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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 8/2014 (Feb. 24, 2014)
Free WiFi from space. Media Development Investment Fund, a New York based non-profit organization, announced the start of the "Outernet" project. The purpose of the project is to provide fast, one-way Internet access, available for free everywhere on Earth. Anyone could be able to download whole sites selected by the organization (news, education, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc.), other sites reported by users, as well as to download a Linux distribution. The selection of the pages from the content will be carried out by users on their devices. The broadcast data will be beyond censorship and the users will be sure of complete anonymity.
Access to the Internet is to be carried out through a system composed of 150 devices transmitting the data. The cube-shaped devices with edges of about 10 cm will form a fleet of miniature satellites orbiting at an altitude of 500 km. The complete system should ensure the transmission speed of up to 16 Mbps.
Similar modules (see the photo) are already used by many current space services. The originators of the Outernet venture hope that miniature satellites carrying such modules will be sent into space on boards of ships delivering supplies to the International Space Station.

The users will be able to receive for free whole services that can be stored on their devices. The data will be transmitted as UDP packets using multicast techniques, greatly reducing the total bandwidth needed for sending the same data to multiple recipients. So, the main assumption of the project is the possibility to download data directly from the satellites, using any device with WiFi module. According to the originators - "the long-term vision includes the addition of two-way Internet access for everyone. For free."
Media Development Investment Fund is collecting donations for the development of the project. The first tests of WiFi systems will be carried out this year, the launch of the satellites into orbit is planned for the next year.
Currently, access to the Internet has about 60% of people in the world. Outernet is to provide easy and free access to at least basic information and knowledge stored on the Internet for everyone. What is important, the content will not be censored, providing general information to people in countries that impose limitations in this area.
The time frame for the project is very optimistic. The originators believe that the prototype transmitters will be ready in June of this year, and the tests will begin a few months later. The operational stage should be achieved in mid-2015.
Optical distribution frame/box and splitters. With the construction of new buildings and housing developments, ISPs and other operators are increasingly interested in deploying GPON or GEPON systems. They need new, simple and convenient solutions for the distribution of the networks.
DIPOL has introduced wall-mounted distribution box ULTIMODE TB-16P-3 L54163. The most important feature of the new distribution frame/box are holders for two splitter enclosures. The extruded shapes inside the box are suitable for installation of 18 SC simplex adapters, 2x (8+1), with two 1:8 splitters, or up to 32 fibers with LC connectors (with two 1:16 splitters). So, the signal can be distributed to 16 or 32 users (it is the maximum number in the case of the most popular passive networks - (G)EPON).
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-1 (IP55, with panel)
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-3
The wall-mounted optical fiber distribution box with IP65 rating can secure up to 24 mechanical or fusion splices. It is made of special plastic with improved resistance to temperature changes and high humidity, which ensures improved endurance compared with other products available on the market.
Cabling for SMATV systems. SMATV systems based on multiswitches use multiple coaxial cables running in parallel. Given this fact and that the lengths of the cables runs can reach even 100 meters, it is essential to choose cables with high screening efficiency. Effective shielding reduces the crosstalk between cables to very low, safe levels. Excessive crosstalk would increase error rates, leading directly to image distortions, its instability or disappearance. To avoid crosstalk effects, the cables used should have at least A+ class. Application of a cable with untested parameters may result in the need to replace the entire cabling shortly after laying it and in unnecessary loss of time and money.
Screening efficiency classes:

30-1000 MHz

2-3 GHz
    A++105  85
For multiswitch systems, DIPOL recommends coaxial cables from TRISET series. They appeared on the European market in connection with the implementation of the EU Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). This means that they have already been on the market for 7 years, creating a quality standard for similar products. They have a 15-year warranty on the stability of the parameters specified in their data sheets.
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET PROFI 120dB A++ 1.13/4.80/6.90 [100m]
Among the Triset cables, the highest screening efficiency class is guaranteed by Triset PROFI E1010.
The enlarged picture (click on) shows in detail two foils and tinned copper braid.
The TRISET family includes:
  • E1010_100 TRISET PROFI cable has been designed for broadband networks. Due to its construction (double foil, tinned copper braid with a high degree of coverage), it ensures very high screening efficiency in the return channel band - 120 dB. This feature is especially important in HFC/CATV networks providing access to the Internet.
  • E1015_100 TRISET-113 - high quality coaxial cable used in individual and community antenna installations (MATV/SMATV systems), and cable TV networks. Due to low loss, very good shielding and high flexibility allowing easy installation, it is an undisputed leader among subscriber cables.
  • E1017_100 TRISET-113 PE - high quality TV/satellite coax (A-class, 18.1dB/100m at 862 MHz) in PE sheath, gel-filled. These features make it ideal for outdoor applications (resistance to UV radiation and water penetration).
  • E1025_100 TRISET-11 PE - high-class coaxial cable for use in individual and community antenna installations, and for linking subnetworks. Lower loss than in the case of TRISET-113, with very good screening efficiency (A+). Due to PE UV-resistant sheath and gel filling it is suitable for outdoor installations.
  • E1019_100 TRISET-113 HF oraz E1027_100 TRISET-11 HF (Halogen Free) - the cable is made in HF (halogen free) technology - in the case of a fire it does not give off toxic fumes. Designed for installation in public buildings.
Sunell is in the exclusive group of ONVIF Full Members. Sunell Technology Corporation is now among 21 companies that have the status of Full Member of ONVIF. The status have the founders of the forum and those companies that are very active in the development of the organization and standard. Other association members (almost five hundred) are companies having the status of Contributing Members (20) and User Members (447).
Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is aimed at coordinating efforts to set common standards for devices used in IP CCTV and physical access control systems. ONVIF-compliant devices ensure flexibility in building IP video surveillance systems due to interoperability of equipment from various manufacturers. By standardizing the digital interfaces of the IP CCTV devices and unifying compression and transmission of video streams, configuration and control procedures, event handling etc., the user is given an easy to manage and uniform platform.
All Sunell IP cameras are compliant with ONVIF protocol ver. 2.1 or higher. The list of ONVIF members is available here.
Increased performance of NUUO software. The new update of NUUO software allows for handling two H.264 streams and selection of one with a higher resolution for recording and full screen viewing, and the second stream with lower parameters for viewing images in screen division mode. This can optimize the use of network resources and processing power of servers and client stations.
Setting camera image quality
The changes provide measurable results in saving computing power. For example, the preview of IP camera with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 25 fps required CPU usage (Intel i3) at the level of 18-20%, limiting the number of connected cameras to 4. Using the second stream, the CPU usage for one diminished image can be reduced to 9-10%, which doubles the monitoring capability (the remaining processing power is needed for recording the Full HD video stream on the hard drive and for support for remote clients). The latest version of NUUO IP+ is available here.
Providing HDMI signal to multiple monitors/TVs. In situations where an HDMI signal from a computer, DVR etc. should be displayed on multiple monitors/TVs, the optimum solution is to use HDMI converters and distribute the signal over an IP network.
HDMI to IP converter Signal HD H3604 enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. The set includes transmitter and receiver units. By employing additional receiver units H3605, the user can increase the number of televisions/monitors displaying the same content to up to 253.
An application of HDMI > IP converter/extender units (point-to-multipoint)
The IP signal coming from the transmitter may be applied to an Ethernet switch (e.g. N29915) to split it among multiple receivers. In the case of using the existing IP network, the user should be aware that the transmission employs multicast technology. This imposes some requirements on the switches used in network, e.g. they have to support IGMP Snooping. Alternatively, the signal can be transmitted within dedicated VLAN.
New products offered by DIPOL
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN (2MP/FullHD, Sony Exmor, ONVIF)
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN K1681 is equipped with Sony Exmor 1/2.8" image sensor with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Thanks to mechanically driven IR filter, day/night mode and IR illuminator, the camera provides high quality images in any lighting conditions.
Outdoor Housing/Box (IP65, 400x300x200mm)
Outdoor Housing/Box (IP65, 400x300x200mm) R90606 is ideal for installing electronic devices in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions. The box can be used in places where tightness and durability is a must. Perfect for mounting antenna and IP network equipment.
Single-mode Patch Cord ULTIMODE PC-557D (2xLC-2xST, 1.5m G.652D duplex)
Patchcord ULTIMODE PC-557D L3457 is made of two parallel sections of single-mode fiber optic cable with a length of 1.5 meter, terminated with two ST connectors on one side and with two LC connectors (pair) on the other.
New Library titles
Sunell - Your Reliable Partner. Sunell Technology Corporation is a global provider of CCTV products. The company offers analog and IP cameras, digital/network video recorders, a wide range of CCTV accessories. It sells the products to customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. In 2013, it was honored by Sony for the sale of 100,000,000 image sensors. Since 2014, the company has become a part of the exclusive group of ONVIF Full Members. One of its authorized European distributors is DIPOL having exclusive rights to the Polish market .
Sunell - Your Reliable Partner
View of the showroom. Here, the visitors can check the operation of almost all devices manufactured by Sunell.
The latest
February 18, 2014 - DIPOL at ELEKTROTECHNIKA 2014. We invite designers and installers of low-voltage and optical systems to International Fair of Electric Fittings and Security Systems ("ELEKTROTECHNIKA") that will be held on February 26-28 in the Exhibition Center EXPO XXI, Pradzynskiego 12/14 Street in Warsaw. Our booth C10 will be located in hall 4. SatNet 3.0 software application has been nominated for Award of the Ministry of Economy for the most innovative product or technology presented on the fair.

DIPOL at International Fair of Electric Fittings and Security Systems
February 14, 2014 - DIPOL at Regional Seminar. Yesterday we took part in this year's first Regional Seminar dedicated for designers and installers of telecommunication and low voltage systems. The meeting in Lodz gathered a large audience and was an opportunity to get to know DIPOL company. During the presentation of the SignalNet platform, our specialist drew attention of more than 100 listeners. He explained the idea of the platform and showed the level of support that we could give at every stage of implementations of telecommunication installations in buildings. Behind-the-scenes conversations with the participants were dominated by issues connected with designing of the systems. Throughout the year, the Regional Seminar will take place in other large cities in Poland.
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