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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 40/2012 (Nov. 26, 2012)
HTTP streaming on Android - commercial deployment of MPEG-DASH. On November 6, 2012, Fraunhofer IIS and BuyDRM presented in Los Angeles one of the first commercial multimedia streaming systems based on MPEG-DASH ISO standard and Microsoft's PlayReady DRM, to be used on mobile devices running Android operating system. The showcase organized together with HBO, the content provider, proved the tendency of the industry to utilize the potential of mobile devices as "second screens" and content delivery means. According to media analysts forecasts, tablets and smartphones will increasingly complement or replace televisions.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 94/21-69 Vena
The innovative solution from Fraunhofer IIS and BuyDRM allows secure transmission of surround sound and video, automatically adjusting the bitrates to changing network conditions. Currently, the solution is available for HBO GO subscribers using Android devices. The application is as easy as playing a BluRay or DVD.
MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) was approved in November 2011. This standard for streaming media is to ensure the highest possible quality (QoE - Quality of Experience) and unify various currently used systems such as Microsoft's Smooth Streaming, Adobe's HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Apple's HTTP Live Streaming. The biggest advantage of MPEG-DASH is the fact that the content is made available as segments at a variety of different bit rates. The MPEG-DASH clients select segments with the highest bit rates possible for seamless playback, avoiding problems with stalls or rebuffering in less efficient networks.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 94/21-69 Vena
MPEG-DASH was one of the solutions promoted by Fraunhofer IIS during this year's IBC conference in Amsterdam. Fraunhofer IIS Audio & Multimedia division, based in Erlangen, Germany, has a 20 years of experience in audio compression technology and remains a leading innovator of multimedia systems. It has a significant contribution to the development of MP3 and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) used to transmit and broadcast streams in over 5 billion devices worldwide. Its codecs are used in HTML 5, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome. Fraunhofer IIS also has been developing MPEG Surround to support multiple audio channels, utilized in the project described at the outset.
There is no doubt that the market for broadband streaming will significantly grow over the coming years. Adaptive streaming techniques, such as MPEG-DASH, will greatly accelerate this process.
You cannot do it quicker - Ultimode mechanical connectors. The biggest problem for technicians starting to install fiber optic systems is fiber connectivity. Compared to copper systems and depending on the technology used, the operations may require more sterile environment and special, often very expensive tools.
Quick Assembly Connector: ULTIMODE FAST-02SC
The components of Ultimode FAST-02SC L5711 quick assembly connector
The easiest and fastest way to terminate optical fibers is to use mechanical connectors. The procedure does not require sterile conditions, because the end face of the built-in fiber fragment has been glued and polished by the manufacturer. The low loss at the level of 0.25 dB is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves. The optical index-matching gel that is also used in the connector reduces the effects of an imprecise cut and a possible gap between the end faces of the fibers. The equipment used to do mechanical connections is up to 40x less expensive than the machinery required for fusion splicing. The installation time of a mechanical connection is also much shorter than in the case of a glued joint.
DVB-T in a hotel with analog TVs. The owners of facilities equipped with large numbers of CRT televisions or LCD/plasma sets not compatible with the current DVB-T version (such as hospitals, jails, boardinghouses etc.) usually avoid purchasing new televisions or supplying each television with an external DVB-T set-top-box. In the first case the cost would be too high, in the second it might be lower, but with additional problems for the staff and users.
The perfect solution for such facilities is the application of TERRA headends that demodulate COFDM digital signals and use them to generate analog PAL channels distributed in the antenna systems, which can be directly received by the older televisions. In parallel, the digital multiplexes are available for newer televisions which can be successively installed in these facilities. The base unit UC-380 R81700 incorporating power supply and broadband RF amplifier with high output level is capable of holding up to 8 individual modules. COFDM-PAL RT-316 R81707 trans-modulators receive individual digital multiplexes, of which single TV broadcasts can be selected for conversion to analog PAL channels. Other broadcasts from each multiplex can be decoded from MPEG2 transport stream by "slave" modules DM-316 R817121 and also distributed in the system as analog PAL channels (one module - one channel principle).
Example configuration of the TERRA MMH-3000 headend. The R81700 base unit houses two RT-316 R81707 and six DM-316 R817121 modules. The set allows for the distribution of 8 channels from two multiplexes.
How to measure camera image quality? Higher declared image resolution of a camera do not always translate into better image quality. Unambiguous information about the actual image quality can be achieved by making measurements in accordance with ISO 12233. It is important to provide adequate lighting and lens, as well as to switch off all functions that improve image quality (especially sharpening, image stabilization etc). The measurement procedures are given in ISO 12233. For example, the resolution can be measured by analyzing the test chart image (reading the value that corresponds with the maximum number of black and white lines that can be distinguished). In the case of IP cameras, there is some software that can measure it directly, for example the free application HYRES.
The image of the ISO 12233 chart captured by a Sunell camera
How to create an IP video surveillance system without a PC? Low-cost Signal NVR32-16 HD K4416 is a network video recorder that can support up to 16 Sunell Full HD cameras. Thanks to VGA, HDMI, and USB ports, the recorder can be directly connected to a computer monitor or flat-screen television and operated with the included mouse as a standalone device, without a need for a PC. The user can configure and manage the system, perform live monitoring, play back and backup the recorded material. The included IR remote allows for convenient control of the device and switching the camera views from a distance of several meters.
Good imaging can be achieved by using large-screen monitors, e.g. 27" AG Neovo LW-27 M3027. This Full HD LED monitor (native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels) is also equipped with built-in speakers that allow for listening to the sound coming from a camera. In order to save space on the desk and increase position adjustment range, the user may apply the E93160 wall mount.
Flat Panel Wall Mount: Signal LPA16-444A (26Full HD LED Monitor: AG Neovo LW-27 (27Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/12DN/V (CMOS 1080p, ONVIF)Web Smart Switch: TP-LINK TL-SL2218WEB 16+2G 1xSFP RACKNVR Signal NVR3216 HD (max 16 channels)
The components of the PC-independent IP CCTV system
Remote access to the system is possible with the use of IE browser or dedicated software that runs on most operating systems. Additionally, DMSS software will enable users of smartphones powered by Android, Blacberry, iPhone, Symbian, or Windows Mobile to monitor the images from the cameras on their phones or tablets.
How to build a wired home network without the hassle of installing? The solution is to use powerline Ethernet adapters TP-LINK TL-PA2010KIT N3363 allowing network connection through the existing power line. The pair or set of the powerline adapters is an ideal solution in every case where it is impossible or difficult to install Ethernet cables or the environment is not suitable for a wireless medium.
The adapters eliminate the need for installing UTP cables, drilling holes etc. In particular, they can be used to connect to the Internet such home appliances like televisions, satellite receivers, network players and other devices with network interfaces - there is no problem that the desired place does not ensure physical access to the LAN.
Powerline Ethernet adapters TP-LINK TL-PA2010KIT N3363 ("nano", 200 Mbps)
New products offered by DIPOL:
Patch Panel (1U, 24 CAT5e RJ45 ports at 45 deg downward angle)
Patch Panel (1U, 24 FTP CAT6 ports + cable holders)
Rack-mount Terminal Panel (100 cable pairs)
24-port cat.5e patch panel
24-port cat.6 patch panel
Terminal panel (100 pairs)
Worth reading:
How to connect single-mode and multimode fibers? The task of the installer was to combine optical networks in two buildings. In one of them, the network installed a few years ago was based on multimode fibers, the second building was equipped with single-mode fibers. The both networks operated at 1000 Mbps and the link between the buildings was not to be a "bottleneck" restricting the bandwidth... more
ULTIMODE MT-202G L1573 converts optical signals between single-mode and multimode networks
How to inject images from IP cameras into antenna systems? The injection of video signals from analog CCTV cameras to antenna distribution systems requires only application of RF modulators. IP cameras provide streams of data instead, and when the cameras don't have additional analog outputs, the images cannot be displayed on multiple TVs using methods typical for analog systems... more
Injection of images from IP cameras into antenna system
How to protect outdoor connections in antenna installations? Corrosion of connectors and moisture penetration into antenna cables are the most common sources of problems in antenna systems. Small savings at the installation stage can cause serious complications during the operation of the systems... more
Shrink tubing Contech E9760
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