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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 12/2014 (March 24, 2014)
CeBIT 2014 - a train without a locomotive. This year's CEBIT in Hanover took place between March 10 and 14. CeBIT, belonging to the most important events of the ICT industry, gathers representatives from the computer industry and information technology associated with all forms of business. The motto of this year's edition was the safety of data - Datability. The partner was the United Kingdom, represented by 150 companies. The fair was attended by 3400 exhibitors.
The Samsung's stand, one of the largest at the fair, was filled with consumer electronics: the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, tablets, and Chromebook 2 computers. The South Korean company introduced advanced working environment for portable devices - Samsung KNOX™ - targeted to business users. KNOX™ allows the separation of the memory of the mobile device intended solely for corporate purposes from the rest for private use. Such a phone is suitable for professional and private life, guaranteeing special protection of business data.
Samsung has unveiled a new platform - Cloud Print - for printing from mobile devices.
Cloud Print consists of a mobile application and printers equipped NFC interfaces.
3D printers were a must. They were able to print ready-to-use 3D plastic objects. The exhibitors presented the simplicity of the designing and printing of the 3D elements. The visitors could establish contacts with the manufacturers of hardware, materials and specialized software.
3D printer in action - a frame for a quadrocopter
This year's CeBIT Innovation Award for visionary products (20000 Euro) went to the team of Sven Köhler for the development of a touch screen that identifies user by fingerprint. The implementation of this technique will eliminate fingerprint readers, still ensuring the highest security level. The user can, for example, initiate bank transfers and authenticate them biometrically.
Fiberio integrates fingerprint reader directly into the touch screen.
Identification takes place in a split second.
The public was very interested in analytical tool for promotion of German national football team, based on SAP systems. The new SAP solution makes use of the advantages of in-memory processing of data obtained automatically from recordings of football matches. This application will analyze e.g. the paths of individual players, their actions, and the flight path of the ball. The software is to be used by the German team already at this year's World Cup. SAP analytical tools also support, among others, Formula 1 and sailing teams.
German football team will be assisted with the latest technology during the 2014 World Cup.
SAP software will analyze e.g. the paths of individual players, their actions, and the flight path of the ball.
92 per cent of all visitors were professionals in the ICT sector. Only 25% of visitors came from abroad. In our opinion, there were no completely new technologies or products. Without fresh, big ideas, it seemed that the fair only maintained the momentum of previous years. The roads to the fair were not very busy, and the exhibition halls were not crowded as well. Marketing activities were also moderate. Both organizers and exhibitors decided to save money...
Which optical fiber to choose for installations in buildings? Although optical fibers have widely been used in telecommunications for many years, only now their price and increasing popularity among operators is the reason for the "last mile" applications. Everyone who wants to build or renovate an office or public building, multi-dwelling unit or even a single-family house, should consider the implementation of fiber optic cabling.
View of optical cable with G.657A fibers and jacket limiting bending radius.
DIPOL offers ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A L7102 flat cable with two G.657A1 fibers
and ULTIMODE ILB-4SM-A L7104 flat cable with four such fibers.
There are optical cables specially prepared for installation in rooms. They can be easily led along the walls and bent much farther than those with the popular G.652D fibers. The cables have G.657.A fibers characterized by reduced attenuation of bends/coils. Additionally, their special construction with rectangular cross-section of the jacket plus built-in FRP reinforcing rods naturally limits the bending capability in one plane to a safe bending radius range.
Although it is possible to meet all the current requirements for the range and quality of services using only copper cabling, one should think about the (close) future. The pace of the development of IP networks and their speeds is tremendous - they grow exponentially. In a few years, network services provided directly to end devices via optical fibers will become a standard. Those who invest today in the fiber-optic cabling will have the upper hand. It is worth noting that the price of e.g. the 2-fiber cable for indoor applications is approximately 50% of the cost of UTP Category 5 copper twisted-pair cable.
Channel conversion in old shared antenna systems. After ten or more years low quality coaxial cables lose their initial (also not too high) parameters. The shielding effectiveness decreases and attenuation increases, especially at higher frequencies. This can severely hinder the reception of the digital television.
The use of channel converters allows for moving DVB-T multiplexes to other, lower channels. This can eliminate the problems associated with too high attenuation of the old cables at high channels. Advanced channel converters can also stabilize the level of the output signal, regardless of the fluctuations of the input signal.
ARNDEX company installed an antenna system for reception of DVB-T channels with the use of two CT-311 R81715 channel converters and HA-126 R82303 broadband amplifier. The CT-311 R81715 channel converter is one of the optional modules that can be mounted in MMH-3000 TERRA headends (in the base unit UC-380 R81700). The converter is used to change the original analog TV / DVB-T or DVB-C RF channel in order to ensure optimum channel plan in the distribution network, or - in the case of older cabling not capable of operating within (whole) UHF band - to shift the original channel to a lower one. The CT-311 R81715 module is based on double conversion technology, has input stage with AGC, ensures high selectivity (two switchable IF SAW filters), MER > 31 dB, maximum output level of 90 dBμV.
Powering of IP cameras - part 2: PoE. Sunell IP cameras Signal IP camera K1810 can be powered in compliance with PoE IEEE 802.3af standard. In the case of the standard, the maximum power consumption of the powered device cannot exceed 15.4 W (at the lowest voltage of 44 V and current of 0.35 A) and the power is provided by the data transmission cable. The supplying voltage is connected to the two pairs of wires unused for data transmission in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet networks (4/5 (+) and 7/8 (-) - type B) or to the same pairs that transmit data (type A - pairs 1/2, 3/6). The powered device can be of any type, the selection of the wires used for power supplying is performed by the power supply unit. Before supplying power, the unit checks the connection - the type of PoE and the power requirement of the powered device. PoE technology reduces the number of cables and can be used over distances up to 100 meters.
The supplying voltage for a PoE line can be provided by an appropriate power supply unit, e.g. PSA16U-480 M1890, or by a suitable network switch e.g. TP-LINK TL-SF1008P 8x10/100 Mbps (4xPoE) N29930. In many cases, the latter solution greatly simplifies the installation of the system and reduces its cost. The PoE switch combines the function of network switch and four PoE power supplies.
PoE Power Supply PSA16U-480
PoE Switch: TP-LINK TL-SF1008P (8x10/100Mb/s incl. 4xPoE)
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN (2MP/FullHD, Sony Exmor, ONVIF)
PoE power supply
PoE switch
Sunell IP camera
The supplied device has to be compliant with PoE standard, among other things it must have a voltage converter that reduces the voltage. IEEE 802.3af standard ensures that the wires do not heat up excessively and the transmission line and equipment will operate efficiently for long time. CCTV cameras, even with IR illuminators, usually have power requirements below the PoE standard limits.
How to create an IP video surveillance system without a PC? The K2716 IP NVR can record video streams even from from IP cameras with resolution up to 2 MP (1920 x 1080 - Full HD). This standalone NVR with VGA and HDMI outputs can be directly connected to a monitor for live monitoring and playing back archives, without a need for an additional computer. Built-in two USB ports can be used to connect USB mouse and memory devices to copy certain portions of the recorded material to external media. The included IR remote control allows the operator to manage the NVR and switch the images from the cameras from a distance of several meters.
The ideal monitor for use with the K2716 IP NVR is AGNEOVO SC-19 M3021 with Anti-Burn-in™ technology. The technology eliminates the burn-in effects when the monitor displays the same picture elements for a very long time, caused by some unwanted polarization of the liquid crystals of the TFT LCD matrix. The Anti-Burn-in™ AG Neovo technology extends the life of all AG Neovo displays and allows for operation in 24/7 mode.
LCD Monitor Wall Mount: LDA05-221 (1719IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424P JetStream (24xGbE-PoE, 4xSFP)Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN (2MP/FullHD, Sony Exmor, ONVIF)
The components of the PC-independent IP CCTV system
Remote access to the system is possible with the use of IE browser or dedicated software that runs on most operating systems. Additionally, DMSS software will enable users of smartphones powered by Android, Blacberry, iPhone, Symbian, or Windows Mobile to monitor the images from the cameras on their phones or tablets.
Quick configuration of RACK cabinets. Selecting accessories for a RACK cabinet, the user should pay attention to their compatibility with the specific model of the cabinet. Some accessories are dedicated only for concrete models of cabinets, due to the size or mounting method (e.g. fans).
DIPOL e-Store provides a simple tool for selecting appropriate compatible accessories. After choosing the RACK cabinet, e.g. R912018, the user should click on the "Add accessories" tab placed in the right upper corner of the site.
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
The "Add accessories" button on the product page
The new window presents the list of compatible accessories:
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
A simple configuration tool for RACK cabinets
The user gets a list of accessories compatible with the selected RACK cabinet, can look up their descriptions, add any of them to the Cart or Favorites.
New products offered by DIPOL
Single-mode Pigtail PG-52S2 (SC/APC, G.657.A2, 1m)
Pigtail PG-52S2, 1xSC/APC, G.657.A2 L35522 is a section of fiber optic cable with a length of 1meter, terminated on one end with SC/APC connector.

PoE Buffer Power Supply POE084824B (54VDC, 8x0.3A)
PoE Buffer Power Supply POE084824B (54VDC, 8x0.3A) M1858 is intended for IP cameras compliant with PoE IEEE-802.3af (48 VDC). It has 8 outputs protected with fuses or PTCs (selectable). The voltage can be provided to cameras with the use of minimum cat.3 UTP/FTP cables, pair 4/5(+) and 7/8(-), on the condition that the IP network uses for data transmission only pairs 1/2 and 3/6 (in 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Ethernet networks).
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14APDN (2MP/FullHD, Sony Exmor, ONVIF)
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14APDN (ONVIF) K1685 is equipped with Sony Exmor 1/2.8" image sensor with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It means that every part of the scene is much more closely monitored than in the case of an analog camera and the image provides much more detail. Additionally, each part of the image can be effectively enlarged, both during live monitoring (without impact on the recording of the the full image) and from the recorded material.
New Library titles
Video surveillance system in a hotel. The investor in the new, 51-room hotel Maly Rzym (Small Rome) built in historic town, Sandomierz, commissioned DIPOL Sandomierz to install a modern video surveillance system.
Installing a CCTV system, one has to carefully select the places that should be monitored, deploy appropriate cameras, choose suitable DVRs and hard drives. After the analysis of the facility and potential dangers, the company installed a total of 33 n-cam and v-cam cameras.
Live video monitoring via a web browser

Worth reading
Lightning protection of large LAN and CCTV systems. Extensive systems with long external copper lines are subjected to surge voltages induced by lightning. The dangerous voltages can be suppressed by dedicated devices connected on the both sides of each line, e.g. Netprotector 4p PoE J2838 (for lines using twisted-pair cables) and OPV-4 M17014 (for coaxial cabling)... more
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