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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 6/2014 (Feb. 10, 2014)
Transparent display, or subway ride through the mountains and forests ... A team of researchers from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard University, and the US Army has developed a new technology for the production of transparent projection screens. First of all, the new screens feature wide viewing angles and can have large sizes, compared to similar solutions. An important fact is that the production cost can be very competitive.
Current systems for displaying information on see-through materials usually provide very small viewing angles. A solution with LEDs placed inside such materials is much better in this aspect, however it is very expensive and the LEDs limit the transparency of the screen.
The new, transparent display screens use embedded nanoparticles that can be tuned only to scattering of certain wavelengths, or, in other words, can display selected colors. The consequence of this is that the screen is completely transparent to other wavelengths (colors).

Movie illustrating the operation of a translucent screen. During the demonstration, the team used silver nanoparticles (with the size of about 60 nanometers) that did not let through blue color, creating projection plain. In the future it should be possible to display the full spectrum of colors by using the same technique for the three primary colors: red, green, and blue.
Such displays can be used, for example, in cars. Motion parameters and information about car systems, navigation data etc. displayed on the window can greatly facilitate the operation of the vehicle. Another, quite futuristic application is to use the screens as advertising medium in urban means of transportation. Such screens could completely alter the travel experience - in addition to displaying ads they could be used to display virtual landscapes, making e.g. subway rides much more pleasant. On the ground the screens would become "normal" windows. A trip in the mountains, among meadows and forests, would be much more interesting than in gray and dark tunnels ...
Application of fiber optic video converters for CCTV system within a housing development. The investor decided to deploy ​​a video surveillance system at a newly built gated housing development. The cameras have been placed on the facades of buildings and on lamp posts. After considering the possibility of laying cables and the cost of their installation, it turned out that the optimum and cost-effective solution would be the application of fiber optics to transmit video to the security center. The cameras and converters have been powered locally.
Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-201D (WDM, 1x video, 1x data)Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-4SM (4xG.652.D)Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-4SM (4xG.652.D)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-4SM (4xG.652.D)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-201D (WDM, 1x video, 1x data)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-201D (WDM, 1x video, 1x data)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-204D (WDM, 4x video, 1x data)Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-201D (WDM, 1x video, 1x data)
Diagram of the system based on ULTIMODE fiber optic video converters and cables
Analog compact and PTZ cameras have been connected to one-channel and four-channel fiber optic video converters. Despite the relatively small distances, there have been used universal cables with single-mode fibers. Each video transmission path between the transmitter and receiver needs only a single fiber. The rest of the fibers can be used for other purposes - high-speed Internet and IPTV services for the residents.
The advantage of solutions based on fiber-optic cables is a low cost and durability of the installation. There are no problems with RFI interferences or distortion effects caused by the adjacent power network. Fiber optic systems are also more reliable than wireless equipment which usually requires clear lines of sight between antennas. This problem is often overlooked and comes back after a few years, when the trees grow larger ...
SMATV system with 70 outlets in a multifamily building. The implementation of bus topology with the use of MV-5XX multiswitches can provide the most flexible solutions for SMATV systems. It is easy to create subnetworks determined by the physical layout of outlets in large, multi-story and multi-staircase buildings. GKJ SYSTEM company has installed on one of Krakow's housing developments a SMATV system for receiving DVB-S/S2 broadcasts from Hotbird 13°E satellite, digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T) and FM radio with the use of one master antenna. Prior to the implementation of the system, the company created its design with the help of free SatNet software.
Diagram of the multiswitch system based on bus topology in the four-staircase building. Each of the staircases has been equipped with installation box containing adequate multiswitch, MV-524 R70724 or MV-512 R70712, and splitter or tap.
The 5-cable bus uses the Triset-113 PE E1017_100 cable. The five cables run from the top of the building to the technical room in the basement. The technical room has been equipped with amplifier for 5-input multiswitches Terra SA 51 R70501 and multiband antenna amplifier WWK-1062 R89862 capable of amplifying and equalizing up to 10 DVB-T multiplexes. The unused output of the terrestrial path of the TERRA SA-51 R70501 amplifier has been closed with 75 Om terminating resistor R66205. The last staircase has been equipped with SAT/TV splitter Terra SD-504 R70515 and multiswitch TERRA MV-512 R70712.
Multiswitches of the MV-5XX series have active terrestrial and satellite paths. The adjustment of the SAT IF and DVB-T gain is made with dedicated switches. In comparison with potentiometers, this solution increases stability of the adjustments.
The cabling of the distribution system uses cables from Triset-113 family. The outdoor lines are made of E1017_100 cable in black PE jacket resistant to UV radiation. The indoor cables are sections of Triset-113 E1015_500 cable in white PVC jacket. A professional touch is also visible in the use of reliable "Self-Install" F plugs Cabelcon E80410 and TV-Sat surge protectors Signal R48602 that are mounted at the inputs of the first active devices of the system (just after the LNB and antennas).
New generation of high resolution cameras. The core element of every camera is image sensor. In most analog cameras it is a CCD sensor. Till now, CMOS sensors had lower sensitivity and higher noise levels, which largely determined the lower popularity of cameras equipped with these sensors.
A new generation of Sunell cameras, called Effectus, is based on CMOS sensors from Sony Exmor series. The 1.3 MP sensor can generate images with reolution of 900 TVL in color mode. It is characterized by high quality and good performance in low light. The video has better quality than that from most cameras based on CCDs.
A frame from Sunell IRC13/40ZMDN camera. The video quality from the camera
can be assessed by anyone logging to the Ultimax DVR (login: dipol, password: dipol1).
Vandal Proof Camera: Sunell IRC13/40AUVD (day/night, D-WDR, 900TVL, Sony Exmor, ICR, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 25m)
Compact Camera: Sunell IRC13/40ZMDN (day/night, D-WDR, 900TVL, Sony Exmor, ICR, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12mm, OSD, IR up to 30m)
Sunell IRC13/40AUVD
Sunell IRC13/40ZMDN
Sunell cameras based on CMOS Sony Exmor sensor
Illumination in RACK enclosure interiors. Equipment installers and service engineers need a lot of light inside RACK cabinets to perform their tasks. The ambient light is often insufficient. The SIGNAL 19" RACK system includes additional light source in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the devices located in the cabinets.
The LED lighting unit R9120411 is powered from a 230 VAC outlet. One unit is able to illuminate even large server racks, however in the case of the largest cabinets best results are guaranteed by the application of two lamps, usually located at the bottom and top of the cabinet.
LED Lighting Unit (for RACK cabinets)
LED Lighting Unit R9120411
View of SIGNAL RACK cabinet R912018 (6U 450 mm)
equipped with LED Lighting Unit R9120411
Tile menu of Signal HD-200 camera. In order to facilitate users to configure the Signal HD-200 K1810 camera and provide them with a more intuitive access to all its functions, the software developers created a new, intuitive menu. The menu is based on "tiles" similar to those known from Windows Phone and Windows 8. The access to all major functions is possible from the main configuration window with some area of the screen reserved for the image preview. This approach eliminates the need to enter a next sub-menu or to use pull-down menus available by right mouse button. With this menu, even less experienced users have no problems with the operation of the camera.
The user-friendly menu of the Signal HD-200 K1810 camera (IE)
To allow customers to check the actual operation of the Signal HD-200 K1810 camera, we provide a video stream from the device over the Internet. The camera is directed towards a busy street and a parking lot. The stream is characterized by high image quality (1080p). Logging details:, login: dipol, password: dipol1. The video from the camera is accessible only by Internet Explorer. After installing ActiveX control, the users can record the video on their computers or make screenshots.
New products offered by DIPOL
Double-section 19" RACK cabinet (12U 600mm, hanging) R9120229 is mounted on walls and provides access to devices both from the front and rear. Both the first and second section can be opened to the left or right side. The devices placed inside can be cooled by dedicated fans. The cabinets are suitable for mounting equipment compliant with 19" rack standard.
Outdoor Housing/Box (IP65, 300x300x150mm)
Outdoor Housing/Box (IP65, 300x300x150mm) R90603 with IP65 ingress protection rating is ideal for installing electronic devices in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions. The box can be used in places where tightness and durability is a must. Perfect for mounting antenna and IP network equipment.
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-3 (IP65, strengthened, max 24 splices, 18 SC simplex adapters)
Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-16P-3 L54163 allows for easy organization of fiber optic cables (up to 32 fibers, depending on the installed adapters). The extruded shapes inside the box are suitable for installation of 18 SC simplex adapters, 2x (8+1), allowing for connecting up to 18 fibers with SC or FC connectors, or up to 32 fibers with LC connectors. The tray can accommodate up to 24 splices. Small-size fusion splices can be installed in cascade.
New Library titles
Terra multiswitch system - from design to implementation
Terra multiswitch system - from design to implementation. Shared antenna systems (usually called SMATV systems - Satellite Master Antenna TV) are typically mounted in apartment buildings (condominiums), usually managed by housing cooperatives or property management companies. In each case the owner or manager of the facility should ensure trouble-free operation of the antenna system providing access to terrestrial (DVB-T, FM/DAB) and satellite (DVB-S/S2) broadcasts.
This article concisely presents the process of designing and implementing a multiswitch system in one of multifamily buildings in Krakow - from specification of requirements for the project to the completion and operation of the system.
Worth reading
Sound recording in CCTV systems. In most cases, D1 analog cameras are not equipped with built-in microphones, so for applications requiring sound recording they should be fitted with additional audio modules, such as M1916. The size of such modules is so small that they can be easily placed in outdoor housings, such as M5405. The modules require 12 VDC supplying voltage and their outputs have to be connected to audio inputs of DVRs (typically RCA type)... more
Connection of audio module to a DVR.
The sound is provided to the monitor via HDMI output.
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