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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 29/2011 (Sept. 19, 2011)
Better than bonds? Since late August, Hulu OTT subscription service offering access to TV programs through the web in the USA and Japan, has been offered for sale.
According to preliminary information, the interested companies include Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Dish Network. Recently, the group of potential buyers of the service has been joined by Microsoft and Apple.
Bloomberg estimates that the value of the transaction can reach $ 2 billion, which would be a very high price, as the expected profits for the current year will only amount to about 45 million dollars. Taking into consideration typical stock valuation models, Hulu should not cost more than $ 500 million.

Why global market players are willing to pay so much?

Hulu is a platform with efficient system of cooperation with content providers. It is a joint venture of 260 TV producers, including FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, Criterion, A&E Networks, Lionsgate, Endemol, MGM, MTV Networks, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Digital Rights Group, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. So, the new owner wouldn't have the major problem facing any TV broadcaster.
It should be noted that one the reasons for the limited expansion of Google TV was the alliance of Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Viacom against the new initiative.

However, a new owner will face the problem of building infrastructure to reach out to consumers around the world. Outlays for construction of a global network of "data centers" allowing for wide distribution of the content are immense. Recently built similar in scale "data centers" of Facebook and Apple cost about $ 1 billion each. A global Internet television would require ten or so centers. Probably it is one of the reasons for putting Hulu up for sale.
One thing is certain, we should observe the future of this transaction, because it can be an important contribution to a global Internet TV network.
Hulu hopes that tablets will increase the demand for its services
Hulu is an OTT service. The term OTT TV (Over-The-Top Television) is defined as transmission of video content bypassing the traditional distribution channels (terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, cable TV). OTT TV is different from IPTV due to its openness - the transmission is performed over normal Internet infrastructure, instead of dedicated networks, and versatility - it can be received on all devices which allow the use of the Internet (computers, phones, televisions equipped with Internet interfaces)
"Engagingly about Antennas" - we are waiting for your pictures till September 30.

The entries for this edition

The rules of participation
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
Engagingly about Antennas - 10th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2011
At the volcano
Tomasz Bogusz
The latest DVB-T receiver already available in DIPOL store. Our latest proposal is Signal HD-527 A99252 - a complementary model to Signal HD-507 A99250.

What are the distinguishing features of HD-527?
Thanks to Mstar7818 chipset, the receiver reacts very quickly to user commands.
Signal HD-527 A99252 is also a fully-featured media player. The user can play pictures, audio and video files, including mkv. Using an external memory device, it is possible to record the currently viewed and planned programs, as well as make use of timeshift function.
The front panel of Signal HD-527 contains alphanumerical LED display informing about the current channel and operation status, IR sensor, and USB 2.0 interface. The rear panel includes two SCART sockets, HDMI and SPDIF outputs, antenna input and RF loop output.

What is the purpose of the RF loop?
It is very useful in regions in the transitional period, when some channels are still available in analog form. With the loop, the television can normally receive the analog channels, without a need for an additional splitter.
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-527 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
CCTV video amplifiers. Video transmission via coaxial cables is still the most popular way to connect CCTV cameras with DVRs. In many systems the transmission lines should carry the video signals over longer distances (over 300 m), which would decrease signal amplitude and quality below acceptable levels.
The problem can be solved by using CCTV video amplifiers:
  • Video amplifier VCA-1/2000 M1842,
  • Video amplifier with correction VCA-4/1200 M1843.
Vandal-proof Dome Camera: V-CAM 515 (550TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.01 lx, 4mm, IR, bracket)CCTV Cable: YAR Solo Standard Cu (RG-59) [100m]Video Signal Amplifier VCA-4/1200 (with correction)CCTV Network DVR: TREND 250X08 (H.264, 8 channels) Vandal-proof Dome Camera: V-CAM 515 (550 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD , 0.01 lx, 4mm, IR)Video Signal Amplifier VCA-4/1200 (1-in/1-out, with correction)Coaxial Cable 75 ohm: TRISET-113 PE (gel-filled) [1m]
A CCTV system with video amplifiers
Each of the amplifiers compensates for the signal loss in a long transmission line, even when the camera is up to 2000 meters from the DVR. Another advantage of the solution with the amplifiers is that they can be mounted next to DVRs, so that there is no problem with power supply. The gain is adjustable for each channel separately.
ULTIMODE Home System - fiber optic network at home. Part 2. POF fiber optic network is an excellent and safe choice for home use.
POF ULTIMODE devices form a complete range of products for any apartment or home, allowing access to modern services, such as:
  • Video streaming,
  • IPTV,
  • VoIP,
  • CCTV,
  • 100 Mbps Internet.
With the possibility of direct connection to fiber-optic network (FTTH), the subscriber can enjoy high data rates and a wide range of services that use broadband Internet.
The users can install the POF fiber network on their own, because they don't need special skills or expensive tools.
The decisive advantage of POF cables is their small size. The external diameter of one fiber is only 2.2 mm, which makes it easy to hide it behind skirting boards and pull through conduits. Due to electromagnetic neutrality and immunity to interference, they can go in parallel with power and telecommunications cables.
POF PCI Adapter: ULTIMODE POF-100NCPOF USB Adapter: ULTIMODE POF-100USB (USB/OptoLock)POF Ethernet Switch: ULTIMODE POF-8S (8x OptoLock) Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE POF-100MC Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE POF-100MC
ULTIMODE Home System
Equipment for ULTIMODE home systems:
POF Ethernet Switch: ULTIMODE POF-8S (8x OptoLock)
Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE POF-100MC
POF Ethernet switch ULTIMODE
POF-8S L6108
Media converter ULTIMODE
POF-100MC L6213
POF-100USB L6242
POF-100NC L6245
CCTV camera resistant to overexposure. Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology has been developed and patented by Pixim company. The DPS technology sets the exposure for each pixel in the sensor individually, depending on light intensity. So, each pixel is a kind of a separate A/C converter, which allows for well-balanced image, especially in the case of high contrasts and light intensity in some parts of the scene.
DPS technology sets the exposure for each pixel in the sensor individually
Cameras based on this technology perform well in difficult lighting conditions.
An example is Sunell SN-BXC0586DCN(II) M11207 based on Pixim Seawolf image sensor. The biggest advantages of the new WDR camera (wide dynamic range) are: significantly higher sensitivity, capability of working against the light, and 3DDNR digital noise reduction. Due to its characteristics, it can be placed in areas exposed to strong light, such as entrances to buildings, roads and streets at night, venues for artistic events and concerts, rooms with windows visible in the background, etc.
Day/Night Box Camera: Sunell SN-BXC0586DCN(II)(WDR, 690HTVL, Wide Dynamic Pixim, ICR, 0.06 lx)
Day/night box camera Sunell SN-BXC0586DCN(II)(WDR, 690HTVL, Wide Dynamic Pixim, ICR, 0.06 lx)
Mobile video surveillance system at air show. Over 200 thousand people came to this year's International Air Show in Radom, Poland. The safety of the participants was ensured by the police and security agencies, but for the effective command of the services it was necessary to deploy a video surveillance system. Due to field conditions, it was decided to implement a mobile IP CCTV system based on IP cameras and wireless transmission.
The difficult task was undertaken by KRYSMAR company.
The whole system employed eight 2 MP day/nigh cameras Sunell SN-IPC54/12DN K1630 and one IP high speed dome camera Sunell D1 SN-IPS54/60DN/Z36 K1650.
Three K1630 cameras were placed at the entrances to the airfield. The remaining five K1630 cameras and the K1650 camera were located in the middle of the airfield, installed on a mast attached to a vehicle roof. The electric system of the car powered these cameras and other components of the surveillance system. The megapixel cameras provided very detailed images of the environment, while the operator could observe the behavior of some individuals by using the high-speed PTZ camera. The set of the cameras could be easily relocated to places that required special supervision, just by changing the position of the car.
The network connection between the cameras at the entrances and the surveillance post in the car was provided by 5 GHz access points AirMax5 N2405.
The monitoring and recording functions were embedded in the free NVR software supplied with Sunell cameras - Sunell NVMS.
How to build a Wi-Fi network in n standard? If Internet connection is provided by cable TV operator or local ISP via a cable modem with Ethernet interface or directly via Ethernet cable, the user needs a router with WAN port in the form of an Ethernet port (RJ-45). Currently, the best solution is application of a router using the 802.11n standard.
The home/SOHO network employs:
  • 1 - TP-LINK TL-WR740N N3252 router shares the Internet connection within a wired network (through 4 LAN ports) and wirelessly (at speed up to 150 Mb/s),
  • 2, 3 - TP-LINK TF-3239DL N2999 - the PCI network interface cards connect desktop computers to the wired LAN,
  • 4, 5 - wireless USB adapters TP-LINK TL-WN722N N2922 - allow computers to connect to the router wirelessly at speeds up to 150 Mb/s. By applying the attached external antenna, the range of the adapter is up to 100 meters (in open areas).
New products offered by DIPOL:
Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE M-102M/SFP
UHF DVB-T Antenna: DIPOL 3/21-69 DVB-T
POF Cable ULTIMODE POF-22D (duplex, 1/2.2)
19" rack cabinet
Media converter
DVB-T antenna
POF cable
Worth reading:
Compensation of voltage drops on power supply lines of CCTV cameras. For proper operation, the cameras need stable and efficient power sources. The voltage tolerance at the cameras does not normally exceed 1 Volt, so it is important to compensate for larger voltage drops on the lines. It is possible when the power supplies allow for adjustment of the output voltage.
An example is the stabilized power supply AWZ05122 M18286...
The application of the AWZ09123 M18290 power supply solves the problem
of different lengths of power lines to different groups of cameras

Distribution of CCTV channels as DVB-T signals in systems based on TERRA MMH-3000 headends. Increasingly, in antenna systems there are transmitted materials from media players and images from analog CCTV cameras. This functionality is often used in hotels (transmission of video from conference rooms, ski slopes, beaches) and in residential buildings (video monitoring of parking lots, playgrounds, etc).
The obstacles in implementing such systems may be lack of free channels and the prospect that in the near future televisions will not be equipped with analog TV tuners. They can be overcome by using encoders and DVB-T modulators...
The idea of the application of the MD-330 encoder and TRX-360 modulator.
One DVB-T multiplex (one TV channel) can transport 6 digital streams
containing video and sound from 6 CCTV cameras.

Stable and reliable business network environment - application of professional TP-Link equipment. Below we present an example of installation in a three-story building. Servers and the core router have been placed on the second floor. The main requirements are broadband access to the Internet and backup of the backbone links.
The network is based on Fast Ethernet and Giga Ethernet. The backbone links (between switches) use Giga Ethernet (1000 Mbps), the client links use Fast Ethernet connections...
Installation Diagram
(orange color - Gigabit Ethernet, blue color - Fast Ethernet,
broken lines - backup cables)
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