the MMH-3000 headend are combined with the terrestrial DVB-T channels and FM broadcasts. The SMATV system was designed, mounted and configured by DIPOL Sandomierz staff.
New products offered by DIPOL
PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 0054at (5x10/100Mbps incl. 4xPoE 802.3at )
PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 0054at (5x10/100Mbps incl. 4xPoE 802.3at ) N29990 is a desktop device enabling smooth data transmission in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet networks. Its five RJ45 ports support auto-negotiation function, four of them provide power over Ethernet (PoE function). The switch automatically detects PD devices compliant with IEEE 802.3at standard and provides them with power supply.
Mobile GSM/DCS/3G Antenna (3m cable, FME socket)
Mobile GSM/DCS/3G Antenna A6916 with 3 m cable and FME socket is a modern GSM/DCS/3G antenna improving Internet connectivity in GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA+ networks in low-coverage areas or places. Thanks to magnetic base, the installation of the antenna is very quick and simple.
Single-mode Patch Cord PC-522D2 (1.5m, G.657.A2, 2xSC/APC-2xSC/APC)
Single-mode Patch Cord PC-522D2 G.657.A2 L34222 consists of two sections of fiber optic cable with a length of 1.5 meter, each terminated on both ends with SC/APC connectors.

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