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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 24/2011 (June 13, 2011)
You open the car and... see only Google in there. 250,000 km without accident, with only one fender-bender - a careless driver drove into the back of the car. It seems that the discussion - who are the better drivers, men or women - ends here: the winners are robots!
The cars that can drive themselves are a Google project, a modified version of the Toyota Prius. They are being tested on American roads. So far, the tests are carried out with human surveillance, because the law does not allow otherwise. The "auxiliary" human driver makes some interventions, for example, if an cyclist runs red light. However, the results are so satisfactory, and the pace of project development is so fast that the state of Nevada is considering changes in legislation and the introduction of a law allowing such robot cars to participate in normal traffic.
Nevada was selected intentionally - more than 600 km of expressways and only 2.7 million people, easy routes and little traffic, and ... military bases. The project is interesting for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) - an agency looking into the possibility of introducing new technologies into the military.

It seems that in combat actions any bumps and paint scratches will not be an obstacle to implementing ... unmanned tanks.
The cars are equipped with:
  • video camera - mounted near the rear-view mirror, detecting traffic lights and any moving obstacles;
  • distance sensors - three radars mounted in the front bumper (on two sides and in the middle, and one in the rear bumper, measuring distances to various obstacles and allowing the system to reduce the speed of the car;
  • position estimator - a sensor mounted on the left rear wheel for measuring lateral movements and determining the car's position on the map;
  • lidar - a rotating sensor on the roof, scanning the area in a radius of 60 meters for creation of a dynamic, three dimensional map of the environment.
The modified Toyota Prius with the additional equipment
(source: New York Times)
The possible use of vehicles without drivers are enormous, ranging from private cars, taxis, to trucks that could carry cargo without time limits associated with the rest of the drivers.
The idea of accompanying the project is to prevent errors committed by drivers due to fatigue or distraction, and ultimately eliminate the man from the driver's seat and replace people with "infallible machines".
According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people a year die in road accidents, and prospects of research on the autonomous vehicle say it could reduce by half the shameful statistics.
One thing is certain, if the product ever takes off in the market, it will an object of desire for all lovers of alcoholic drinks!

A drive in the Google Car
"Engagingly about Antennas" photo contest. The first entries to the contest.

The rules of participation
Antenna forest in Alger
Lukasz Berezowski
Antennas in Dalmatia. In ancient times the region of Dalmatia was inhabited by tribes of Illyrians. In the seventh and sixth centuries BC the Greeks established several colonies there, the third century BC was the beginning of Roman domination. Until World War II it was a part Byzantium, Hungary, Venice and Austria.
The antennas shown in the pictures are in one of the towns of Dalmatia. Which one? - answer at the end of this issue.
The antennas shown in the pictures are in one of the towns of Dalmatia.
Which one? - answer at the end of this issue.
Economically and professionally - with VSB modulators TERRA MT-31. SMTV/MATV systems that distribute multiple programs may have problems with allocation of new channels.
The problem can be usually solved by using VSB modulators (VSB - Vestigial Side Band) which, thanks to more advanced modulation technique, may operate on adjacent channels, without additional gap (minimum 1 channel) necessary in the case of DSB (Dual Side Band) modulators.
VSB TV Modulator: Terra MT-31 (21-69 BG/DK)
VSB TV Modulator Terra MT-31 (21-69 BG/DK)
Until recently, the purchase of VSB modulators was associated with a significant increase of the cost of the installation. The TERRA MT-31 R871736 modulator breaks price barrier for this class of devices.
It allows much more efficient use of the UHF band. Typical input signals include baseband video/audio from analog cameras, DVRs, DVD players, PCs, and media players.
The modulators can be successfully used both in home antenna installations as well as in small-sized MATV systems. Their 80 dBuV output level ensures direct distribution of the RF signals to several antenna outlets. More complex systems will require to use UHF or channel amplifiers. Meticulous quality control in Terra company makes these devices virtually failure-free.
RTSP in ATU DVRs. RTSP is a protocol commonly used for the transmission of multimedia data. This protocol, due to its popularity, can easily be converted, and the content can be made available to a wider audience.
The DVR ATU M71000 has the ability to send video from individual channels using RTSP protocol. For this purpose, the user must forward port 554.
VLC media player window - an image from channel 1 of the ATU DVR, streamed through RTSP protocol
RTSP stream can be played by multiple programs and with the use of appropriate plug-ins installed in browsers. One of them is VLC Media Player. To play the stream, the user should select the "Use RTP over RTSP (TCP)" option in the program settings, and enter the following address in the address field:
IP - IP address of the DVR
CH - channel number: 01, 02, 03, etc.
The video sent through RTSP stream is of lower quality than the recording, which saves the available bandwidth. The use of the protocol is the perfect solution for those who want quick and easy access to images from the recorder.
Protection of low-voltage installations against power failures. Responsible installations powered with 12 VDC from AC/DC adapters, such as alarm and video surveillance systems, should be protected from temporary AC power outages.
Uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed by buffer power supplies. DIPOL offers two models: ZBP-13.8V/3A AWZ 300 M18287 and CS24U12V/2A M1853.
The M1853 buffer power supply is designed to power cameras, intercoms, alarm control panels, sensors, locks and other devices powered with 12 VDC, with total current requirements below 2 A. The main features of the power supply:
  • Very wide input voltage range: 85-264 VAC, 47-70 Hz
  • Communication interface providing information on battery status (backup operation, low charge level, damage, lack)
  • Audible alarm warning for low battery etc.
  • Cold start option (without AC power)
  • Possibility to connect an external rechargeable battery
Buffer Power Supply: CS24U12V-12 (12V/2A, 12Ah)Buffer Power Supply: CS24U12V-12 (12V/2A, 12Ah)Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 550 (540 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.5 lx, 4-9mm, IR 30m)Vandal-proof Dome Camera: V-CAM 540 (550 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.01 lx, 4-9mm, IR)ADSL Router w. 4-port Switch &802.11n AP: TP-Link TD-W8960NCCTV Network DVR: TREND 250X04 (H.264, 4 channels)
Example application of the buffer power supply M1853
Video surveillance in an Egyptian amusement park. In order to improve safety in Dream Park in Egypt there has been installed a video monitoring system based on IP cameras from ACTi.
The facility with an area of 150 acres and divided into three thematic parts has been covered by a single, coherent system of supervision. It is possible thanks to the fundamental features of IP cameras: the possibility of deployment on very large areas and support of megapixel resolutions.
Dream Park in Egypt
The main system consists of 3 outdoor cameras TCM-1231 K1021, speed dome day/night camera ACTI CAM-6611 K1214, and 5 cameras ACM-4001 K1503 installed inside buildings. The whole system incorporates the existing analog cameras which are connected via 10 video servers TCD-2100 K2150.
H.264 Video Server: ACTi TCD-2100Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1231 (1.3 Mpx, H.264)IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-6611 (MPEG-4)IP VGA Camera: ACTi ACM-4001
The architecture of the IP CCTV system in the amusement park
The system ensures reliable, stable operation and superior image quality making possible the identification of faces. The configuration and management of ACTi hardware is available with ACTi NVR, free software for video recording, and with IE browser.
How to save on phone services? One way is to employ VoIP gateway N4002, providing possibility to use services of three VoIP providers simultaneously via a single DSL line. This form of connections allows the user(s) significantly reduce the costs of telephone and fax services.
The gateway has two telephone jacks allowing the use of analog phones to hold conversations over the Internet.
Access Point: TP-Link TL-WR740N (w. router, 4p-switch, 150Mb/s 802.11n)
The basic application of the gateway in a LAN

Main features of the gateway:
  • support for 3 SIP accounts,
  • two Ethernet ports,
  • two FXS ports (for two phones),
  • built-in router, enabling Internet connection sharing,
  • support for multiple codecs: G.711a/u, G.723, G.726, G.729A, G.729B
  • phone settings/functions: volume, quick dial, phone book, call switching.
VoIP Gateway/Router 8level IPG-802
VoIP Gateway/Router 8level IPG-802 N4002

Split, Croatia. The second largest city in Croatia, after Zagreb. One of its monuments is the Roman palace of Diocletian who was born nearby.
In the Middle Ages the town was the seat of the bishopric faithful to the universal tradition of the Latin Catholic Church, in contrast to the bishopric of Nin. However, in Split there is a statue of Gregory of Nin, the bishop who introduced the Croatian language in the religious services after the Great Assembly in 926.
If you haven't touched for luck the big toe of Bishop Gregory of Nin, haven't walked through the narrow streets and eaten a meal on the Cathedral square with look at the artistic vision of the Last Supper - it means that you have not been in Split
New products offered by DIPOL:
Powerline Ethernet Adapter: TP-LINK TL-PA111 (85Mb/s)
Combo HD Receiver: Ferguson Ariva 200 COMBO (DVB-S/S2+DVB-T)
SFP Module: TP-LINK TL-SM311LM (1000Base-SX MMF 550m 2xLC)
Wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN723N (802.11n, 150Mb/s)
Powerline Ethernet Adapter
Combo HD Receiver
SFP Module
Wireless USB Adapter
We have written about:
SMATV system with 232 outlets. JOne of the design offices turned to us for help in designing SMATV system in an apartment building. They demanded to provide each apartment with two outlets supplying digital terrestrial television signals (DVB-T) and satellite channels from Hotbird and Astra...
Diagram of the SMATV system developed with the use of SatNet software from TERRA. The employee of the design office was surprised by the simplicity and elegance of the large project based on multiswitches.
How to make use of DLNA function? In the market, there are televisions equipped with LAN ports, which can use Ethernet connection for cooperation with other equipment having DLNA (The Digital Living Network Alliance) certificate.
The DLNA standard can be implemented in televisions, PVRs, DVRs, cellular phones, NAS drives, hi-fi systems, PCs, palmtops, network printers...
The home network enabling reception of digital television (DVB-T/DVB-S/DVB-S2) and distribution of multimedia
HD content on many displays. The Signal-HD HDMI 1x4 H3214 splitter enables the user to connect up to 4 modern TV sets equipped with HDMI inputs to a source of high-definition signal. The amplified output signals can be transmitted via HDMI 1.3b cables over distances up to 15 m...
HD content on many displays - the application of the Signal-HD HDMI 1x4 H3214 splitter
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-507 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
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