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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 7/2011 (Feb. 14, 2011)
Europe through the prism of CeBIT. Between March 1 and 5, 2011, Hanover will again host the world's largest trade fair for IT and telecommunications. The organizers predict that for the first time since several years the number of exhibitors will rise.
Last year there were 4157 companies from 68 countries, in 2009 - 4292 companies, in 2008 - 5800. For comparison, in the nineties of the last century the numbers were close to 8000.

The theme of this year's fair is "Life and Work with the Cloud". "Cloud computing" can use the combined power of supercomputers, vast resources of data, and the latest software, being a model for IT services based on the Internet. One of the main supporters for the development of "Cloud Computing" is Google, believing it will revolutionize IT and telecommunications.

More than 5000 square meters will be taken by the group stand of BITKOM (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien) - German association of companies from IT, telecommunications and media industries. The stand will be divided into three sections: "Cloud Computing World", "Broadband World", and "Eco ICT Solutions", which highlights the key trends represented by German entrepreneurs.
This year the national partner of the CeBIT 2011 will be Turkey. The stands of exhibitors from this country will take two pavilions.

Photo report from CeBIT 2010
CeBIT. Europe is sleeping or resting before a jump?
It is fine that the number of exhibitors will be larger, which is likely related to the improved economic situation in the German market, but also to the efforts of the organizers, who are trying to attract as many exhibitors as possible. Unfortunately, the latter action causes an increase in the presence of government institutions, which can give visitors the impression that the main engine of the European economy is driven by ... red tape.

The leading role in "Cloud Computing" play American companies, Google and Amazon. Europe has no potential for global solutions.
"Broadband World" is currently going towards LTE and FTTH. In the field of LTE, the technology for next-generation cellular networks, the leaders come from the U.S. and Asia, where they have already launched commercial networks. In Europe, only Scandinavian countries are trying to keep pace with those leaders. European telecommunications giants are still licking their wounds after the drainage which was the purchase of government licenses for 3G networks, for tens of billions of dollars. This European solution caused that the operators, short of funds for investment, are not enthusiastic about LTE.
In FTTH, fiber optic networks brought to end users, there are also considerable delays in relation to Asia and the U.S. For example, in South Korea 45% of homes are connected to FTTH networks, while in Germany below 1%.

In general, Europe has developed a number of world-class technologies, but in telecommunications and IT the distance to the technological leaders of the world seems to increase every year.

Indian antenna landscapes.
Anti-theft protection
The extent of the country favors the use of satellite technology
SAT finder Schwaiger SF9000 - satellite identification and signal test. With the ability to scan the sky for satellite positions, the Schwaiger SF9000 R10805 device is an economical solution for satellite installers, especially for those who install dishes directed to various satellite positions. The arched LED indicator shows the current satellite. The transponder list is continually updated and can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site.
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000 R10805.
The arched LED indicator shows the current satellite.
Two other indicators show the level and quality of the signal (the latter can be interpreted as indication of the bit error rate - BER).
The device is an interesting product for installers of individual satellite systems. In the case of SMATV systems and headlands, we recommend to use professional digital satellite meter SATLOOK Micro HD R10740 from Emitor.
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000 (with accessories)
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000
R10805 - with basic accessories
SAT-Finder plus - Schwaiger SF9000
R10807 - with case and many accessories
iVMS4000 - client software for Hikvision DVRs. The recently launched firmware for Hikvision-Ultimax DVRs requires to use the latest version of the iVMS4000 software for remote monitoring over the network.
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-104 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-7304HI-S H.264 (4-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-7308HI-S H.264 (8-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-7316HI-S H.264 (16-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8108HDI-S H.264 (8-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8108HDI-SE H.264 (8-ch.) Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HDI-S H.264 (16-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HDI-SE H.264 (16-ch.) Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8108HFI-S H.264 (8-ch.)Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HFI-S H.264 (16-ch.)
The newest version works with all DVRs and cameras of Ultimax, Hikvision-Ultimax and Hikvision. It has been enriched with additional functions which include intelligent searching of devices in the network, configuration of IP cameras (250 types), local and remote playback 16 channels simultaneously. In addition, the latest issue has as many as 13 language versions, including English, French, German, Polish, Spanish.
HIKVISION digital video recorders are known worldwide not only for their high performance and technical parameters, but also for high quality and reliability. The wealth of options, possibility to configure many parameters, support for network operation, extensive software package - all the features make the DVRs top products in the world.
We offer 12 models from 4 series:
  • ULTIMAX-104 M71040 and ULTIMAX-204 M72040 are designed for small CCTV systems (however they can be integrated into groups);
  • The 73XX series ( M74040, M74080, M74160) are high class DVRs for systems that do not need to record images at fast frame rates (they offer recording resolution of 4CIF at 6-8 fps);
  • The 81XXHDI-S(E) series ( M76080, M76081, M76160, M76161) allows to record 4CIF images at 12 fps and provides many configuration options required in advanced applications;
  • The top level is represented by the 81XXHFI-S series ( M78080, M78160) which is capable of recording 4CIF images at 25 fps.
Appearing on a regular basis and free of charge updates of the software for Hikvision-Ultimax DVRs enable the users to keep their systems up to the latest standards for many years.
The iVMS4000 software can be downloaded from our ftp server.
Video transmission via twisted pair cable - when and why to use it? Transmission of video signals from cameras via coaxial cables or twisted pair cables and passive devices can be performed over distances up to 400 meters. This limitation is due to the amplitude and phase distortions of the transmitted signals, which increase with the length of the cables.
Twisted pair cables in natural way eliminate the influence of external interferences (they are practically identical in both wires and cancel at the differential input of the receiver). This feature, combined with four pairs and lower cost of UTP cables in comparison with coaxial cables, is the reason that they are often used for longer transmission lines.
DIPOL offers passive transformers (baluns) that match the impedance of twisted pair (100 ohm, balanced) to the impedance of the unbalanced outputs of cameras and inputs of DVRs (75 ohm), allowing to transmit video signals over distances up to 400 m.
Video Transmitter-Receiver Set: 1VAP (BNC/RJ45, DC-2.1/5.5)
4-channel Passive Video Balun: Etrix 4VP
8-channel Passive Video Balun: Etrix 8VP
Video transm.-receiver set
1VAP - M16659
4-channel video balun
Etrix 4VP - M16662
8-channel video balun
Etrix 8VP - M16664
Longer transmission distances can be obtained using active video baluns, which can amplify the signal and equalize the characteristics of the transmission line:
Active Video-Audio-Data Balun: Etrix 1VADA-T (transmitter)
4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-T (transmitter)
Transmitter video Etrix 1VADA
(one channel + data) - M16742
Video transmitter Etrix 4VA-T
(four video channels) - M16744
Pixord hybrid cameras. Well-designed and properly installed analog CCTV systems can operate reliably for years. However, the continued decline of prices of IP cameras attracts many investors to network solutions. Do they have to get rid of the DVRs to transmit images via the Internet?
No, they don't. A response to the market demand is the line of cameras from Pixord - K1532 and K1533. These IP cameras are equipped with video outputs (BNC) which can be connected to typical DVRs.
Megapixel network camera: PIXORD P600E (2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE)
Hybrid camera Pixord P600E K1532 is equipped with BNC and RJ-45 connectors
Megapixel network camera: PIXORD P600E (2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE)
Outdoor IP Camera: Pixord PL-621E (2Mpx, H.264, PoE)
Pixord P600E
Pixord PL-621E
After connecting any of these cameras to the Internet, the user can remotely log into the camera and monitor the site. Many hybrid cameras limit the maximum resolution when they simultaneously provide analog video (locally) and digital stream over an Ethernet network. The K1532 and K1533 cameras do not impose such a limitation and they can provide 2 Mpx images (via the network).
Someone could ask the question: why to use IP camera(s), having a DVR with network interface which allows to monitor analog cameras via the Internet? - By using these web camera(s), we can change parameters such as brightness, saturation, white balance, both for the network and analog outputs, but the most important advantage of this solution is the access to megapixel images at a chosen frame rate, whereas the DVR can record video of resolution up to 4CIF, at a limited frame rate.
Wireless IP camera TL-SC3130G. Wireless IP camera TL-SC3130G K1150 provides a cheap solution with a great potential for building non-professional monitoring systems in homes and offices. 54 Mbps transmission speed ensures smooth video streaming from places without wired networks. The device only needs AC power outlet (for connecting the included 230 VAC /5 VDC adapter). The access to the camera (configuration and monitoring) is provided via Internet browser, the included software, or a compatible cell phone. 3GPP compatibility ensures online access through any modern 3G mobile phone.
In addition to basic functions such as motion detection and email alerting, there are available more sophisticated features: two-way audio transmission, two streams, error detection, and watchdog - which provide perfect solution for indoor monitoring systems.
The camera is supplied with management software capable of handling up to 16 cameras. It allows live viewing of the video, recording of the video stream/s, and playing back the recorded material.
IP camera TP-Link TL-SC3130G
Wireless IP camera TL-SC3130G K1150 - installation and use
Wireless link with an intermediate node. In many situations it is impossible to achieve a direct link between the locations that should be connected. However, lack of mutual visibility does not eliminate wireless technology. In most cases the solution is to create an intermediate point.
The system is a combination of two point-to-point links. The devices creating the intermediate node should be connected directly via Ethernet cable.
The simplest point-to-point link requires an ULTIAIR device with license level 3 (in Bridge mode) and another ULTIAIR device with license level 3 (in Client mode). Of course, the link may also employ two ULTIAIR devices with license level 4.
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KC
An example of using an intermediate node and ULTIAIR devices
New products offered by DIPOL:
Flat Window Cable USC-025F (F-f to F-f, 0.25m)
SMPS AC/DC Adapter ZI-1000 12V/1A (for CCTV cameras)
Universal Single LNB: Opticum/Orton LSP-02G Premium 0.1dB
Satellite Dish Mount: BLV-200 (to vert. balcony rail, galvanized)
Flat window cable
AC/DC adapter
(output: 12VDC/1A)
Universal single LNB
Satellite dish mount
to vertical balcony rail
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Outdoor Compact Camera: n-cam 559 (540 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.05 lx, 9-22mm, IR 50m)1.3 Mpix IP Camera: ACTi ACM-5601Megapixel network camera: PIXORD P600E (2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE)1.3 Mpix IP Camera: ACTi ACM-5601Megapixel network camera: PIXORD P600E (2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE)Switch TP-Link TL-SF1008D (8 ports)Hybrid DVR/NVR: AverMedia EH5216H+ (16-ch. H.264)Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922P (19
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-507 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
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